The Fellowship With a Twist – Chapter Six. Friends Reunited

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Arador held Gandalf’s hand tightly as they walked through the knee deep snow. The past events rushed through his head. The voice in ears that told him not to give up. ‘Was it real?’ he asked himself. Then he remembered the Star of the Elros and the Seeds of Kementari. Yes it was real. He led Gandalf along. They had learned much of each other. Gandalf was murmmering. “The power of Manwe,” and suddenly, the wizards face broke out into an un-expected smile. “Arador my friend, I’ve got an idea!”


Lendia leaned agaisnt the trunk of a tall mallron tree. She just let the warm sun shine on her face. She was again thinking of Dol Amroth, her home. She imagened the clear, blue, waters, sparkling like rippling glass. That was not how it was now. The beautiful waters were filled with the black ships of cossairs from Harad. That was when she had requested to be a Ranger. Her father was not not too keen on this. He was like her Uncle Denethor. Everything had to be royal with dignity and honor. At last though he had succumed to her will. She had after all, taken up the same weaponry classes as her brother. She exceled in the bow and arrow, and showed exceptional skill handling a spear. She smiled recalling the triumph she had felt when she burned the last ship of the Hardadrim. She suddenly sat upright. She had felt a precense coming towards her. Then she saw him. Haldir it was, with a bow in his hand, his hand, his lilac eyes closed and his golden hair flowing freely in wind. At length, he opened his eyes and looked at her. If you can call it that, for google would have been a bit closer to the mark. As thier eyes met, Lendia felt a familiar feeling in the pit of her stomach. The moment did not last very long. Haldir smiled a her. “Hello there my lady. How are you on this fine morning?”
He held out his hand to shake. Lendia shook it with trembling fingers. “Hello. M-my name is Lendia,” she managed to get this scrawly sentance out, amid the rapid beating of her heart. Haldir leaned his golden head closer to her and said,”I beg your pardon?” “L-lendia,” she said a bit firmer. He leaned closer until she could feel the tip of his hair against her face. “WHAT!!??” Lendia had had enough. Her voice rose to a shout. “I am Lendia, daughter of Imrahil, Princess of Dol Amroth!!”she shrieked. He leapt back. She allowed herse;f a satisfied smirk. “Did you hear?” Haldir nodded, dusting himself off. ‘Good work old girl!!!,’ She thought to herself. Haldir tried the romantic angle “So what brings so fair a woman to Lorien?” He smiled. Lendia gave him and insolent stare.”Weren’t you listening while Aragorn spoke to your Lord and Lady?” He shook his head. “Why no. I was to busy looking at you.” She laughed to herself. He was no Arador, but he was pretty good. She put a long, delicate finger to his lips. “You are good at flattery my lord,” Haldir seemed stunned. “Am I? Well I never gave it much thought.” She laughed, showing off pearly white teeth.
“Would you like to go for a walk with me in the Naith?” he asked. She looked at him. “Okay.”

As the walked between the towering mallron tress, talking, Lendia learned much of Haldir and the elven culture. In her mind she compared it to her ways at home in Dol Amroth. “We are nearing the tallest of mallron trees,” Haldir said after a while. “Would you care to climb it with me?” He turned his head in her direction he fixed her with a questioning gaze. Lendia shruged her shoulders “I do not mind climbing.”

Haldir holding her hand, led her toward the tall tree. She looked up. ‘Some climb!’ She thought. But as Haldir had already made his way up the tree, there was no turning back. She flexed her fingers and fastened them around the huge tree. herself up with a grunt.

It was about noon when they reached top of the tree. She sat near the top with Haldir near her. As out, she caught her breath. There were small gold and silver specks that she took for elanor and niphredil. She just sat there, appreciating the beauty of it all. At length, she spoke. “It is so beautiful,” Haldiir smiled. “Not as beautiful as you. You can see the entire Naith from here.” Lendia sitting there, new he was right.
“Do you take many women up here?” she asked. “Uh, uh erm
you’re my first.” Lendia smiled at him. “That’s a good answer,” she said, pressing her lips against his.


