The Eyes of the Beholder – chapter one

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The fires! they burned so close and yet so far away as to stop her from getting to her sister! Nimmir could feel the heat burning her face, she could hear the screams of her sister, and the screams tearing from her own throat. The blacksmith shop collapsed, and something hard hit her from above, as the elf fell to her knees. The fire creeped closer, and her screams reached far above the pain of her sister. Suddenly, the screams of the sister were going silent, and the world was turning dark….

Nimmir sat up still screaming. Forcing herself to calm down, she covered her face in her hands, she tried to hold back the horrible memories of what happened that day. At the sound of her door swinging open, she felt herself held tight in someone’s arms, as the bed sank under another elf’s weight.
“Hush..It was only a dream.” It was Sadoraer, her voice the familiar soothing tone that sounded like golden honey. Her voice was one of the many that gave words of comfort to Nimmer after the accident that had killed her sister.
Sunlight warmly touched Nimmir’s face as she pulled away from her friends embrace. She felt for the edge of the bed with her foot, and climbed down. Stepping gingerly over the edge, she shivered as her feet touched cold stone floor. Nimmir trod upon something soft, and was rewarded by a yelp. Instantly down on her knees, she apologized to Him, her dog. Nothing could keep the dog’s joyful spirit down for long, and he forgave her with warm sloppy kisses. She could hear Sadoraer leaving the room.
“Are you coming down to breakfast Nimm? I would be happy to bring it up for you.”
Nimmir turned her face towards the voice.
“I’ll come down. I may be a bit late, but don’t let Lord Elrond wait for me.”
Funny, Elrond had never really noticed her before the accident. Now, it seemed everyone in Imladris knew all about her, and worried for her all of the time. She would not be surprised if she found out Sadoraer slept outside of her door. Holding tight onto Him’s fur, she carefully made her chillingly barefoot way to the wall, grabbing a leather harness off of it’s familiar hook. After fastening it onto her long haired friend, she stood up to go to her dresser.
“Stay, Him.”
She could hear the dog’s cheerful panting as he did exactly what she told him. It had taken a while, but Him had become a very obedient. Nimmir ran a hand over the silk and velvet dresses in the closet. Her clothes were set up in the order of the rainbow, making it easier for her to choose on her own. Skipping over where the red and yellow dresses were hung (the colors made her think of fire) she picked her favorite dress. It was a very beautiful green silk, but not so fancy and frilly as the fine robes many elves liked to wear. She slipped off the light weight nightgown, and pulled the dress over her head. After she grabbed a pair of slippers, she turned towards where her dog was sitting
“Follow.” The dog brushed by her legs turning around, and she grabbed his harness as they both headed for the door, and the dining hall.
There were twenty eight paces to the stairway rom her room, and she counted them faithfully. Birds were singing, and she could hear elves laughing below her. A leaf brushed into her face, and she counted the thirty two steps going down. Elves called cheery greetings, and she answered back. But of course, all of the brilliant autumn colors, and happy faces passed by her unnoticed. The accident that killed her sister had left Nimmer blind.
She tried to inconspicuously creep to the breakfast table, but the scraping of chair told her people were coming to help Two elves, one on either side, each softly grabbed her elbows and courteously led her to a chair. It was her customary seat, the one on the corner closest to the exit. Listening carefully, she could barely hear the swift elvish feet returning to the far end of the table to sit by Elrond. So, Elrond’s twin sons were back for a visit. They were not around often anymore, always away chasing orcs.
The subtle clinking of dishes and silverware told her that the meal had already started. With a deep sniff, she was rewarded by breathing in the most delicious smell anyone could awake to for breakfast.
“Glorfindel, would you please pass the bread?” The tall elf usually sat across her from the table. She knew that he had been in love with her sister. It was heartbreaking how different he had become in the past few months. Outstretching her hand for the bread, she was surprised to hear a faintly unfamiliar voice.
“Glorfindel is not here today, miss, but I hope I can pass you the bread adequately.”
Nimmer felt herself blush for making a mistake, and doubly embarrassed for making it in front of someone when she was not sure of who it was. Stretching her hand further across the table, she was surprised to not feel the bread.
“Down.” Sadoraer discreetly whispered in her ear. Putting her hand lower , Nimmer found the bread held out to her by a hand very much like a child’s.
“Bilbo!” she exclaimed happily. He gave a bit of a laugh.
“Thats right. Now, are you going to take this bread? My arm is starting to feel heavy!” Grabbing the basket from him, she commenced with eating. Him stood resolutely by her chair, almost showing off how good he was as Nimmer slipped him bits and peices of her breakfast.
Breakfast was soon over, and she stood up to leave. Laying a hand on Him’s back (he was a very tall dog) the blind elf began making her way out of the room. Fresh breezes blew past her long hair. She shook her head, enjoying the feeling of the wind in her face. Elrond told her to count herself lucky the fire didn’t reach her. The collapsed roof had acted like a protective barrier, but the strike on her head had left her blind, and had given her temporary amnesia. Over the past few months in Imladris, she had remembered fragments of her past life, including the color of her hair. It seemed to her strange that she hadn’t remembered her long brown hair when she woke up.
Him began barking, and she bent down to quiet him. The pounding of hooves into the courtyard made her stand up.
“Elrond!! Lord Elrond!” It was Glorfindel’s voice! He was back, and he sounded urgent. Nimmer could feel the breeze of other elves hurrying past her.
“It’s a halfling!”
“He looks bad.”
Elronds voice rang above the others as she shouted commands to other elves. Soon, the bustle had passed her by, and the blind elf stood alone, and confused about what had just happened.


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