The Fellowship of Ten – Chapter 5: A Journey in the Dark

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Merry thought he was going to be sick. They had been traveling on the same huge staircase for the past 3 hours. It twisted and turned like a rollercoaster gone mad. Left, right, up, down, left again, u-turn,right…but finally it leveled out and the Company entered an enormous cavern.

“Behold! The realm of the Dwarves, Dwarrodelf!” cried Gandalf, his staff held aloft.

“Great, now can we please stop and rest? And maybe eat, too!” begged Pippin.

“Alright, alright,” replied the wizard, almost as eager to rest (being 80,000 and all).

“See that room over there? To the right? We shall stay there tonight, and eat. We may be able to make a small fire and cook, but after we’ve finished eating, its out. Rely on your own body heat to warm you this night. Aragorn, will you kindly take the first watch?”

“Aye,” Strider replied.

Gandalf continued,”Kara will you take the second,” she agreed with a nod,”and Legolas, you may take the third.”

Sam whipped up as good a meal as may be in a Mine, and everyone sat around and talked of past travels for a while. Finally, when Frodo fell back, suddenly asleep, Aragorn stood and went to the entrance to take watch. Everyone soon settled in.

About halfway through the first watch, Legolas arose and strode over to Aragorn, who had nodded off slightly, but soon was awake.

“Oh,um, yes Legolas,” with a meek yawn,” you wish to speak with me?”

“Yes. Something has been bothering me since we stopped at the crossroads…” he felt a little foolish talking to the rightful heir to the throne of Gondor about such a small incedint as this.


“Well, its about Kara.” She stirred at the mention of her name, but continued to fake sleep, listening all the while.

Aragorn smirked. He new what a ladies man Legolas was (and so do all of you ),”and…”

“No! Not like that. Is she, um, who is her father?”

Suddenly Strider was very uncomfortable. He knew his sister well, and knew very well that she could be awake, listening,”I can’t tell you that. If she wanted you to know, I’m sure she would tell you herself…”, but he was interrupted.

“Yes, she would have,” came a voice from behind them.

Aragorn knew it was Kara. Legolas turned around in surprise, but Aragorn merely cringed.

He said, slowly turning,”Kara, it’s nothing. Please go back to bed, I’ve the rest of my watch left,” but stopped as he heard his sister’s stern but gentle voice in his head.

“I’ll take the rest of the watch. You need the rest more thatn I. I am going to clear all of this up, and I’m not going to hurt him, if that’s what you’re thinking.”

So he went off silently, a tad afraid for Legolas, and slept.

“Now, what was so important that you had to ask my brother about it, even though it was about me?” Kara asked Legolas, sitting down on the floor.

He followed suit,”I was asking him who your father was. You scared me half to death at the crossroads…”

“What do you mean?”

“You talked in my head didn’t you?”

“No, I’m afraid you must be going incredibly insane.”

“Really?” he asked, a slight bit worried about his sanity.

“No, I was jesting. I did talk in your head at the crossroads back there, though you were staring at me.”

“Good, now will you answer who your father is? Please.”

“Alright. You know I share my mom with Aragorn. Well, you were right when you thought that I had to be elven. My father is the Celeborn,Lord of the Golden Wood.”

“You can read my mind, too?!”


“Great,” he gathered himself together,” but how did you talk in my head? I thought only Galadriel could do that.”

“With Celeborn being my father, and spending a good deal of my childhood in Lorien, I was around Lady Galadriel a lot. She was like a second mother to me. If I wanted to learn something that she could or would teach me, I could, and I did.”

“Then how old are you? Aragorn is 53, so you have to be somewhere around that, but you seem only 30 by Men’s reckoning,” then recognizing his folly,”Forgive me, I should not have asked that.”

She answered with a laugh,”Thank you for the compliment. And I don’t mind that you asked. I am 46, but being half elf, I have prolonged life, though I am not immortal. I will outlive Aragorn many times over. I also have the vision and hearing of the elves, though my ears are like Men’s. I can’t sleep like elves though. I mean I can, but it doesn’t do for me what it does for you. I do loads better if I sleep like I did tonight.”

“Is there anything else I need to know about before you go surprising me with something else?” Legolas found it easy to ask Kara questions, and talk to her in general, when she wasn’t talking inside his head.

“Well, no, not that I know of…oh, I can cast spells.”


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