The Falling Flame – Part Three {Umm, and let’s just forget the name of part two, I know it was short and the name didn’t agree, K?}

by Jan 6, 2004Stories

Rumil examined the newist of the “hunter’s” camps from behind a branch in the tree tops. Again, the order was not to kill on sight, but he was having the hardest time not shooting them each full of a dozen arrows, concidering who they had captured now. Still, he followed orders and listened, hoping to bring them to Celeborn alive this time.

“Abrod said he wanted one alive.” The darker haired man said.

“We can catch another one.” the youngest said. “I heard that the blood of an elf woman can cure any sickness, and I need hers for my dad.”

“Your father put his own eyes out so that he wouldn’t have to see your face anymore. And like you said, we can always catch another.”

“What’s your name pritty?” The lighter haired, older man said with a sneer to the woman lying tied up a little too cloce to the fire.

She kicked out with bound feet, the bag still hiding her face. An anclet cought the man’s fancy and he went to take it off, but she felt his hand on her ancle and kicked him square in the jaw. When the anclet fell back into place, Rumil nearly gave himself away with the intake of breath.

Isolde, Rumil’s wife, had been entraped by the mortals hunting the elves out of sport.


Even though he was still upset with her, Aragorn hung near Arwen at all times. He knew that it was a bit much, but just because the hunts were fresh didn’t mean that they couldn’t be spreading to Gondor alredy.

With Gimli gone it looked like Legolas was lost. The elf had originally thought to leave with the dwarf so that they could split in Gondor and he could take the news to his father if it hadn’t already gotten there. The only problem with that was the fact that Arwen showed nearly as much protesting to his leaving as she had when aragorn voted to go.

In keeping things similar to normal Aragorn had sent out an invitation to a “reunion party” to Faramir and Eomer so that they could order a party to counteract the “hunters”. He planned to get a contact to one of his men in Arnor, a good man and fellow decendent of Elros {but by a longer shot than he}. With his help, Aragorn wished to get among those who wanted elven blood on their hands and kill the groups off with stealth, not an out right hunt for hunters.


“You three are crazy!” Rose said as Pippin, Merry and Sam finished packing to leave for Minas Tirith. “You alredy nearly got yourselves killed goin’ out there and now you want to do it again?”

“No, Rose.” Sam said, grabbing Sting and putting it on his belt. “We’re going to Minas Tirith at the King’s request. they’re after elves, not hobbits, and we won’t have any ringwraiths after us this time.”

“Goin’ off with a dwarf… There’s bound to be troubble! The last two masters of Bag End already paied for gettin’ in the affairs of wizards and the big people. Must you do it too?”


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