The Falling Flame – Part Eight

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Lothri stared at the man across the fire. He was asleep, she hoped. The man and Orophin had spoken in the common speach, but she understood only a few words here and there. Now, she had the chance to speak with Orophin about him.

“Why do you trust him like this?” she asked. “He is one of thoes who is hunting our people, and you just let him walk freely into Lorien like this? Are you mad?”

“Hush, Lothri.” Orophin laied a hand on her shoulder. “Do you know why he staied behind while the others went off?”


“So that he could free you; so that the others would be cought by the group that came with me after you. He is a good man, Lothri. You can trust him with your life. I let him walk un bound and unblinded because he is a welcome guest here. Elessar was always welcome in Lorien by the Lord, Lady, and Arwen Undomiel.”

“Elessar?” she asked. “Surely this ragged Ranger of the North is not the King!”

“I am.” Aragorn arose and spoke to her in Sindarin. “But do not speek of this outside of Lothlorien. There is a reason why I took up with them, and it is slowly being acomplished.”


Faramir turned away from their prisioners. This was not easy, but Arwen and Eowyn were playing allong at least. He bit his lip trying to figure out how to get them out of here and dispose the “hunters” at the same time without eather of the women or himself getting killed themselves.

This was a rather large group of people that he’d taken up with. Origionally, he’d hoped to stall them long enough to give their quary time enough to make it into the Goldenwood, but Eowyn and Arwen were deliberatly going slow, or so it seemed.

He did know one thing. The moment they were out of this and not running, he’d be having a few words with Eowyn. He knew that she’d somehow dragged Arwen into another one of her ill fated plans to take action.

“Leramin,” one of the others called to him. “Come, I’ll take over for you so that you can get something to eat.”

Faramir sighed. “I thought you’d never let me get in! Just be careful of the blond. I’ve seen her before, and she is not one to try much on.”

“In other words, she’s a bit lively?”

“No. She’ll tear you to shreds if you touch her.”

“How do you know so much about these two, anyway?” asked the leader.

“Have you forgotten that I was one of the palace gaurds? That I myself watched over that whelp of the king? You have a very fine catch here indeed! The Queen herself and the Lady of Ithilien as well.” Faramir sat down at the fire as one of the others took over gaurding the women.

“Your lip’s bleedin’.” said one of the younger men there.

“It is?” he touched a finger to his lip and found blood. “I guess so.”


Lothri stoped the others and pointed to the East Boarder. All three crouched when they cought sight of the group there. Orophin pointed out the two women tied to a coupple young malorns side by side just away from the main treeline.

“Stay here, or get into the trees.” Aragorn told them. “I think I recognize some of them.”

“Wait!” Orophin grabbed his arm. “What are you doing?”

“I know that man there,”-he pointed-“and that one’s a run away from the group I was in. He broke off when he thought that he was going to have to actually touch Lothri to tie her up.”

“And just what do you think you’re going to do?”

“I’m going to give that first man I pointed to a hand.” Aragorn said. “We’ll need you, but Lothri needs to take cover. That Ranger of Ithilien is a trusted man and can’t get thoes women out like he’d hoped to.”


Faramir’s head snaped up when he heard a twig snap from just inside the treeline. Was that Aragorn he saw comming out of the woods? Yes, it was!

What is he doing? Faramir thought to himself, getting up off of his bed roll.

“Strider.” Aragorn mouthed to him. “Leramin” he mouthed back.

“Who’s that?” the leader of the group came up behind Faramir.

“An old friend.” he said.

“Leramin? What are you doing out here?” Aragorn asked, playing up the part.

“Hunting. What else?” Faramir turned to the leader. “Olin, this is Strider.”

“What are you doing here without a group to protect you from the-“

“They were killed off by a band of them.” Aragorn said. “I ran the moment I heard them being slaughtered. I knew that Leramin would have been comming with a group who’d set out this way not long after mine and hoped that you’d take me in.”

“Another hunter is always welcome here.” Olin said.

Orophin looked on from the underbrush as Aragorn spoke with the two men. Now that he’d had a better look at the one Aragorn said he knew, he understood why he trusted him. Faramir, Prince of Ithilien had also taken the same role as Aragorn had, it seemed.

He waited untill Aragorn had sliped a knife into one of the men’s backs before joining the two Rangers in the attempt of freeing the two captives here. He ran in and did what he could to immobilize the men as Aragorn was doing while Faramir let the women loose.

The light haired woman took one of the dead men’s daggers and helped gaurded Faramir as he untied the dark haired woman. Something about the way she handled herself nagged at his memory, but he put it out of his mind as the last of the “hunters” fell to his arrow.

“Eowyn!” Faramir called angerly to the light haired woman. “How dare you..” and he rambled on about the situation. Aparently he knew the woman well. Perhaps she was his sister or something.

But when the dark haired woman turned to Aragorn, Orophin’s heart sank as he realized just how serious the situation was before Lothri noted the fire.



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