The Fellowship of Ten – Chapter 3: Moria

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The next morning, the Fellowship awoke to find a woman asleep on the ground near Aragorn. The hobbits were rather stupified and sort of just stood there and didn’t say anything all morning. Boromir finally plucked up the courage to tap Aragorn awake.

“Excuse me, but have you any idea who that woman is?” vaguely waving at the lady.

“Oh, um, let’s get everyone up before I tell you all that interesting fact, shall we?” he replied.

The hobbits gladly awaked everyone, having something to occupy their minds for a while. Aragorn roused the sleeping female, since none of the fully awake people would go near her.

“So, who is she?”, Sam piped up.

Aragorn looked at the girl.”You go ahead, I feel like death warmed over.” she yawningly replied.

“She is Kara, my sister. A Ranger, the only female one, at that. She will be accompanying us from noon as long as our journey lasts.” he concluded, with a slight sigh of relief.

The whole of the Company was silent for a few moments. They were at a complete loss of words and could barely desipher these last few sentences, so they just stood there, not moving, not talking. Talk about awkward silence.

“Why don’t we have breakfast, and then pack up to continue on the journey.” Gandalf said, breaking the awkward silence that had encompassed them all.

At once, everybody moved in all directions. The hobbits all went to gather firewood, Boromir started setting out the food, Sam went to get out his cooking gear… only Kara, Aragorn, Legolas, and Gandalf didn’t move.

They had a mildly talkative breakfast, packed up, and continued off to the mountains. After a while, the four hobbits seemingly got their souls back, and proceeded to jabber and jest as usual. Since nobody really knew of Kara’s past, Gimli decided to ask her.

“So, uh, tell us about yourself, Kara.” he said.

“Well, as you know, I am Aragorn here’s sister, we share the same mother, so I am not of the Royal Blood fully. I am well traveled, mostly travel by myself, but once in a while with Aragorn. What else would you like to know?” she replied.

“Well, how did you happen upon the Fellowship all the way out here?”

“Ohhhhh, well.” she said, quite a bit embarrassed” I was at the council and I followed you from Rivendell.” she confessed.

“Okay. Legolas, your turn, since Gandalf undoubtably knows a great deal about Kara, and Aragorn’s her brother, ask her something.”

Legolas seemed a great deal more embarrassed at asking her a question.”Um,” he staggered,”Have you ever been to Mirkwood?” he asked the first thing that came to his mind.

“Actually, I have. About seven years ago, it would be. I understand you are Prince?”

“Yes,” he answered.

Kara promptly bowed. Aragorn, Gimli, Gandalf, and Boromir burst out laughing, and Kara rose, shaking slightly with silent laughter. Legolas blushed deeply,” You really didn’t have to do that you know.” he said.

“Yes, but you are Prince, so I owe you something.” she grinned evily.

They predeeded on talking for a while, and stopped for lunch later in the day than the hobbits would have liked.

“Thank you for finally letting us stop and eat! We are practically starving up here!”

They had a good lunch, and the hobbits learned a little about Kara. Gandalf informed them that they were less than a day away form Moria, the doomed place Frodo had picked for them to go. The guys found out that Kara could be as much a guy as them. At lunch, Boromir had let out a slight belch, and as there was a woman present, Legolas got on to him. “Watch your manners, there is a lady present!” he said. But just as he finished saying this, Kara let out a huge burp that ecoed throughout the forest. A few birds flew off as everyone in the area exploded with laughter. Boromir and the hobbits started to cry for all the laughing they were doing.

“Excuse me, didn’t mean to scare you there” Kara said in her paper-thin defence, although she was clutching her side for laughing.

By night fall, they were there. They passed the dark, still lake as Gandalf reached the massive stone gate they would need to pass through. He was dumbstruck; he tried every password he knew of, and still the doors wouldn’t open. Meanwhile, Sam and Aragorn were unsaddling Bill, the trustworthy pony Sam had rescued at Bree.

“The Mines are no place for a pony, even one so brave as Bill.” Aragorn said to Sam.

Kara, Legolas, Gimli, Boromir, and the other hobbits were standing around the lake, waiting to get in. Merry was amusing himself by skipping stones on the water, when Aragorn caught his arm “Do not disturb the water.”

Suddenly Frodo cried out “It’s a riddle. Gandalf, what is the elvish word for friend?”

Gandalf replied “Mellon.”

The doors swung open with astonishing speed for such gigantic stoneworks. The Fellowship entered the dark chamber, all but Frodo and Sam, who stood at the doorway.

“Look at the roof in this room, Pip! You can’t even see it, its so high up.” Merry said.

“This is no room, it’s a tomb!” Boromir called.

Legolas bent down and plucked one of the arrows out of a carcass, “Goblins.”

At that moment, Frodo was borne up into the sky. A giant monster almost resembling a squid, but much too hidious and orkish had emerged from the depths of the lake. It swept him up with one of its possibly hundreds of massive tenticles over the lake. All of the Men ran out into the lake and began slashing at its tenticles, eventually slicing the one that held Frodo in its grasp. Frodo fell into Aragorn’s arms, and while Boromir and Kara backed off (still cutting at the flailing tenticles), Aragorn yelled to Legolas, “Shoot! Shoot it in the eyes!” Legolas’s arrow flew true, and as the ‘squid’ sank back into the water, the Fellowship rushed into the only available shelter, the tomb, the giant tenticles grabbed the doors with incredible strength and flung them closed, causing the whole front entrance to the Mines to cave in.

NOTE: This is like a lot of the stories already on this site, but it will get more original (hopefully) as it progresses. Keep reading and give me feedback, good or bad.


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