The Elf From America-Part Twenty – Star of My Heart

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“It’s finally over” Emilie said, exhausted, and lowered herself to the ground even in the midst of the soldiers all around her.

Legolas knelt down beside her and kissed her hand. “I am in debt to you, my lady.”

“Well, you can talk about how much you’re in my debt later. I’m exhausted.”

Legolas picked her up and carried her in his arms. She had fought with courage and valor and had slain at least a dozen orcs. He hadn’t done so bad himself with forty one. But Elenya had obtained wounds as well which would have to be cleaned. He then saw Gimli approaching them.

“Forty two my axe has slain” he said proudly. “How did you fare, my elf friend?”

“I fear that you are one ahead of me. But we are both not far ahead of the girl,” Legolas glanced down at the almost sleeping package in his arms.

“How does she fair?” Gimli asked.

“She killed a good number. I’d say about thirty.”

“I mean her health, master elf, or should I say ‘master fool’?” Gimli sneered.

“She has some minor wounds and lacerations, but is mostly exhausted. She shall survive. Won’t you?” he asked shaking her gently.

“Hmmm,” she said very content and nearly asleep.

“I can’t carry you forever,” he smiled.

“What’s the matter, master elf?” she asked. “Feel unequal to the task?” she giggled.

“Women!” he exclaimed.

“Be grateful! I saved your life many a time!”

“And I you,” he added.

“And modest too,” she added sarcastically with a wry smile.

He met her lips with a soft kiss as she closed her eyes once again. Aragorn approached them. He sped up when he saw the she-elf laying in Legolas’s arms.

“How is she?” he asked with a concerned expression.

“She is well. She has obtained many wounds that will heal. But she is exhausted.”

“It is sad that she shall not find rest yet. For our road has not ended,” Aragorn replied.

They had decided to ride to Isengard for Gandalf wished to speak to Saruman. Theoden and the rest of the company including Eomer would come. Eomer came running up quickly when he saw Elenya laying in the elf’s arms. He wore a worried look upon his face.

“Is she all right?”

Legolas seemed exasperated as he answered, “She has obtained some minor wounds that will heal. But she is exhausted as you can see.”

“Is she well enough to ride?” Eomer asked.

“I don’t know. Are you?” he asked the sleeping bundle in his arms.

“Hmmm,” was all she could reply.

“We shall see,” Eomer said.

The company mounted their horses. Gandalf would lead them to Isengard. Legolas placed the still exhausted Elenya upon Arod and climbed on behind her. Gimli rode behind Aragorn. Legolas placed his arms around Elenya to keep her from falling off. They began the road. She heard Gimli and Legolas arguing all the way about Fangorn. Legolas seemed intrigued by the woods but loved them even if it wasn’t his Mirkwood. Emilie was too exhausted to admire the scenery about her. Gimli regarded the woods as brutal and perilous and would rather see the caverns of Helm’s Deep. He went on to describe the caves.

“The men call them caves. Places to escape to and place fodder in. But they are much more than that! Legolas, when the torches are lit and men walk on the sandy floors under the echoing domes, ah! Then, Legolas gems and crystals and veins of precious ore glint in the polished walls, and the light glows through folded marbles, shell-like, translucent as the living hands of Galadriel. There are columns of white saffron and dawn-rose, Legolas fluted and twisted into dreamlike forms! Wings ropes, curtains, fine as frozen clouds, spears, banners, pinnacles, pillars of suspended palaces.”

Gimli went onto say much more of the caves of the world until Legolas was at last convinced. “You move me, Gimli. I have never heard you speak like this before.”

“Nor I,” Elenya added.

“I thought you were asleep.”

“Just goes to show you that you don’t know everything,” she giggled.

“I shall ignore that. Gimli, if we return safe from the perils of Isengard, I shall wander with you into the caves of Helm’s Deep. I swear it. But you shall visit Fangorn with me. You have my promise.”

They were nearing the end of the trees, and Legolas began to look mournful. Emilie was too tired to care. Then as they reached the sunlight and could see the sky, Legolas looked back and suddenly turned around and began to gallop.

“What is it?!” Elenya cried.

“There are eyes in the trees. Eyes!”

“Legolas!” Gimli cried. “Do as you please in your madness! I wish to see no eyes! You are mad!”

The company looked back toward the trees. Gandalf told them to not fear and explained the long forgotten legend of Ents.

“Ents,” Theoden said. “Out of the shadows of a legend, I begin to understand the marvels of trees. I have indeed lived to see strange days!”