Arador looked at Gandalf, wondering what possibly save them
“The power of Manwe you say? Then it is brilliant! I wish I had thought of it sooner. Listen, Manwe Sulimo rules the Eagles! So you can summon two of them to rescue us! Come don’t delay!” Gandalf lifted his arms up in sheer triumph. “Okay right I can do this.” Arador raised his arms and feeling very stupid, concentrated his every thought on Gwahir and Landroval. ‘No luck,’ he thought bitterly. He tried again, this time focusing thought on Lendia. He felt strangely satisfied after a while. And then, they came.

The two of them felt a strange whooshing. Much more then just a breeze. A speeding wind. And suddenly, two figures apperead. One was silver-grey with a long silver beak. Another with brown feathers and a beak of gold. They landed on the freezing mountain. The brown one looked around, Gwahir, King of the Northern Eagles. And his lordly brother, Landroval. The two of them lookd at Arador. “Power of Manwe.” he managed in a breathless voice. “Now if you two don’t mind…” He said no more as he fell out cold on the ground.


Lendia looked at Haldir as she stood before the Lord Celeborn and the Lady Galadriel. “Now we must drink the Cup of Parting,” said Galadriel. She poured white mead into a cup and handed it to Celeborn. He drank and passed it to all the members of the Felowship in turn. To Lendia’s suprise, Haldir stood with them. He drank after her. Then suddenly it her. ‘Haldir was coming with them!’ Galadriel, Celeborn, and Aragorn discussed the situation of the boats. Lendia looked at her gifts. She had recieved a bow, such as the Galadhrim use, and the spear, Aiglos. She looked at the white
spear-head, the long, mithril made, shaft. It was truely beautiful, the spear of Gil-galad. And the last gift. Galadriel had given it to her in secret. It was none other than a ring. Not Nenya, of course not Nenya. Yet it was forged in Eregion by Celebrimbor himself. One of the lesser rings. Yet to Lendia it was the most beautiful thing ever. The shining, silver band seemed to fit perfectly
on her finger. It was adorned with two sapphires, shining radiantly. She looked at Aragorn. He had a grim face. She knew it was time. Time to leave Lorien.


When Arador came to his senses, it was in mid-air, on the back of a silver eagle. “Landroval. How’s everything?” Gwahir gave him a wicked smile. “”Care to tell him, brother?” Landroval muttered some foul Eagle curses. “Landroval has married. I’ll say nothing more for the momement.” Arador lolled this in his memory banks. He had more to think about. As he neared the woods, he feel much better. “A day late I think,” said foresighted, keen-sensed, Arador. As they landed, Arador gathered together his things. A bundle of food in a sack, a magnifient sword, in a dirty, grimy, man-made, unworthy sheath, a packet of one of every seed in Arda, and a shining silver crystal. “Thanks.” He said shortly to the Eagles.

Arador and Gandalf made thier way toward the city of Galadhon. Galadriel who was waiting for them, gave a curtsey and whisked them away into her talan.

“What happened?” she aked, when they were safely inside. “Fell into the abbys, killed the Balrog, got the power of Manwe.” Arador panted. “Got these,” he shoved the Star of Elros, and the satchel of seeds to Galadriel. “Ahhhh. They have left. They will sail to Amon Hen and take the passage of Emyn Muil.” Arador shook his head. “I don’t think it will work,” His mind was, for a while, clouded.

Arador had rested had been fed and had taken a three-hour bath. He was clothed in white and silver rainment. Gandalf was also clad in a long, white, sweeping cloak. His beard had been washed and untangled. He was talking to the elves. Arador however was silent. He just wanted to go as soon as possible.

