The Elf From America-Part Two – The Party

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Elenya was led to the party by Frodo. Night had fallen and the stars shone brightly. Many hobbits had already arrived. They became amazed when the elf walked into their presence.

“Frodo what’s going on?” a chubby hobbit walked up to him.

Sam she guessed.

“Sam, this is Elenya,” Frodo told him. ” She is a friend. Will you take her to a table please and introduce her to some of the hobbits. I have to speak with Bilbo.”

“Fine,” Sam shrugged.

His experience was never well with women. Emilie looked at all the tables of food. There were all sorts of meats, cheeses, cakes, crumpets, pies, breads, fruits, and other such snacks. Several barrels of the finest ale had been brought in. A large sign over the stage read Happy Birthday Biblo Sam took her to the front table where she met more hobbits who accepted her right in when they learned how well she danced and could tell stories.

Emilie watched as many hobbit lads and lasses danced. Frodo was in the midst of them. He stopped and walked over to Sam.

“Go on Sam. Ask Rosy for a dance,” he smiled at Sam.

Sam glanced at the rosy cheeked hobbit lass with the flowing golden curls. He picked up his mug.

“I think I’ll have another ale,” he said.

“Oh no you don’t,” Frodo said pushing him into the center where Rosy was. He laughed when they began dancing.

Elenya watched all of them, but no one asked her for a dance. She felt a little alone, but not in the least unhappy when she stared at the children enjoying Gandalf’s fireworks. Biblo was telling them all a story as well from one of his adventures. Gandalf began dancing as well. He was very careful to not step on one of the children seeing that he was five feet taller than they.

A small boy walked up to her. He handed her a small bunch of white flowers neatly gathered for her.

“For me?” she asked and he nodded.

Elenya took the flowers and held them to her nose. She then laid them on the table and said, ” Would you like to dance?”

The boy nodded his head immediately. She took his hand and walked into the center of the dancing. She took the boys hands and began twirling with him. He was very cute and very little compared to her. She giggled. But then the boy was tapped on the shoulder by Frodo.

“May I cut in?” he asked kneeling down to the boy.

The boy answered him by running away to play with his friends. Elenya watched him leave and laughed. Frodo then bowed to her.

“May I have this dance?”

“Certainly,” she took his hand.

Frodo was not that much shorter than her. She was glad that in her dream she had remained the same height as that of her own world in America. Her curly brown hair waved in the wind as her feet moved to the rhythm of the dance. Frodo and Elenya grabbed each others waists and began to spin quickly. They also noticed that they were the only ones dancing. The other hobbits had taken a break and were watching them. Frodo joined his hands with her as she twirled faster. But then she heard the hobbits yelling, ” Dragon!”

Frodo let go of her hands and rushed to Bilbo’s side. Emilie laughed as all the hobbits knelt to the ground as a red fiery dragon flew over their heads. It flew over the lake and exploded into many beautiful fireworks. The hobbits all shouted and laughed at the wondrous sight.

Emilie made her way into a large tent where she saw Gandalf keeping a close watch on two dirty hobbits washing dishes.

“Merry and Pippin,” she said a little too loud..

“Yes?” Pippin answered. ” Who are you?”

“She’s an elf. I saw her dancing with Frodo earlier,” Merry answered.

“Oooooh dancing,” Pippin chanted.

“Cut it out!” she said a little sharply. ” It’s not like that.”

“Really?” they both asked.

She was glad for the interruption of the hobbits outside shouting ” speech” for Bilbo. She left the tent and made her way to the front of the stage and took a seat by Frodo. Bilbo was walking up to the stage to present a speech for the hobbits. He was obviously somewhat drunk from all the ale as he slurred his words.

“My dear Bagginses and Buffets! Tooks and Brandybucks!” he rattled off more names of all the hobbit families and continued with his speech. ” Today is my one hundredth and eleventh birthday!”

Loud shouts of “happy birthday” sounded out. Bilbo continued.

“Alas, eleventy one years is far too short a time to live among such excellent and admirable hobbits. I don’t know haf of you half as well as I should like. And I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.”

Odd stares and confused rumours rippled through the crowd of hobbits. Bilbo began nervously fumbling with something in his pocket.

“I have things to do,” he nervously said.

A creepy look came into his eyes. He muttered something which could not be heard.

“I regret to inform you that this is the end,” he announced. ” I’m going now. I bid you all a fond farewell. Goodbye,” he fixed his gaze on Frodo.

Then he disappeared. They all knew it. He did not fall underneath a table. He turned invisible.



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