The Fellowship With a Twist – Chapter Five. The Golden Wood

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Lendia treaded through the forest path. Her head was swarming with memories of old times. She remembered a time long ago with her cousins Boromir and Faramir, and her twin brother Lendiar and thier younger sister Lothiriel. It was a merry time, right beside the sea, feeding the swans and talking and laughing. Faramir was telling a story about the time he told his father he wanted to be a Ranger and his father getting angry at him. Another memory came to her of more mirth than the last. Arador and herself had just met. To her suprise and anger, she had presented him with a vase of pale-silver flowerrs. He had loved her and she had not so she put him through a series of impossible events that he had passed with flying. She then had asked who he was and he revealed herself to him. So lordly did he look at that momement that she had returned his love though he had told he was forbidden to bind any woman to him in troth. Another, more recent memory came to her. Arador teetering on the edge of the bridge of Khazad-Dum. A vein throbbing in his neck. And than, his leaping off the bridge, and plunging into shadow. Was he falling even now?

As they continued, Boromir winded his Gondorian horn, which greatley annoyed Aragorn. “Boromir! Stop this, I warn you.” Boromir shruged his shoulders and faced his king. “Why? Why should I not blow my horn? Are there enimies of Gondor dwelling in these woods? By strange paths has this Company been led. Against my wishes we went to Moria and now we walk into the nets of the Mistress of Magic!”
Lendia put an arm on her cousin’s shoulder. “Show respect for liege-lord and king.” Boromir prepared to answer rudely. As he opened his mouth he realized he was under arrow-point. Aragorn raised his hand, showing the Ring of Barahir. “Mae Govvanen, Haldir of Lorien,” he said. Haldir lowered his bow. “Seldom do intruders of such strange company enter Lothlorien.” Yet Aragorn did not budge, “We seek your protection. We are here on an important errand from which we set out from Rivendell. With me are Legolas of Mirkwood, a kinsman here and Boromir of Gondor, four Halflings, and Lendia of Dol Amroth. Our other companion is a Dwarf.” There was a squable about Gimli being able to see the Naith of Lothlorien but tidings came from the City of the Galadhrim and Gimli was allowed to walk free.
* * *

Arador felt the blood rushing to his head. He had been falling for an hour now, and hadn’t reached the Balrog and Gandalf yet. But than he saw a glimmer of white light in a midst of red. Gandalf and Glamdring! He uunsheathed Gilmegil, the Gondolin made sword that Earendil had wielded in the War of Wrath. He landed of the rough skin of the Balrog. He hewed the face once, again. The demon roared. “Gandalf!” he cried. Gandalf looked up and smiled. They both hacked and hewed the Balrog. They were still hacking and hewing when the plunged deep into water. They didn’t stay in for long before they all fell onto a snow-covered boulder. The Balrog clawed at them and Arador leapt away. It was too late for Gandalf and he fell, bloody-headed and scratched. Tears leaked down Arador’s face as his hero fell on his knees in agony. Arador knelt and picked up Glamdring. It wasn’t his blade, but he would use it for a while. With the two swords in his hand, the blades of King Turgon and Lord Earendil. He raised them and stuck, struck. The Balrog scratched Arador’s face and even with those great blades, he couldn’t win. He fell at last, half dead when he heard a majestic great voice in his head. “Arador.” It said. “Arador, niether you nor Olorin can yet die. You still have work to do. Here!” And Arador felt a great surge of power course through his viens. It was mighty and he got back up on his feet. As he rose he saw two things in the snow. A star burning like firey coal, a small satchel filled with the seeds of Valinorian plants. A beautiful voice filled his ears as he got to his feet. “Arador. This is Varda, Lady of the Stars. This is Gil-Adan, Star of the West, that hung above the Temple of Iluvatar. I give it to you to do what you will. And the seeds of Valinor, gift from Yavanna Kementari. The strength of Manwe is in you. It will remain for the rest of the Age. But when Elrond, son of Earendil, who’s hier you are, departs then Manwe’s power goes with him.” The voice left him and he stood up.The Balrog screamed at him. Arador smiled. He stood and raised his sword. He swung the blade at the demon and pushed him off the mountain. It cried and screamed but it would die now. Arador pulled out a seed, but put the rest in a pocket in his cloak. He shoved the seed in Gandalf’s mouth and put a mouthful of snow in after it. The snow melted and coursed the seed down Gandalf’s throat. He rose staggering. “Gandalf,”

* * *

Lendia sat before the Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel. Aragorn was explaining thier quest, but her eyes were fixed upon Haldir. He was tall and handsome, with dark blue eyes and hair like a river of gold. She caught his eye and he winked at her, causing her cheeks to turn scarlet. He smiled at her. She smiled back.


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