And they left. They had been there for two more hours, taking counsels with Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel. They were ready to depart. Arador and Gandalf stood at the edge of they wood. Galadriel handed Arador a long silver scabbard. It was set with many small emeralds. Arador noticed that they spelled words in elvish. In the Common Speech it says: This is Gilmegil, the Star Sword. It was forged for and used by Earendil the Blessesd in the First Age. With it, he slew Ancalagon the Black in the War of Wrath. It was afterwords borne by Arador, son of Arathorn, Earendil’s hier.
Earendil’s hier; it felt good to be someone’s hier. He sheathed Gilmegil in it’s new sheath. It seemed to fit perfectly.
Gandalf got a new, ash-wood, staff. At the top was set a violet gem that glimmered in the sunlight. Gandalf looked at Arador. “Today we shall set out.”


Lendia studied the ancient ruins that the exiles of Númenor had constructed long ago. The white stone pillars of kings, broken and demolished. But some of the ancient majesty of the exiles still lingered here. Lendia kneeled and took out her
hunting knife. She cut off some odd-looking plants. “Athelas, athelas,” She handed the bundle to Aragorn who took it feeling rather stuned. “Thanks,” he muttered. And they continued on, Aragorn first, Haldir and Legolas behind him, the hobbits in between, and Lendia and Gimli taking up the rear. They had past the Argonath, the warning that they had passed into the relam of Gondor.

And suddenly, they felt a precense. A horible precense. “Haldir, Legolas what do you see?” asked Aragorn. Legolas squinted. “Many orcs, moving with bows and scimitars. But my eyes are cheating me. These orcs do not tire. They run in the clear sunlight.” Lendia sighed. “These are not ordinary orcs.” Everyone turned to look at her. “Once, long ago, I chanced the peril of entering Barad-dûr. I barely escaped with my life. I watched as Elves were tortued and turned into orcs. To my suprise, when they had ben succesfully mutilated, they were taken to another room with a man. I did not wish to see what would happen next, but as a great orc issued forth from the Tower, I guessed what had happened. Orcs and men have been combined with some evil sorcery. They can withstand sunlight. Long ago, after the burning of the ships and the first slaying of Elf by Elf, Elves were taken by the minions of Morgoth to his stronghold in Utummo. I believe it is now known as Hell. Yet it was once the
first stronghold of Morgoth Bauglir. Before the Elves awoke at Cuivenen, and the first wars were fought, and before Melkor was given the name Morgoth, this was his stronghold. The Valar set a Secret Fire in the center of the Earth so Melkor and
no other evil thing could pass there. Many Elves were taken there before it’s destruction. There, they were tortued and thier souls devoured. They were deprived of sunlight and could not stand it.” Lendia took a deep breath. “They are called Uruks in Mordor and Uruk-Hai in Isengard. These are from Isengard,” she continued. “What is the comand, Aragorn?” Aragorn drew himself and looking like a king, he gave the orders. “Lendia, Legolas, and Haldir, find the higest spots you can and shoot until you have no arrows. Go in seperate places so you don’t attract atention. Boromir, I am giving you the takk of going to our boats. There is stored are entire supply of food and goods. Protect them. Merry, Pippin, I want you two to go and search for Frodo and Sam. When you find them, tell them to come. Gimli, you and I shall meet the attack head on,” he drew Anduril. Gimli pulled out his axe. Lendia, Haldir, and Legolas pulled out thier bows and ran in different directions. Boromir unsheathed his sword and ran to the ships. The hobbits took out thier Barrow blades and ran south.

Frodo wandered alone, his heart aching terribly. He couldn’t lead the others to danger. What if they died. He made his way to the ships, his mind made up. Sam wouldn’t understand. He suddenly bumped into something. He looked up. It was Boromir. He looked down. “None of us should wander alone, you least of all, so much depends on you,” Boromir was not looking at Frodo anymore but at the sky. “I know what counsel you would give Boromir,” said Frodo. “And it would seem like wisdom, but for the warning in my heart.” Boromir looked at him. “Warning? Against what?” Frodo looked at him. “Against delay, against the way that seems easier. Against-well if it must be said, against trust in the strength of Men.” Boromir eyed Frodo. “Yet that stregth has long protected you in your little country though you knew it not.” Frodo sighed. “I do not doubt the valour of your people.
The walls of Minas Tirith are strong, yet they are not strong enough. If they fail what then?”