And so Elenya and Legolas the elves first beheld the Ents of Fangors, and they seemed wondrous to Elenya at least. They appeared like trees with their long stretching arms and their green tall bodies. No wonder Merry and Pippin thought they were trees. Merry and Pippin!

The company turned away from the forest and proceeded down the road to Isengard. Emilie could see the tall pillar of Orthanc stretching to the sky. It was unlike anything she had ever seen. As they passed the River Isen’s edge, Eomer cried out, “This has become a dreary place. Has Saruman also swallowed up the River?”

“So it would seem,” Gandalf replied.

Emilie glanced despairingly down at the river, which bore no water at all but merely dried up cracks. Soon they approached the entrance of Isengard.

“Here let our men rest,” Eomer spoke. “And when their spears have rotted or rusted, long still may their mound stand and guard the Fords of Isen!”

Emilie thought of Eomer. He was brave and handsome but he was a jerk. He tried to pick a fight with Gimli about Galadriel saying she was a witch. He also said that the winner of beauty should fall to the Evenstar. Ok now Arwen is indeed beautiful with her long dark hair like the night, but I cannot judge yet. For I have only seen Galadriel and was shocked and amazed at her. Who could decide between the two? Aragorn.

The company moved toward the entrance of Orthanc. They had come to the feet of the Misty Mountains, and the long arms of Nan Curunir reached out towards thenm. Darkness lay about them for the moon had gone to the west. But out of the shadow, rose a vast spire of smoke and vapor. As it mounted, it caught the rays of the sinking moon and spread in shimmering billows black and silver over the starry sky.

“What do you think of that, Gandalf?” Aragorn asked. “One would say that a Wizard’s Vale is burning.”

“There is ever a fume above in the valley these days.”

The River Isen still lay before them, and they decided to make camp for the night but would precede in the morning. Elenya lay down on the soft grass beside Legolas. He picked from the grass a single white flower, which grew there. It seemed to grow in the middle of a green island where grew no flowers, and he picked it especially for her. She held it up to her face and brushed it across her cheek. But as she lay her head back, a sudden pain she felt in her shoulder.

Aragorn said, “Would you allow me to heal it, Elenya?” he asked.

“Thank you, Aragorn,” Legolas said kindly. “But I shall manage. You are indeed tired. I can see it.”

“Thank you, Legolas.”

Legolas ripped open the fabric of her shoulder revealing a deep gash. The wound she had received in Moria had also opened up and was bleeding.

“Oh! This is all my doing!” he said wiping a clean cloth over her shoulder.

“Nay,” she said taking his hand. “It was my decision to come to your aid.”

“Here,” he said reaching into his cloak and pulled out a green weed bearing small white flowers. “Athelas. It shall help.”

He tore up the weed and placed it on her shoulder. The bleeding finally ceased, and he took the cloth of it. He then continued to heal the many lacerations on her face. He then moved to her legs. There was one area where the bleeding had trawled down to her ankles.

“You were pierced with a dagger here,” he said laying a hand on a wound that rested just above her right knee.

“Rip it off! I care not.”

“That’s because you are tired.”

Legolas preceded to tear the fabric of her leg above the knee. He looked at the deep gash. He touched it gently. She squirmed slightly.

“There is a piece of the dagger here, Elenya. A very large one too.”

“Pull it out!”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes,” she answered bravely and took his hand bracing herself for the pain.

He quickly took a hold of the chunk and pulled it from her leg with all his might. She felt like she was going to faint from the intense throbbing. Elenya lay against the ground relieved for the time being. Legolas bound the wound up with a cloth tightly so as to let the pressure build.

“I thought I told you to stay in Edoras,” he said looking her in the eye.

“I couldn’t. You’re alive aren’t you?” she let out a laugh.

“Yes, but you could have been killed.”

“Oh! You’re impossible!”

“Of all the persistent foolish pigheaded annoyances! You are the bane of my existence!” he added gently before she could speak, “And for that I owe you my life.”

Legolas took her hand in his and kissed her long upon her lips. When he finally released her, she said, “Can I go to sleep now or are you going to talk and kiss me still?”

“Rest my fair angel.”

Elenya lay against the ground and closed her eyes. Legolas continued looking at her listening to her faint breathing and watching the rise and fall of her chest. He planted a soft kiss upon her shoulder and looked into her face. Her eyelids rested gently over her eyes. Though her face was covered in mud, and a small cut lay on her cheek, he thought her beautiful.

“I have not known your name long,” he said softly running a hand across her cheek. “I do not know where you come from, what kind of elf you are, or of what your line is. But I do know this. I shall never stop loving you Elenya star of my heart.”


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