The Elf From America-Part Twenty Six – She Tells Him!!!!!!

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And so they were going to Pelennor Fields. Ghan-buri-Ghan met with Theoden to discuss a peace with the Wild Men. He also led them through a safer and faster way to Gondor. Theoden was worried they would not arrive in time.

Emilie had been depressed for the last couple of days. So had Merry. He missed Pippin greatly. She missed Legolas. Slowly, Elenya crawled up beside Merry and whispered, “Don’t fear my friend. Hope will come.” She hoped that Merry didn’t recognize her voice. He didn’t seem to.

Elenya slowly fell asleep. The next thing she knew, Eowyn was shaking her. Elenya heard Theoden’s voice, “Ride! Ride now to Gondor!” Elenya instantly mounted her horse. She watched Theoden. He seemed to shine like a great god of old. He rode tall and proud upon the back of Snowmane. All the host of Rohan burst into song, and they sang as they slew their foes. Elenya met many foes, but she always stayed close to Theoden. She didn’t want to fail him as she had done Boromir. She waited anxiously for the Lord of the Nazgul to appear. Then he did. He struck fear into the strongest of souls even her own. He wore a mantle and a crown upon his head. Men fell out of their saddles and groveled on the ground. He rode upon the great black winged creature the mightiest of birds (if it could be called a bird). She saw Snowmane rear up on his hind legs fighting the air. It was then that he fell from the black arrow. Theoden fell under her horse! She had been too late! The winged creature fell upon Snowmane and began to devour the white horse’s flesh. Instantly, Elenya took her sword and drove it into the foul winged creature’s neck. Black blood issued forth from it, and her sword was stained. But Theoden was not utterly forsaken. Eowyn stood there lamenting him. She then stood up and stood before Theoden ready to defend him from the Nazgul. The Nazgul approached. Elenya ran and stood beside Eowyn.

“Begone, foul dwimmerlaik lord of carrion! Leave the dead in peace!” Eowyn shouted aloud.

“Come not between the Nazgul and his prey. Or he will not slay thee in return. He will bear thee away to the houses of lamentation, beyond all darkness, where thy flesh shall be devoured, and they shriveled mind be left naked to the Lidless Eye.”

Eowyn drew her sword and Elenya spoke, “You may do with us what you will. But we shall hinder you still.”

“Hinder me? Thou fool. No living man may hinder me!”

It was then that Eowyn laughed, as did Elenya. Eowyn spoke, “But no living men are we! You look upon two women. I am Eowyn Eomunds daughter and with me Elenya elf of Middle Earth. You stand between me and my lord and kin. Begone, if you be not deathless! For living or dark undead, we will smite you, if you touch him.”

Elenya threw off her helm revealing her long dark hair. She watched Eowyn. The Shield maiden seemed to shine her long golden hair flowing over her shoulders. Eowyn raised her sword to attack as did the foe. Elenya saw Merry crawling behind the Ringwraith. He did not see the hobbit but focused primarily on the two in front of him. Elenya had not done her worst to the winged creature. Suddenly, it fell upon Eowyn scratching her with its claws and beak. Emilie froze. She was terrified. Wake up! She watched as Eowyn drove her sword into the beast’s neck finishing the job that Elenya had failed at. A light fell about her, and her hair shone like the sunrise. The Black Rider towered over her ready to aim the blow to kill her. He raised his mace to kill when suddenly……Elenya drove her sword into his shoulder. With that move, Elenya’s sword Silme Teple broke into shards. Also, Merry had come up from behind and plunged his sword into the demon’s back.

“Eowyn!” Elenya cried. “Get up!”

As the Nazgul cried and shrieked from bitter pain, Eowyn leapt up and took her sword. With one last swoop, she drove her sword between crown and mantel, as his great shoulders bowed before her. Eowyn’s sword broke as well, and the crown rolled onto the ground. The Nazgul shrieked and cried his harsh voice shuddering air. It faded into a shrill wailing, passing with the wind, a voice bodiless and thin that died. He was swallowed up and was never heard again in Middle Earth. Elenya fell back onto the ground. Her head was swimming as she watched the foes attack her allies beside her. She couldn’t get up though she wanted to. Her whole body felt like jello. Her head ached, and both her arms were numb with pain. The last thing she remembered was the voice of Eomer calling her.