“Then we shall fall valiantly. Yet if there is still hope then we shall not fail.”

“No hope while the Ring lasts,” said Frodo. “Ah the Ring! I saw it only once at the Council of Elrond. Could I not see it again just once?” Frodo drew away. “It is best that it should lie hidden,” he said. Boromir suddenly rose with a mad glint in his eyes. “I ASK ONLY FOR THE STRENGTH TO DEFEND MY PEOPLE!!! GIVE ME THE RING!!!!. Frodo put it on and vanished, leaving Boromir to his madness.


Meanwhile, the archers had finished thier arrows and were fighting in close combat. Lendia was using Aiglos and it served as a good spear. She had just finished driving the spear through an orc neck when she heard the braying of a horn. Lendia’s face turned pale as the realization took her. “BOROMIR!!!!” she cried as she hastened toward the ships. “BOROMIR!!!!!!” She knocked down an orc that tried to hinder her and at last came to see the sight. Boromir was dead with three arrows in him. A boat was gone. And there were seven orcs jeering about his body. She took out her bow and knelt to pick up arrows. Exactly seven, that was good. She pulled back her bowstring and fired seven arrwos. It was quick work as they all fell and died. She ran to Boromir. “Frodo! Where is Frodo?” Aragorn came speeding down the hill. “I let Frodo go,” he said. “Then you did what I could not. I tried to take the Ring from him.” Tears ran down the fallen warrior;s face. “The Ring is beyond our grasp now,” Aragorn replied. “I do not know what strength is in my blood, but I swear to you, I will not let the White City fall, nor our people fail.” Aragorn looked at the man who would have been his Steward. “Our people, our people,” Boromir repeated this phrase over and over.

I would have followed you to the end, my brother, my captain,
my king.” These were his last words.

Lendia looked at her dead cousin and wept. “We must give him a proper send off. I think the best way is by boat.”
Legolas, Gimli, and Haldir came up upon this scene. They all helped set Boromir’s dead body on a boat. They laid his sword and horn upon his breast and the weapons of his slain enemies at his feet. “Farewell my cousin!” called Lendia.


Arador and Gandalf walked through Amon Hen. “An absoulute battlefield,” muttered Arador. He examined the battered scimitars and the bloody weapons. “Hmmmm,” Gandalf said. “Arador, we’ve no time to waste. Where shall we go?” Arador though. “My mind is no longer clouded. We must head them off at Fangorn Forest.”

Gandalf looked at Arador. “They have a day’s head start.” He said. “Call Shadowfax and I’ll call Morgilia ((yeah I know I keep changing name Morgilia is Black Star I added the ia so it wasn’t too much like Morgul))

Gandalf put two fingers in his mouth and gave a loud, shrill whistle. Arador did the same. Not for long did they wait, for two horses came running against each other. White Shadowfax and black Morgilia. Shawdowfax nieghed. Arador cocked an eye at Gandalf, for Morgilia had beaten Shawdowfax. “Begginer’s luck,” he muttered and the two mouned and began to race.


Lendia walked through the dark forest. She was extremly proud of herself for killing a forest troll. It had been seven days since she had met the Riders of Rohan, her kin. For though she was Lendia of Dol Amroth, her mother was Telienia, daughter of Bard. And it is common knowledge that the Bardings of Dale are akin to the Eorlings of Rohan. But they had lost thier horses to an old man in the forest.
Suddenly, she heard a rustle in the woods. She whipped out her bow and put an arrow on string, but did not shoot. The old man appeared. “SHOOT! Shoot before he can speak or cast a spell!! IT”S SARUMAN!!!!!” These were the words of Gimli. Lendia felt her bow drop from her hands. She saw two white figures very close. She closed her eyes and when she opened them, saw Gandalf and Arador.

They were back. They had returned from the dead.


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