The Fellowship of Ten – Chapter Two: Rivendell

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Frodo awoke to see Gandalf.

“Gandalf! Why were you not at the inn? We went off with that Strider character…” he half-yelled at Gandalf.

“I was…delayed, so I am very sorry I could not get to the inn. But it is very well indeed that you met Strider and went with him.” he answered.

“There was someone else too, someone who looked like Strider, but not quite. Who was that?”

“You will soon find out, but now, I think Sam would like to see you,” he yelled for Sam,” come in you sneaking hobbit.”

Sam came busting in to the room and shot straight at Frodo, almost knocking him out of the bed. am started jabbering on about not being able to talk to Frodo and sitting there waiting for him to wake up, when Gandalf interrupted.

“Frodo, you need to get dressed. Elrond is hosting a council with a few of the other chieftains of Middle-earth, and as you are the Ringbearer, you were asked to come.”

So Sam had to leave Frodo, but only for a few moments, and on the way they ran into Merry and Pippin. They were overjoyed to see Frodo up and about, when Frodo saw Bilbo. He sort of froze, and Bilbo looked straight at him. After a brief meeting, Frodo was ushered on to the council by Gandalf.
At the meeting, there were several elves, Strider, two other men, three dwarves, Gandalf, and Elf whom Frodo presumed to be Elrond, and sitting beside Strider, a woman. She was the only one there, extremely beautiful, with golden brown hair and tanned skin. She looked to be a mortal, but had a certain air about her that made her seem elvish.
Frodo sat down and was ordered by Elrond to put the ring out on the stone table that was set up. (They went through the whole council meeting, which if it was written again would bore you to death, so it won’t be, but all the original Fellowship was included,like Legolas and Gimli and so forth.) But then the woman stood up.

“I will come too.”she said.

Strider also stood up,” Nay, you are a maiden, and as so, you can not come.” as he said this he had a strange look in his eyes, as if he didn’t want her to go for some other reason than just because she was a woman.

The woman turned on her heel and left without another word. Strider obviously wanted to go after her, but he also didn’t want to make a scene. As the council was about to end, he didn’t have to wait long.

“I don’t want you to go because if you were harmed, I would never forgive myself” he said, chasing after her.

She stopped dead in her tracks, and slowly turned around saying”You know I can wield a sword as well as any man, and can defend myself even against one hundred orcs.”

“Yes I know, I know, but still…”

“Even if you are my brother, I do not have to follow your orders. You let Arwen get Frodo with all 9 Ringwraiths at her. Why can’t I go with you when none of them are at us.?”

“Because you are safe here, and all the rest of us are men. And some are more untrustworthy than others.”

“I don’t…”

“You are forbbiden to go, that is that.” he left in a hurry, leaving her behind.

They left Rivendell a few weeks later, when Frodo had completely recovered from the stabbing. They made for Caradhras (sorry ifits spelled wrong), but only half way there, Gandalf, Strider, and Legolas all felt al little uneasy. The hobbits had been cheerful for the first couple of days, but had turned rather like the walking dead. That night, when the rest of the Fellowship had gone to bed, Strider, Gandalf and Legolas took council by the fire.

“Somehow, I feel like we are being watched, but it isn’t an evil gaze, just watchful,” put in Legolas.

“Me as well,” put in Gandalf, but he seemed to be holding something back.

“I have been very observent for the last few days, and I think I know who just exactly is watching us.” Strider turned to the trees”You can come out now,” he said.

And indeed someone came out of the trees. It was the woman that was at the council, only dressed like Strider. It was also the other Ranger from the inn.

“I feared you would come,” voiced Gandalf.

“Who is she?” asked Legolas.

“She, that is I, am Kara, sister of Aragorn, and I would be grateful if you asked me questions about myself, not my brother, who is overly protective of women who can take care of themselves.”


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