The Exile – Chapter 1:Part 3, Outcast.

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Ty’lana ignored the clamour around her as she continued to look at her father. The members of the court were shocked. Never before had exile been chosen over death. Ty’lana did not care, she was more interested in waht her family was thinking. King Neylan said nothing, neither did Thernil. They didn’t have to, their stunned expressions said it all.
Neylan’s gaze suddenly shifted to look at someone behind her.Gradually the clamour died down as the members of the court turned to see who had just come in.Ty’lana, grateful for the distraction turned as well.
Standing in the doorway was a tall handsome dark skinned elf, he had long raven black hair that had been plaited into a simple braid.He was flanked on both sides by a small number of elves.Ty’lana paid them no attention, her gaze was on the elf in the middle, Erlon of the Whitesea, her mother’s twin brother. Silence reigned as he gazed at her with sadness in his eyes, the look hardened as he stared at the surrounding elves. Most refused to look at him directly. Erlon slowly walked to his niece, he gazed at the dagger in her hands for a long time, then held out his arms. Ty’lana with a sob, allowed herself to be embraced. This elicited another round of murmurs.
“I’m sorry, I tried to get here as fast as I could,” said Erlon for her ears alone.
“It doesn’t matter uncle,” softly answered Ty’lana as she gently pulled away from him.
Erlon looked at the king and his nephew, then bowed deeply.
“May i speak yor majesty?”he asked in a loud clear voice.
Neylan’s face was unreadable as he answered. “You may.”
Erlon moved away from his niece and looked round.
The entire hall was quiet, waiting to hear his words.
“How long will this go on?” began Erlon. “How long will we sacrifice our children needlessly? Can you not see that this law will eventyally destroy us!?”
“This law you condemn saved us from civil war,” answered a regal female elf who stepped out from the crowd. Erlon faced her and bowed. “Maybe it did once Miayer but the time for such measures has passed.”
“Who are you to make such a claim?” This came from Lord Clithar, a warrior’ “the war was 4000 years ago, for the humans that is long but for us it is a dark and painful memory that is still as vivd as the day it started.”
Many nodded, obviously agreeing with Clithar.
“That does not justify murder,” said Erlon coldly.
There were several shocked responses to Erlon’s words,
Miayer spoke next. “Erlon, most of us do not find it easy asking a potential member of the realm to die or leave but it is necessary, there is nothing you can do now, your objections should had been heard at the beginng of the trials.”
Erlon folded his arms. “I would have made my objections heard if the trials had not been brought closer by 3 months!”
Miayer blushed slightly, even Clithar looked a bit ashamed.
Finally King Neylan stood up. “Enough.”
The 3 elves turned to face the king. “My daugther has chosen exile. We clearly cannot understand why but it is her wish.”
Neylan faced Ty’lana “but my dear, exile means you must go where there is no Firlaya interests or influence. You must go far, beyond our boundaries and right now i cannot think of where such a place exists.”
“She must tell us where she is to go,” said Clithar quietly.
The hall was silence once again, this time waiting for Ty’lana’s answer. It was not long in coming.
There was dead silence before the murmurs started again, much louder then before. The King, Erlon, Miayer and Clithar were speechless.
“Rivendell?” asked Neylan “but our ancestors left there 10,000 years ago.The elves that stayed behind may have gone by now.”
“Ty’lana please, choose somewhere else,” begged Erlon.
The princess sadly shook her head. “I have no where else to go. It must be Rivendell.”
“Princess, how will you get there?” asked Miayer.
“I will take her,” said Erlon. The other 3 elves looked at him. Erlon spread his hands, “it will be difficult but I will make sure she gets there safe.”
“Thank you uncle,” said Ty’lana.
Neylan looked at the other members of the court. He raised his voice. “People of Firlaya, a decision has been made.”
The court was instantly silent. The elf king walked wearily to his throne, he turned to face the crowd ,then sat down.
“Ty’lana, of Firlaya has chosen exile, from henceforth she is no longer a member of the kingdom of Firlaya, at dawn she will be put on a ship and taken to Rivendell.” Neylan paused, his face was haunted as he said the final words. “May peace and good fortune follow you to your final resting place.”


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