The Falling Flame – Part 5

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If the “hunters” didn’t find him out first, his wife would kill him. The Ranger knew the risks he was taking by leaving home to carry out this endevour to infiltrate the enimy.This wasn’t the first time that he’d done this sort of thing, but then, the new enimy ent about in smaller groups than the last one did. His wife would surely have his head the moment he walked back in thet door, but, for now, he had to remain looking and acting as one of thoes againced the existance of elves. It was simply too personal of a matter to let others do it for him.

“You there,” a man, larger than he, came to the table in the pub he was sitting at. “What do ya say about huntin’ thoes forsaken elves?”

“Is not the queen of elven blood?” he asked the man.

“What’s it matter? We don’t go after her for some time yet. She may be the main goal, but we gotta make sure that she don’t have no friends left when it’s time. Don’t we?”

“Name’s Strider.” he smiled at the big man. “And you, boss?”

“Gildon.” he returned, taking Strider’s hand in an agreement.


Eowyn and Faramir had returned to Minas Tirith with about twenty, well trained rangers ready for infiltration, only to find that Aragorn was missing. Arwen seemed shaken by his sudden absence, but took over his duties none the less, reluctant to show weakness when the enimy could be near at hand.

Eowyn knew what had to be done, and said it straight to Arwen’s face once Faramir had gone.

“You and I are going after Aragorn.” she said.

“Are you insane?” Arwen blanched. “I have two kingdoms to rule here alone while he is away, and you expect me to get up and go? I would that I could, Eowyn, but there is no way. Also, are you forgetting that I am more elven than mortal?”

“You’re the bait.”

“The what?” Eldarion nearly exploded. “There is absolutely no way that she is leaving now that you’ve said that! None what so evder!”

“Mind your elders, Prince.” Eowyn reminded him of his place.


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