The Fellowship With a Twist – Chapter Three. Lendia

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This is for all my female fans (The_Eavenstar in paticular) who want to see Arador have a bit of female companionship.

Arador was quite enjoying the great feast of Rivendell. Of course it was over and he was really lying in bed. His thoughts rode on the back of Henaglor, his young mare, to Dale and Lendia. His fantasies were inturrepted by a knock on the door. “Come on in!” he called. It was his brother. Aragorn was back in his Ranger cloak of green and brown and was eager to speak. “Arador, I’m riding with Elladan and Elohir for tidings. To give and recieve.” Arador immediatley sat up. “When are you leaving?” he asked. “In two hours. Sleep untill then, you’ll need rest.” he left the room.

Arador did sleep and had a dream. In the dream, Lendia appeared out of the woods. She had a long scratch across her cheek , but at seeing Arador she gave a cry and siezed his hands. They danced under the stars as the Dunedain they were with just gaped. He was woken again, this time by Elohir. “Up, up, we’re leaving in five minutes.” By the time he was ready, it was an hour after they were due to leave. He slept through the journey and it was shown how much Henaglor loved her master. She bore him carefully through the woods. At last, when he was fully awake, they heard a rustling in the bushes.

“I smell the filth of an orc,” said Elladan whipping out his bow and stringing an arrow. “Don’t shoot untill we know what it is,”cried a Ranger. Emerging from the bushes was a braid of dark black hair. It was followed by more hair and a face, as fair faces of the Eldar with beautiful clear grey-blue eyes. “Lendia!”cried Arador with a mixture of scorn and sheer joy. “Yes, put that bow away if you please my lord.” she said to Elladan. As he slowly put the Rivendell Longbow away, she wipped out her own. Instantly, all the bows that were there were out. Lendia smiled and said,”Testing your reflexes.”

Then Arador took her by the waist. She held onto his hand and they danced. In circles or straight, making all sorts of criscrosses. Under the stars the danced, and if any looked upon the skies then they would see burning brightly, a star in the North of the heavens. Vingolilot it was. The ship of Earendil the Mariner. And one the Dunedain brought out a flute and began to play a tune. He was accompanied by several others who were playing fiddles, clarinets (what I play).

After a while, Aragorn cleared his throat,”Exuse me, STOP THE MUSIC!! Thanks. You know, we had better get going since we should be at Rivemdell by sunrise and we haven’t even gone forty leages.” There was some murmuring and they started to ride again.

“You dance very well, Mistress of Dale.” Arador comented. Lendia was riding with Arador on the back of Henaglor. “Thank you. I think you are superb in the art yourself.” she said. Arador changed the subject. “Lendia, I love you. You know I do. But you shouldn’t have come.” Lendia sighed. “You know that dream you had? I went to you in that dream. The Lady Undomiel taught me. That’s how you knew to dance with me. I’ve been with you this whole time. I’m not going anywhere now.” she masaged his ears affectionatley. They rode for a time untill they came to the northern border of Mirkwood where Radagast the Brown lived. It was not far from there that Celebrian, daughter of Galadriel and wife of Elrond had been tortured to death by orcs. And as they searched for Radagast, there was a sign of movement. Arador unsheathed Earendil’s blade halfway it was a bright red. “Orcs are very near,” he said. He unsheathed it all the way. “Go,” he hissed. “I’ll take care of them. Look for Radagast. Also speak with the Elves of Mirkwood. Tell the tidings of Rivendell.” he motioned towards the wood. Aragorn still stood at his side. ‘What an older brother’ Arador thought. He crept silently with his brother close, following the pale light of Glorand. An orc came and Arador thrusted his blade deep into it’s shoulder. It fell with a thud.

Many orcs were slain and a couple of spiders. The small band of companions drew together. “We told the Elves of Mirkwood all we knew about the Ring. We could not find Radagast but the Elves promised to tell him what happened.” said Halbarad, a captain of the Rangers. The Rangers all parted when they would and soon it was just Arador, Aragorn, Elladan, Elohir and, Lendia.

By sunrise, they had reached Rivendell. As soon as the had gotten there, Lendia, at breakfast in front of everyone asked Elrond if she could acompany the Fellowship to Mordor. He used, THE GLANCE, a piercing grey glance ,but she endured. Few mortals could endure it for as long as she did. In fact, only Arador, Aragorn, and Elendil held it for that long. Gandalf wasn’t a mortal. Elrond shook his head,”No, I have chosen representives from all races in Middle-earth sve the Ents.” Lendia pretended to survey the Fellowship. “I see you have left out more then just one race. The women are missing.” *Numerous claps from the she-elves* Elrond looked at Gandalf who gave the slightest nod. “You may accompany the Fellowship,” he said.

An hour before they were due to leave, Aragorn went to the smiths Rivendell. “Please,” he said. “Reforge the Blade-That-Was broken. Let it shine again and be a warning to Mordor!”
And it was, and on it was traced a device of the seven stars in between the rays of the sun and moon. He sheathed proudly and said,”Let Sauron beware for the blade that cut his finger shines again!”

And on Christmas, they set out from the fair valley of Rivendell Gandalf, Boromir, Aragorn, Arador, Lendia, Legolas, Gimli, Samwise, Peregrin, Meriadoc, and last of all but not the least, Frodo, son of Drogo Baggins. Heir of Bilbo and the one who had the fates of all around his neck.


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