The Fellowship of Ten – Chapter 7: Back in Moria

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“What happened?”Legolas came running over to Aragorn.

“Come on! These hill will be covered in orcs,” he yelled to everyone, still holding his sister’s lifeless form.

The males flew from the hill outside of Moria. They took shelter in nearby woods.

Aragorn told Legolas as they entered the trees,”She can orb,” then seeing the elf’s confused expression,” be in two different places at one time. She is in the Mines as well as out here with us, but she isn’t conscious of here, but she is conscious of Moria. All we can do is wait,” and he leaned her up against a tree.

Back in Moria….

Kara appeared right at the edge of the half-collapsed bridge. She could barely sense Gandalf, and he was fading…fast. Orcs were all around. Her mind raced as the thought of anything that could help the wizard now. Stars and Lightening, that was all she could muster.

She extended her right hand as much as she could down into the abyss, with her palm down. Her eyes were usually closed when she performed magic, but now they were wide open.

“Hallia of the Stars and Ionn of Lightening, lend me your aid! May your powers seal the Shadow!”

A crack of lightening lit the cavern. The abyss was engulfed in a beam of blindingly pure white light eminating from Kara’s right hand. It was stopped short, maybe too short. An arrow had flown true to its mark and had pierced her right side. It was poison; she could feel it running through her bloodstream.

In the forest…

Kara came back with the arrow stuck fast in her side.

“Kara!” Aragorn and Legolas rushed over to her. The others were still all to grieved by the loss of Gandalf, so they remained a ways back. Aragorn lightly touched the arrow, making the lady flinch. She had a stiff breastplate on ( you know those dresses that are real tight across the middle and on your northern region, it was like that only it wasn’t a dress and it wasn’t as tight) that laced up the back. The arrow had gone right through it. Aragorn commanded Legolas to take it off, and only after the Ranger had ensured him that she had a shirt on underneath did he do so.

Aragorn turned to Sam,”Can you please find me some athelas…kingsfoil. Please, hurry!” and indeed the little hobbit did.

Legolas had gotten the plate off and the orcs were pouring out of the Mines. Aragorn tried to pull out the arrow again, but she yelled out. Kara’s eyes had gone misty, but Legolas grasped her hand and spoke soothing words in a form of Elvish that hadn’t been used for centuries. She took a rock in her hand as Aragorn eased out the arrow. The rock was now dust.

Sam arrived with the athelas and as Aragorn was crunching it up, Legolas ripped a piece of cloth from her cloak. He handed it to Aragorn, who said,” Legolas, kindly get everyone together. We will leave for Lorien as soon as I am finished here.”

Kara came around just as he was finished wrapping her wound.

Aragorn sat back and admired his handiwork,”You should not have gone back in. I’m surprised to see that you even made it out again.”

“It helped,” was her reply.

“Well, we still need to go on very soon, wether it helped or no. Can you walk?”

“Yes,” she got up gingerly and swayed a little. Aragorn helped her find her balance.”Let’s just get to Lorien without a fight and I’ll be fine.”


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