The Fellowship of Ten – Chapter 12: The Secret

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Legolas tried to wake her for several minutes, but she never came to. He gently raised her and carried her to her room. This path took him through the pavilion that the guys had slept in.

He came in to view and saw Aragorn standing there. He had just gotten back from council. Boromir had gone to sleep again and the hobbits had wandered off somewhere.

Presently Aragorn came running up to Legolas, seeing his sister in his arms. “What happened?”

Legolas replied, “She passed out. Does she do this often?”

“She’s never passed out in her life to my knowledge. Come, let’s take her to her room.” Aragorn looked truly worried. She had passed out once, when she tried to tell Haldir. Had she tried to tell…

They reached her room. Aragorn held the door open as Legolas entered and layed Kara down on the bed. The two men sat in the chairs at the foot of the bed.

Aragorn asked “She tried to tell you, didn’t she?”

Legolas looked over at the unconcsious form on the bed. “Yes. I didn’t know this would happen. The last thing I wish to do is to cause her pain.”

“You have gotten further than most. I am surprised she would trust you enough now to consider telling you.”

“Will you tell me?”

“Again, I feel that if she truly wanted you to know, she would tell you,” he smiled. “She’s waking up.”

Kara sat up as Legolas dashed to the side of the bed. “Well, glad to see me are you?”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean…”

“Its fine. Really.” she looked over to Aragorn and said with a laugh, “What did you say to him?”

“Nothing. I trust I can leave you two alone? I need to go see about the hobbits. By now they’ve probably destroyed half the city…” he said as he strode out of the room.

“Sit down, Legolas.” Kara said.

“I’m really sorry. I just… wanted to know.” he seemed to be regaining himself. “Can you tell me now?”

She sighed. “All I can tell you is that I have been given a gift. It’s power may even surpass that of the One Ring. I must control it, and keep it controlled, for if it gets into the wrong hands, all is lost. Thats all I’ve been permitted to tell you.”

“Permitted?” he repeated. “Who ‘permitted’ you?”


“You never cease to surprise me.” and he kissed her on the forehead.

She laughed as a tear rolled down her cheek.

“Why are you crying now? I didn’t know my kisses were so foul.” He brushed away the tear.

“They aren’t, its just… I’ve wanted someone to love all my life, and I thought I found him once, but I didn’t. And now, I have, but it’s at the worst possible time.” she looked into his eyes, needing to be lost for a moment.

“Do you mean…me?”

But instead of answering, she kissed him, right there, right then. He was still caught up in her confession, but he soon kissed her back. He pulled back after a few seconds, but she leaned into him. They weren’t going to be together forever. This had to last. Finally she broke it off.

“Those three-thousand years come in handy sometimes, don’t they?” she asked as she got up and went behind the changing wall.

He smiled, “Yes, they do.” he said as he wrapped his fingers around the curtain. She could tell he was going to pull it back, so she changed all the quicker. He pulled it back.

“Do I change too quickly for you?”

He had a wicked grin on his face, but asked “Whydid you change?” she had her nightgown on. It was long and sleeveless, made out of silky cotton.

“I’m going to sleep. You can stay, but you’ll have to watch from a distance.” she said as she pulled the covers back and got in.

He climbed in next to her. “How’s this?” he asked.

She raised her eyebrows. “No funny business. And stay on top of the covers.”

“You know me. No funny business. And I’ll stay on top of the covers. I’ll make sure nobody disturbs your sleep.”

“You mean besides you.” and she drifted off to sleep with Legolas singing the song from the garden to her.


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