The Fellowship of Ten – Chapter 5: The Journey in the Dark

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The Fellowship went down through the passage, and halfway, Gimli felt he would be sick. It turned constantly, left, right, left again. It was like a roller coaster that was decending continuously. They finally came out into a hall even larger than the tomb. The pillars were at least 100 feet high and the Hall itself was at least the length of 4 football fields. This was definitely the work of some very craftful Dwarves.

“Look, we have entered the realm of the Dwarves!”cried Gandalf.

They all looked up in wonder, for they had never seen such architecture. Even Legolas had to give some credit to the Dwarves, this was magnificent.

Merry voiced his concerns, though,”Now, can we PLEASE rest for the night?! My feet aren’t used to this much walking wihtout any food!”

Gandalf replied with a smile,”Alright, Merry, don’t get your trousers in a bunch. See, there is a room over here. We will stay there tonight, and we may make a SMALL fire, just to cook, and then its out! Alright?”


So, they all went into the room, Gandalf last, and started to settle in. The room was round, so they all camped out in a semicircle around the room, but not in front of the entrance, just in case. They had as good a meal as any yet, and assigned the watches. Aragorn had the first watch, Kara the second, and Legolas the third.
Aragorn’s watch went fine for the most part, but Legolas got up, if he had slept, and went to talk to him. At this point, Kara was wide awake, as she had heard her name, though she acted asleep.

“I want to talk about Kara, Aragorn,” Legolas said, as he walked up silently behind Aragorn. They were talking in hushed voices, so they went a little ways out into the Hall.

“Yes. What would you like to discuss?” Aragorn asked. He was a little nervous, because he knew his sister well, and he knew she could be awake.

“Is she…um…is she…,” he didn’t have the chance to get the question out.

“What,” came a voice from behind.

The boys turned around and found themselves staring at Kara. She was 3 feet behind them and looking very angry.

“Is she what,” Kara repeated.

“Nothing, Kara, go back to sleep…,” Aragorn tried to send her back, but he heard the voice,”I can take care of it, Aragorn. Your watch is over. Let me talk to him…and I won’t hurt him, if that’s what you are thinking,” it concluded, and he turned and went back to his rest.

She repeated once more,”Is she what?”

“I was asking Aragorn if you were entirely, well, entirely human.” he confessed.

“Well, if you mean am I part elf, then yes. As I told you, I share the same mother as Aragorn, but my father is an Elf,”she answered.

“Then how is it that you can speak in my head? I thought that only Galadriel can do that.”

“Do you really want to know, because it is going to take me a while to tell you?”

“Yes! You nearly gave me a heart attack back at the crossraods.”

“Very well. Sit down, or you might fall asleep listening. My father is Celeborn, Lord of the Golden Wood. And since he is my dad, I spent a lot of time at Lorien. So, if I wanted to learn anything that Galadriel could teach me, I could learn it, and I did.”

“I know this is a very personal question, but how old are you, you look barely thirty in Men’s reckoning, but Aragorn is 50.” he asked, a little afraid she might explode at such a rude question.

She answered with a laugh,”I am 45. And it doesn’t bother me that you asked. As I’m half elf, I have prolonged life, though I am not immortal, like full-blooded elves. I have the eyesight of the elves, and the hearing, but I can’t sleep like you. I mean I can, but it doesn’t do for me what it does for you. I do a load better if I sleep like I did tonight.”

“Well, you certainly have a very interesting past, if I may so so myself. But is there anything else I should know before we go on and something happens?” he found it very easy, almost strangely easy, to ask her questions, even though they barely knew each other.

“Not that I know of…oh, yes. I can cast spells.”

Legolas thought this was a joke,”And I suppose Gandalf taught you that?”

Without saying a word, she made a triangle with her index finger and thumb of each hand, and muttered “Rhia, lend me your aid, ice stop his voice.”

Legolas tried to say something, but no sound would come out of his mouth.

“Yes he did, and next time, don’t assume anything,” she said, getting up. Legolas sprang after her, mouthing silently.

Kara made it to her makeshift bed, turned, and whispered,”Fire, warm his throat, let him speak.”

“Thank you, now I’ll take my watch,” Legolas replied.


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