The Elven Bunch – the middle-earth version of the Brady bunch

by Aug 15, 2002Stories

The elven Bunch

There was once a guy named Elrond
and a lady named Celebrian
they had two sons and a daughter
and all were happy once again

The elven buch, the elven bunch
they all were elves so they were called…
the elven bunch,the elven bunch
that’s why we call ’em the elven bunch

Soon Celebrian left for the havens
While Elrond, stayed in Rivendell
He raised their two sons and their daughter
and they all grew to like each other well


Then that guy named Elrond
was a healer and pretty well known, too
his sons were rangers, a queen was his daughter
and so they all turned into…..

CHORUS(repeat chorus)(repeat chrous again)
(reapeat chorus to hearts content)
(When you’re done, jump into the air ad scream “namarie!” as loudly as possible)


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