The Elf-Ranger

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The small elf drew her cloak closer around her as she slowly walked home. She silently walked through her door to her house and heard her mother and father talking. She stopped short when she heard the word “orc.”
“What’s going on?” She asked hesitantly as she walked into the room.
“Come sit down, Tethenial.” Her father gently said. “The guards of our village have seen orcs forming a band; they are going to attack our village.” The elf maiden slowly drew in a breath.
“We are going to evacuate. You have to get your things packed.” The girl stood up and went to her room.
Her mother was an elf and her father, a ranger. She was born an elf like her mother, but she also had her father’s warrior ability and was very good with swords and bow and arrows; she was also a very good horsewoman. She was small in stature but very muscular. Lindiel had dark curly hair and deep blue eyes. She thought about these things as she slowly packed her things in her knapsack. She strapped on her sword and made sure she had her dagger in her boot. She put her cloak on and pulled the hood over her face. She then swung her knapsack and her bow and arrows over each shoulder. As she was checking her things, she heard the alarm go up signaling the attack had begun. She ran out to her parents and saw them frantically gathering their things and getting the horses ready. She ran out to help her father with the horses. She saw orcs coming down the street, slaying people as they went.
“Ada! (Father!) Hurry up, we cannot wait; we will ride with only two horses.” Lindiel cried to her father.
“No you just go!” He said as he threw her up on her horse.
“No! I will not leave you!” Lindiel cried in anguish.
“I am sorry, Lindiel. Im mel Lindiel! Harma us!” (I love you, Lindiel.) (Treasure us!) He cried in elvish, then slapped the horse.
The horse galloped off, she looked back one last time to see her father looking after her for the last time, before orcs took her mother and father. Lindiel looked away, sobbing.
“Noro lim, noro lim, (ride on, ride on,) Silivren!” She whispered into her horse’s ear. He immediately started galloping like he was flying. Well, I guess I’m on my own, Lindiel thought to herself as she rode away from her only home.

Chapter 1 ~ Lindiel: Ranger and Elf

It was years since that day in her village. Lindiel never went back; she has been traveling on her own since then, defending and feeding herself with her bow and swords.
She was riding through the forest one day singing, when she heard a faint sound behind her. She quietly slipped off her horse and led the horse off the road. She got her bow and arrow out and had it cocked. Lindiel quietly sat watching, her dark eyes searching the road. She heard marching coming up the road. She saw them coming up the road. Orcs! She thought to herself. Lindiel had tied her horse a little ways away from her. She prayed that it wouldn’t make any noise. I have to get a better spot to hide, Lindiel thought. She now noticed that she was lying right under a tree. She quickly climbed up it and sat on a branch. From here, she could see all the orcs and gasped at how many there were. I wonder what they are doing and where they are going. Lindiel was thinking when she heard an axe hit the tree. She looked down to see a couple of orcs chopping down the tree. She had to think fast before the tree went down and she would be discovered. Lindiel looked around and saw the orcs doing the same thing all around her. It was very loud, so she could whistle for her horse and they would not hear her. She quickly whistled and her horse came trotting up with amazing speed and silence. She jumped down the tree and quickly made her escape. Lindiel heard orcs yelling behind her and suddenly felt arrows whizzing past her.
“Noro lim, noro lim, (ride on, ride on,) Silivren!” Lindiel cried. Silivren quickly began galloping as fast as he could. Lindiel cocked her bow and turned around to shoot. She watched as the arrow pierced an orc. She turned back around in her horse, only to be pierced herself by an arrow in her forearm.
“Etarish!” (curse word) Lindiel muttered to herself.
Lindiel and Silivren rode on through the night and gradually the orcs gave up on them and went back to work. Finally, the stopped to rest near a creek. All this time, Lindiel’s arm had been throbbing, and it felt like it was on fire. During the ride, she broke of all but a few inches off the arrow. When they stopped, Silivren gently lowered himself so Lindiel could get down easier.
“Hantale, nin mellon,” (Thank you, my friend.) Lindiel whispered into Silivren’s ear. He neighed contently. Lindiel sat down and got her small dagger out. She washed it in the creek, trying to disinfect it as much as possible.
“Well, this is as good as it is going to get.” Lindiel said.
She took her canteen poured all the water on the wound and around it. She winced in pain. Lindiel then took her knife and cut into her wound so she could get the arrow out. It was a painful process but she eventually got the arrow out. Most arrows from orcs were poisoned, so Lindiel had to try to suck the poison out of her wound, hoping that it would get whatever poison out that was in there. When she was done, she walked over to Silivren and took some cloth that she always kept, and tore it into bandages and wrapped it around her arm. Lindiel ate a few bites of lembas and drank some water, then layed down to get some sleep. She wondered what the next day would bring.


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