The Elf From America THE SECOND DARK LORD – Part Three-The Abduction

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“Too long have I dwelt in the tower many nights searching in vain,” Aragorn spoke.

In his court sat many. Elenya was one of them. She sat beside Legolas. She saw one of her old friends there: Sam. Other elves and men were there. Elenya saw the Lady Evenstar seated beside Aragorn. Gimli was also there, and he and Legolas had a warm meeting. She also saw Eladdan and Elrohir the Princes of Rivendell.

“There is some sorcery at work here,” Aragorn spoke. “I do not know what. But I do know that an army is gathering in the east. An army moving to Minas Tirith.”

Elenya spoke, “I have sensed a presence in my soul which is why I have returned. Something in the very core of my spirit has been disturbed, Aragorn. I know it is evil. I sense the presence of Morgoth falling upon this land.”

“Morgoth!” Aragorn seemed stunned.

“That is impossible!” Kaylin spoke. “He was cast into the eternal void forever. His power is gone. He can not escape.”

“But what if he has someone serving him? Someone with power. Someone with sorcery and magic. I know it is farfetched, but I know Morgoth’s spirit is falling upon this earth.”


“Are we not yet ready to launch an assault upon Middle Earth?” the dark being said in a cold voice as he looked into the Palantir.

“We can not strike yet.”

“My lord, darkness and winter have fallen upon the Middle Earth. The King is at a loss. He does not know of us. I can easily stretch out my hand and strike him down.”

“I have given my order. I am not yet liberated. Once I am free, we shall strike. Besides, there is still one with the power to stop us. One does not know it. You know of whom I speak.”

“I cannot destroy her master. Must I? You know of mine desires.”

“No, think of what we could accomplish if she joined us.”

“She would never join us.”

“Bring her to you. Entice her. Woo her. She has the power to destroy us. If she ever learns, all will be lost. But she is not invincible. Once she has come to you, bring her to me.”

“She will never join us my lord. She is already bound to an elf. But I want her.”

“That can easily be remedied. He will seek her out to the ends of the earth. Leave him to me.”

“As you wish my master.”


Legolas and Elenya sat inside the room they were given at the citadel. Elenya shared this room with Elerrina, but she was not there at the moment. Aragorn had been at a loss as to what to do about the winter and Darkness. The Shadow could not be lifted. He had been battling the Palantir in the tower for many days searching.

“I feel a strange power here, Legolas,” Elenya said to her Prince.

“I sense it as well.”

“No, it is a different power. Something I have not felt in a long time. Something is coming. Coming for me.”

“For you? Why on earth?” he seemed confused.

“I don’t understand Legolas. But something inside my soul is disturbed. And look. The jewel that Arwen gave me has been shining brighter every day. Would you excuse me? I have some thinking to do.”

“Whatever happens I am with you. I will not leave you. Though you are beckoned to the ends of the earth, to the highest cliff, to the depths of the Sea, I will follow you there. I will forever be yours.”

“And I am forever yours. I love you.”

“I cannot describe my love for you. It would take far too long. I love you far more than anything else in the entire world. Even the call of the Sea is but a folly compared to the lure you have given me.”

Legolas kissed her softly. She held up the engagement ring upon her hand.

“It will never leave my finger never. No matter what happens. It shall be a sign. I shall never leave you. For longer than forever I swear that I’ll be true.”

He looked into her deep blue eyes and saw the sincerity in them. They were enough to stop his heart from beating. They were peaceful and calm, but he knew her spirit was troubled. He could sense it. He brought her to him. She laid her head against his chest and began to cry. He knew that something terrible was building inside her soul.

“Whatever it is, we shall do it together,” he said.

“I know. I hate this feeling. I want it taken away. I need to think. Could you leave me alone for a few moments?”

“As you wish. I shall return tomorrow morning.”

“Goodnight Legolas,” she said.

Legolas sat on the bed once more and looked into her eyes. “Are you certain you want me to go?”

“I’ll be fine, Legolas,” she laughed. “I’ll tell you when you can come back.

“Alright. Goodnight.”

He planted a gentle kiss upon her forehead and walked through the door leaving her alone in her room. She stood up from the bed and changed into a white nightshift and washed her face. As she was combing her hair, she thought about what was happening.

“I have a terrible feeling. Something within me is happening. Something evil. Take this feeling away from me! I know You’re here with me. What is happening? Is something terrible going to happen to me to Legolas?”


Legolas began walking away from Elenya’s room. It was right near the gardens. He decided to walk in them for a moment or two. Sam had planted the very flowers inside this garden, he knew. Sam was an extraordinary gardener he noticed from the wide varieties of Cimbelmuna, Elanor, and Niphredil. Suddenly, he felt a presence. He turned and came face to face with Arias Elerrina’s younger sister.

