The Falling Flame – Part 2: Ride to Edoras

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“Aragorn, please!” Arwen begged as she did her best to unpack the saddle bags as fast as he was filling them. Their conversation went on while they caried out this dance of circles.

“Eomer must know.” Aragorn persisted, taking the compas from Arwen’s hand as she visiously tried her best to jerk it back.

“Then send some one! You don’t have to go yourself.” she pleaded further. “You’ll get yourself in more troubble than need be by going.”

“Arwen I- Now give me that!.” he jerked his sword away from her fingers befor she could even touch it. “Why must you keep doing this evry time I go out of the city?”

Arwen set her jaw. The stare she gave him chilled his verry spine. She ment buisness, and he could tell. That look was once the look that Elrond would give him befor a verry sevear, and well deserved, beating. It was enough to make him stop dead in his tracks.

“You take one step out of the palace and I may never let you back in again.” she said in a low tone.


“What in all of Arda do you think you are doing?” Sam yelled as he went into Elanor’s room. “Put that back where you found it, girl, or I’ll give you a beatin’ like you’ve never had befor!”

“No, you don’t understand-” she tried to protest, dropping the sword onto the floor.

“It dosen’t matter.” he cut her off. “You know better than to be handling Sting, or any other weapon for that matter!”

A hurried knocking came to the front door. Sam heard Rosie call out for him to get it for her since she was busy with dinner.

“You have that back in my room by the time I come back, little miss.” he ordered, going to the door.

Sam flung open the door, face red with anger and huffing from the scramble to get there befor the visitor left.

“You look like you’ve been argueing with Faramir again.” the dwarf laughed.

“Oh, my! Gimli, you are a most unexpected guest today.” Sam said, cooling off. “Come in and join us, if you will. Dinner’s almost finished.”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t.” The dwarf said, pulling out a piece of parchment from his bag. “Aragorn and the lady Arwen are fighting again, and for good cause. They couldn’t agree on who to send the news with so I volenteered. None of the soldgers would anyway even if they’d asked them to. None of ’em can be trusted now, even if they’re innocent. No one knows.”

“What do you mean?” Rosie asked, comming up behind Sam.

“Read the letter, and you’ll know. Now I have to get going into Michael Delving to get one to Pippin and then get out of here befor things start turnin’ bad for us Dwarves as well.” Gimli said.


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