The Falling Flame – Part Six

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“Mind my elders?” Eldarion looked at the older woman decisively, as if he’d never seen her befor, and all that their new acquaintance was proving was that she was a thret to family. “That’s my mother you’re wanting to use as bait. Not only is she my mother, but any idea of using the queen of Gondor and Arnor could be put as treason.”

“Eldarion, calm yourself.” Arwen hushed him. “We were perfectly capable women befor the end of Sauron. We are perfectly capable women still, though a little out of practice.”

“For the past seventeen years!” Faramir jumped in on Eldarion’s side.

“Sixteen and a half.” Arwen pointed out calmly.


He hated what he’d gotten himself into this time. There was no longer any question as to whether or not Arwen would kill him. She’d order his head brought in on a silver platter if this went any further.

He’d let this gofarther than he should have. Gildon, he, and the others had successfully entraped an elfling… An elfling that he recognized.

Though Lothri wouldn’t recognize him in his old Ranger’s clothing, he’d know the girl’s face anywhere. The daughter of Glorfindel stared back at him with pleading eyes, bound and gaged by his own handywork.

A shaddow from the trees above moved when no wind blew. The shaddow of a man, or, rather, elf when his keen eyes cought thoes of Orophin’s.

How dare you? Aragorn heard Orophin’s voice inside his mind.

“Just wate.” he muttered under his breath, knowing that the elf would hear, though he wondered about the others in their hunting party. “You can help soon.”

“What?” Adron asked from the fire. “You say something?”

“Just thinking alloud.” Aragorn said.

“I thought I heard you say something about help, though.”

“I was only hoping that there wouldn’t be any help comming any time soon for her. You remember how hard it was to get her, don’t you want some rest befor we have to go?”


It was nearly an houre befor dark untill the chance came. the hunters were so arrogant that they were setting up tents for the night to camp in. Yet, Aragorn wated on. They’d all have to be dissarmed some how, or cought when they themselves had discarded their weapons.

“There’s a lake a few moments’ walk from here.” Aragorn suggested. “It’s in the Dimril Dale. The water should still be warm from the sunlight today. After all, don’t we deserve a good bath after today?”

Aragorn was sure to take the place as sentry over their
“capture” while the others went to relax in the waters. In truth, he wated for a few minutes befor he went and untied her, but kept the gag in and held her wrists untill he could explain himself and Orophin joined them.

“What are you doing, Elessar?” Orophin asked him harshly.

“You sent a party after them, did you not?” Aragorn asked in turn.

“Yes, but that dosen’t-“

“That is what I’d hoped for.” he broke in. “When we recieved word of the “hunts” the respected and trusted leaders of Ithilin, and Rohan joined with the trusted of Gondor and Arnor in infiltrating the “hunters” and distroying them. It should work out for now, but soon, it’ll get hard. It was good that you trusted me. Untill you soshowed up, I thought I’d have to kill them infront of her.”

“Kill them?” Orophin looked at him oddly.

“Well, I can’t exactly bring them all into the courts alone, now can I?”

The elf sighed and shook his head, as the former Ranger of Arnor expected he would.


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