The Fellowship of Ten – Chapter 13: Farewell to Lorien and a Letter

by Apr 5, 2003Stories

Kara woke the next morning to sunlight brighter than she had seen in days. She opened her eyes and sat up, but Legolas wasn’t there. She wondered if he had indeed stayed with her last night. She looked to her nightstand for guidance. There was a note, caught under a rose; one of the rarest flowers in Lorien.

She smiled and reached for it. In thick black ink and semi-spidery writing on off-white parchment, it read…

“If you are reading this, it means that you
have woken up and I am not there. I am sorry to
have left you before you woke, but I was wanted in
council with the Lord, Lady, and Aragorn this morning.”

she wondered why she wasn’t wanted in the council as well, but smiled again when she read,

“I am positive you are wondering why you were not also
included, but it was for a good reason. What we are
debating over does not necessarily apply to you.”

“Does not necessarily apply to me?” she murmered under her breath.

“I am afraid the council be long, so I may
not be able to see you until this afternoon. I pray you
do not become bored.


“P.S. I know you don’t use this word often, unless you mean it, but I think I may love you.”

Kara read over the last sentence three times. Did he mean it? Did it matter now?


The Fellowship stood once more before Celeborn and Galadriel. They had been given their gifts, and boats, and made ready to go. None of them wanted too, as Lothlorien had become like home.

Lord Celeborn spoke, “We bid you farewell. It has been a joy to have you all here, especially the hobbits, for laughter has not been heard in these woods for many a day. We hope your quest is fulfilled….” but Kara heard no more from her father.

Instead she heard Galadriel. “You saw last night in your dream, did you not?”

“Yes.” she looked up at the Lady.

“You know you will have to leave him.”

“Yes. Can I tell him…”

She replied sharply, “No! You cannot utter a word of it to anyone. If anyone got wind of what you saw, it could change the fate of Middle-earth. You knew it might have come to this, and now it has, so just hope it doesn’t break his heart.”

Kara bowed sadly, with the rest of the guys, after Celeborn’s speach was over. She felt a tinge of guilt at not paying attention, but it faded as she straightened. The Fellowship filed out of the chamber, following Haldir. Kara was last, for she quickly hugged Celeborn goodbye.

“Goodbye, sweetheart.” he said in her ear.

She wiped away a tear, “Goodbye, Father.”

Sorry for not posting in forever and a day, I have been sooo busy these past few weeks. I had State Geography Bee, and English, and Algebra, and everything else under the sun to finish. Anywho, I know this one was short, but I hope you liked it anyway!


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