The Fellowship of Ten – Chapter 10: Waking

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The guys of the Fellowship slept on low couches out in a pavilion that night. Even as weary as they were, they felt oddly strengthened, rejuvanated even. Frodo was especially gald to halt for a while. And as an added plus, in Lorien. It was beautiful.

Everything seemed to be light. There was no black, and no dark greens or browns; most everything was a brilliant shade of off-white. And the trees. They reached to the sky in a wonderful symphony of rustlings from the leaves and slight creaking of the branches in the wind. A light seemed to come from nearly everything around them. It was about the fourth hour after sunrise when an elf approached them from behind a particularly large tree.

“Hello, travelers.” It was Haldir, the elf from the night before. “Do you need anything?” The hobbits were still asleep, as was Boromir. Gimli was up, but only just.

“No, we have no need of anything while we are in Lothlorien.” Aragorn replied curtiously. He had known Haldir from previouse travels, but they weren’t as you would say ‘best friends’ just aquaintences. “But could you see about Kara. I would have figured she would be up by now.”

“Ah. I don’t think she is awake just yet. I will see if I can rouse her.”

Legolas turned to Aragorn. “How would he know if she was awake or not?”

“She grew up here. They ought to know each other, so I suppose he has checked on her once or twice.” replied the Ranger. He smirked. “Why would you care?”

“Oh you’re impossible! I don’t have to be attracted to her to care about her!” He had gone a magnificent shade of pink.



The elf-maiden stirred slightly as he entered the room, which overlooked the pavillion where the guys had slept that night. Her room was about 50 feet from the ground, so you could see a little of the room from the ground. There was a balcony on the opposit side of the room from the door.

He strode gracefully over to her bed and gently shook her awake. “Kara, wake up. Aragorn wishes to speak with you this morning.” She opened one eye and sat up.

“Did you have to come and wake me? Tell the blasted fool that I need my beauty sle… Haldir!” she cried.

“Yes. It’s good to see you again.” He gently tucked a strand of hair behind her mortal ears. “How have you been?”

“Be quiet and give me a hug! If I hadn’t been out of it for the last few days, I would have given you a hug already!” She shot forward and wrapped her arms tightly around his neck. She leaned back and looked at him. “Why didn’t you tell me it was you? You haven’t changed a bit.” They were great friends from when Kara remained in Lorien, but since she left, he hadn’t seen her.

“You have. You’ve grown even more beautiful than before. I can see now why the Prince thinks of you so much.”

She rolled her eyes, dismissing the comment. “So, how have you been?”

“I have been fine exept for a few orcs here and there. You on the other hand… well, how do you feel now? Are you up to seeing your brother now?”

“I hope so. I feel alright, just a little tired. But I look like I’ve been through heck. When does he want to see me?”

“As soon as possible, I suppose. Now, about you looking horrible…” He got up and walked over to a wardrobe, passing a changing wall and some chairs. “How about this one?” He held in his hands a dress. It was a very light purple and shimmered whenever it moved. Lacing up the back, it was held up by inch-wide straps.

“You know I hate dresses! Why can’t I just wear some breeches and a clean shirt?”

“Because, you want the Prince Legolas to notice you. And I can’t imagine what he’ll think if you show up in ratty old pants.” He put the dress over the changing wall and stood there, waiting.

“What makes you think I want him to notice me?” but she got up anyway and stepped behind the curtain.

“I know everything.”

“Yes, I suppose you do, don’t you. Met any nice lady-elves lately?” he heard her ask. He chuckled softly as he heard some frustrated grunts from behind the wall; she never did get the hang of putting on dresses.

“No. Not yet. Are you finished, or do I have to come back there?”

She stepped out from behind the curtain and he slightly gasped. Beautiful. The dress fit her perfectly, accentuating her curves. She looked like a star from the heavens. The lightness of the silky material in contrast to her slightly tan skin was wonderful. Haldir merely smiled.

“Thank you. Now, close your mouth before you start to drool.” She strode out of the room with Haldir at her heels.


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