The Elf From America-Part Twenty Three – Revenge

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Elenya followed Gandalf to the horses. He called for Shadowfax. Merry would ride with him and Pippin with Aragorn. Gimli insisted on riding behind Legolas.

“What about me then? I do not have a horse,” she said to Gimli.

Eomer approached her and said, “You may ride with me lady. My horse is strong and can bear us both,” he offered her his hand.

“But..Gimli can’t you ride with Eomer?” she asked the dwarf.

“Elenya, he has not asked me. Nor would I wish to ride with him after our first words together.”

Emilie looked to Legolas for help. She had no wish to ride with Eomer.

“Gimli is right Elenya,” he said softly looking down at the ground. “He shall ride with me. It shall not be long before you acquire another horse. I will be close by.”

“But..but…..oh fine,” she sighed reluctantly.

Elenya frowned at Eomer and climbed on behind him ignoring his hand oustretched to aid her. Eomer rode fast beside Theoden but ever she looked back at Legolas. She was pressed up against Eomer though she tried fitting her hands against the saddle trying to push up in the seat. She caught sight of Merry in front of her speaking with Gandalf but could not hear his words. The hour drew late. She had been riding for a long time. A ‘long time’ for her meant a few hours. My bum is soar! she thought to herself. They would continue on longer. She couldn’t wait to stop. She was tired as well as tired listening whenever Eomer spoke. He was a brag and a bore she thought. He often talked of Helm’s Deep or other battles he had fought against Sauron. She soon grew tired, and her eyes kept closing. He noticed this.

“You may rest upon my back if you wish lady. I care not,” he said to her.

“You don’t need to do me any favors, Eomer. If it weren’t for that stiff necked dwarf over there, I wouldn’t even be riding with you.”

“And if it weren’t for me, you would be back at Isengard in the company of the Ents.”

“No I would not have even if I were to ride threesome on the back of the Prince’s horse Arod.”

“How comes it that a female should be riding in the company of all these men one of them being the Prince of Mirkwood?”

“Why shouldn’t I? I was with the Fellowship all the way until we were broken. I came with Legolas, Aragorn, and Gimli to Edoras.”

“And that is where you should have remained with Eowyn.”

“Oh my word! How can you say that?” She wanted to hit him.

“Why are you so angry?”

“You think me not your equal. I may be a female, but I have strength and courage just as much as you. I fought at Helm’s Deep as well and slew many. You think I need a warm shoulder to rest on after all these days I have been chasing the hobbits. I may be tired but you don’t need to do me any favors.”

“I’d be careful. You could be on the ground trying to catch up beside me.”

“You wouldn’t dare,” she said her eyes glaring.

“Oh?” he smiled stopping the horse.

“What are you doing?” she asked stunned.

“Get off!” he said.

“No way!”

“It’s my horse. I don’t want you riding it,” he seemed amused by her.

“Give me a break!”

She saw Legolas approach with Gimli peeking out behind him. Legolas said, “What’s going on here?”

“Oh thank God it’s you! I want to switch,” Elenya said to Legolas.


“Tell miss high and mighty here to get off my horse,” Eomer told Legolas.

“If you two don’t behave, I’ll split you up!” he said.

“Oh will you?” she asked.

“Actually there is no need,” Aragorn said quickly appearing on Hasufel. “Gandalf has decided to rest now.”

“Finally!” she said instantly climbing off Eomer’s horse.

“Hmph,” he said watching her leave.

She then had an idea. Something amazingly funny. Emilie had taken horseback riding lessons for five years and she knew very well how to undo a saddle string. She quickly undid the buckle under the horse’s belly before Eomer could notice. As he dropped the reigns and began to unmount, the saddle suddenly slipped out from under him. She watched him fall to the ground landing on his rear end. She burst out lauging as did many of the horses.

“That’s for the soar bum and headache you caused me,” she said laughing.

Emilie turned and began to walk toward Legolas. Eomer stood up and began to run toward her intending to avenge himself. Gimli suddenly appeared in front of him axe drawn.

“Leave her alone sir. She’s had her fill of you today,” Gimli told him.

“Out of the way dwarf!” he said attempting to weace his way around the figure.

“I won’t hesitate to use this axe,” he said placing it upon Eomer’s stomach. “Return to Theoden’s side before he misses you.”

“This is not finished,” he said to the dwarf.

With that, he spit on the ground, growled, and turned away. Gimli walked over to Legolas who was embracing Elenya in his arms.

“Thank you, Gimli,” she said shaking his hand. “As far as I am concerned, dwarves are one of the greatest races of all time. You are a good friend.”