“My lord,” she said making a slight curtsy.

“Please do not bow.”

She stood up and faced him.

“Do you wish something?” he asked.

“Yes. A simple question if I may.”


“Who is the girl you were with? Is she your sister?”

“Nay lady,” he said thinking of Elenya. “She is bound to me of one heart and one soul. She is my betrothed and will continue to be if not my wife till the end of time.”

Arias looked to the ground rather embarrassed but more in despair. The first moment she had seen this brave skilled warrior, she wanted him. The Simaril would have been an easier desire. Legolas was silent.

“I see. Thank you for your words. Goodnight my lord.”

“Goodnight lady.”

Legolas suddenly felt something. Something he hadn’t felt since the last battle he had fought. Evil was here in Gondor at this very moment. He knew it. ELENYA!


Emilie lay against her soft pillow and kept repeating the word Legolas to herself. Drowsiness soon enveloped her. It was quiet. Too quiet. But sleep came to her. Her eyes fluttered shut, but she was not fully asleep. Suddenly, she heard the door of her room open. A chill crept up through her spine. It’s probably Legolas. But she disregarded the thought when a foul smelling odor filled the room and sounds of heavy breathing. Her hand slipped underneath her pillow. She clutched the elven dagger she had hidden underneath. She swung it forth and met the blade of another sword. An ugly face looked down upon her. She had seen this creature before and had hoped she would never come into contact with an Uruk Hai again. The Uruk growled at her. She saw another one entering her room. The dagger was knocked out of her hand. She braced herself against the pillow as the Uruk pressed the knife against her throat.

“Stay away!” she said stepping back.

“We do not wish to hurt you,” the Uruk said in a thick harsh voice said in the common tongue. “My master merely wishes to speak with you.”

She would not be taken without a fight. “Get away from me!”

“The knives are for our protection,” it said eyes gleaming at her.

“From what?”

“From you.”

“What do you think I could have done? You have attacked me inside my own room,” she tried to struggle but couldn’t.

“Be still! I would not want this knife embedded in your skin.”

“I bet you wouldn’t. What do you want with me?” she demanded.

“As I said,’ the first one spoke. “My master wishes to speak with you. Now come.”

“No!” she said bravely. “If he wishes to speak with me, let him come to me. I will not be brought to meet someone I don’t even know and especially by an Uruk.”

“Then you leave us no other choice.”

The second Uruk wrenched her hands behind her back. She struggled but was no match for an Uruk Hai. She was weaponless. He tied her hands together with thick ropes.

“Ow!” she cried out. “Let go of me!”

Suddenly, she saw the door swing open. Inside the doorway stood Legolas.


“Lego-” but that was as far as she cried out.

The Uruk gagged her mouth.

“Let her go! What is the meaning of this?” he asked enraged drawing out his elven sword for he did not have his bow.

“Take her! I shall deal with him,” the first Uruk barked out orders to the other.

Elenya hoped and prayed Legolas would save her. What was going on? Who was this master they were speaking of? And what did he want with her? She would soon find out. The second Uruk picked her up despite her fighting and swung her over his shoulder.

“No!” Legolas cried, but he was blocked by the first Uruk’s fist.

“Hello, little Prince.”

Instantly Legolas swung his elven sword at the Uruk creating a scar upon him.

“This is Minas Tirith. It belongs to Aragorn. You are not welcome here. Be gone!”

“Minas Tirith and everything shall soon belong to my master including your female elf.”

“Elenya!” Legolas said eyes wide open. “Where are you taking her?” his eyes looked through the open door.

“She is safe and unharmed. I would suggest that you forget her completely.”

Legolas was filled with rage swung his elven sword meeting its target in the Uruk’s shoulder. The Uruk growled in pain but still stood his ground.

“I could have killed you if I wanted,” Legolas said getting ready to swing gritting his teeth a fire in his yes. “Where are you taking her?”

“My master said you would not give up. He said you would search everywhere in Middle Earth for her. So begin your search little Prince. Search in a place where nothing but evil, pain, and suffering lies. For that is where you shall find her. But no Prince. That shall not be her fate if you leave her to my master.”

“Who is your master?” Legolas asked aiming his sword at the Uruk’s heart.

“I fear I can not tell you that.”

“Then you shall die. Where is she?”

“In the Hells of Iron.”

“Angband!” Legolas gasped. “You will die!”

“No you will die.”

Legolas suddenly felt the fist of a large hand collide with his head. He tried to fight off the overwhelming darkness enveloping him, but couldn’t. He fell to the ground unconscious. But what the Uruk didn’t know was that another had been watching the entire scene.


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