“Twas nothing. I’d be careful of him. He said he was not finished.”

“I will. And I shall not ride with him tomorrow.”

“No,” Legolas said taking her hand. “You shall have your own horse. But now we shall rest. Night is drawing near. Come with me. We will ready our camp.”

It was night, but she could not sleep. She heard Legolas beside her breathing softly. What she wouldn’t give right now for a hot bath! She remembered the comb in her pack that she had received in Rivendell from one of the maidens and dug it out. She combed out the tangles in her hair. She thought of what was to come. Pippin and the Palantir. She didn’t want to see it or hear Pippin’s words about the dark lord. She had read about it in the book. Emilie made a decision to wander a little bit while everyone was asleep. She stood up paying close attention not to wake Legolas. The night was clear, she noticed as the moon and stars shone upon her. Emilie did not know she was being followed though. As she proceeded to walk on through the meadows, she heard a twig crack behind her. She quickly drew her elven dagger and turned around. Her hand met a strong one, which knocked the dagger out of her hand. She shrieked slightly as strong arms wrenched hers behind her back. She would have screamed if the figure had not clenched a hand over her mouth. She recognized the voice.

“I said I was not finished.”

He released his hand, and she said, “If you don’t unhand me, I shall scream I swear it!”

“Oh no you won’t!” he said harshly.

It was then that he released her hands but turned her around swiftly to face him. He grabbed her arms tightly, and with hard movement met her lips with his in a brutal long kiss. He squeezed her closer as he continued to kiss her. Then she felt her waist shirt being pulled down her shoulders. She seized what strength she could and pushed him away from her. She instantly grabbed her elven dagger from the ground and smote creating a scar upon his arm.

“Something to remember me by Eomer. Just to show you that I am not without strength should you ever try to do that again.”

“I’ve had my fill of your words. So don’t speak longer but show me what you have.”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“I mean this,” he said pulling out his sword and placing it against her chest.

“You intend to insult me? I can beat you,” she said pulling out hers.

But she wondered if she could. She was more skilled with the bow if anything. But she would not let Eomer take another chance at her. The two fought, and she dealt him a good many blows he did not expect. But he was a greater swordsman for he was older and had practiced much more than she. He soon obtained the upper hand. She felt her strength waning but held on when he suddenly cut her hand, and she dropped the sword. The blood began rushing from her hand.

“Now look what you did,” she said bringing the hand to her waist shirt trying to wash it clean of blood.

“I have not even begun,” he laughed.

With that, he took the sword in his hand and cut the fabric of her waist shirt revealing her midriff. He smiled obviously amused at this. She decided to take what chance she had before he intended to rip her shirt free. She struck him on his face.

“You’re finished now! I know what you’re trying to do and what you want. And you shall not get it! I’m leaving now. Don’t chase after me. I see the others are awake now. See there in the distance if you can. Gandalf is riding away. Good ridance!”

He placed a hand on her stomach and blocked her way. She removed it quickly. “I did not give you leave.”

“Should the will of Eomer pass that of the Elenya’s?”

“Should the will of a simple girl pass that of the King of the Marks?”

“Oh leave me! I shall forgive your clouded mind but not forgive you for this,” she said raising her still bleeding hand. “If you do not release me right now, I’m going to scream. So back off jerk!”

He bowed and cleared the way for her. She ran back to the camp and saw Legolas and Aragorn looking at the figure of Gandalf riding away. Merry was mournfall.

“What happened to you?” asked Legolas when he saw her hand and blushed at seeing her stomach.

“Nothing never mind. You must tell me what’s going on. And do you have another waist shirt I can borrow?”

“I have both the answer to your questions. Here,” he said fishing out a shirt for her in his pack.

He watched her slip the new one over the other one. He told her of what had surpassed from Pippin’s looking into the Palantir as he bound up her hand with a cloth.

“It will heal. But you must not lift a sword for at least a day. But come. Gandalf is gone with Pippin to Gondor. And we shall set out soon with Theoden and the company for Edoras.”

Emilie knew it would not be for long though. She would cherish this time she could with Legolas. Their parting would come soon. She knew he would not allow her to accompany them to the Paths of the Dead, and she did not really wish to. But she didn’t want to return with Theoden. She wanted to see Eowyn again, but she didn’t want to be in Eomer’s presence whatsoever. She would have to be though. She would endure her time with him if it meant being with Eowyn and awaiting the nest meeting she would have with Legolas. She just had to endure. She had to make it through this dream.


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