“You better not die, or the Prince will kill me!”


“Tel la lun un galad,” she heard a voice say to her.

Where was she? She was laying back comfortably upon several pillows besides the fact that her whole body felt like it was being stabbed with hundreds of needles. But when she saw his face, she felt like she was in heaven. He was here. He was really here. He had come out alive with Aragorn and Gimli. She slowly opened her eyes and saw the blue eyes and the golden hair and the face smiling down at her.

“Legolas,” she said softly.

“I am here,”he took her hand.

“What took you so long?” she managed a smile.

“We have won the battle. You are in the Houses of Healing.”

“I don’t think I was worth the effort,” she said closing her eyes again. “Not much left.”

“Do not talk like that. Elenya?”

She did not answer.

“Elenya, look at me. “Suddenly he was shouting. “Somebody help! Help! Aragorn!”

Aragorn instantly hurried over to Legolas’s side. He had been healing Merry. He gazed down at the girl before him.

“She is hurt badly, Legolas. Please try to understand. She may not live. Ioreth, is there naught kingsfoil left?”

“No, lord. We have none of it, I’m sure.”

“She is not all spent. The wound upon her shoulder has opened up again. She has also been smitten with the poison dart of the Nazgul. It is causing her to weaken rapidly. The dark has crept into her. She came out of it momentarily when she heard your voice.”

A man walked up to Aragorn and said, “Your pardon lord! I see you are a lore master, not merely a captain of war. But alas! Sir, we do not keep Kingsfoil in the Houses of Healing, where only the gravely hurt or sick are tended. For it has no virtue that we know of, save perhaps to sweeten a fouled air, or to drive away some passing heaviness. Unless of course you give heed to rhymes of old days, which women such as our good Ioreth still repeat without understanding. When the black breath blows and death’s shadow grows and all lights pass, come athelas! Come athelas! Life to the dying in the king’s hand lying!”

“Then in the name of the king, go and find some old man of less lore and more wisdom who keeps some in this house!” Gandalf cried.

Aragorn and Legolas knelt before Elenya’s bed. Legolas took her hand and kept trying to speak to her. Never did she answer, but her mind was slowly being called back by his constant words of elvish. Then, Bergil came back bearing the root of athelas. The king took it gladly and crushed them. He cast the leaves into the bowls of steaming water, and all hearts were lightened when they smelled the sweet fragrance. Aragorn held up the bowl to Elenya’s dreaming face. Her eyes suddenly opened, and her body stirred. She saw a joyful tear run down Legolas’s cheek as she squeezed his hand.

“Thank you Elessar,”she said to Aragorn.

“Walk no more in the shadows fair elf,” he said to her. “But awake! You are weary. Rest awhile and take food. Be ready when I return.”

“Aragorn?” Legolas said.

“Yes, my friend?”

“Thank you. You can not truly know how much I appreciate the service you have done for me.”

Aragorn walked away to tend to the others.

Legolas quickly took Elenya in his arms and held her tight. He spoke, “I thought I would lose you.”

“You did there for a minute. My mind was ever being taunted by the Nazgul. I saw him. He appeared before me and mocked me and tried to tell me that you did not love me. And he told me you would turn away once you returned. He said you would love me no more if I told you of my secret.”

“That is the foulest of lies, Elenya,” he said sincerity in his eyes.

“But I will tell you. I have vowed to.”

“If you do not wish, you may not tell me now.”

“No,” she spoke, “I want to. Legolas,” she paused. “This is harder than I thought. I am not of Middle Earth,”she let out a heavy sigh she had been holding.

“I don’t understand.”

“That’s the first time,” she made a smile. “I do not come from Middle Earth or over the Sea. I do not come from this time or possibly not even on this planet. I come from a world you would call a fantasy world. My name is not Elenya but Emilie. My land is called America, and in that land I am not an elf but a mortal woman. See, we are all the same there. We are all mortal men and women,” she paused hoping he would speak. “Please, please say something.”

“I do not know what to say. How did you come to be here?”

“Either this is very real or simply a dream. Perhaps God has granted me my wish. I have wished for so long to enter Middle Earth for I have read about the Fellowship for so long. I wished upon the twilight star, and I woke up the next morning in Middle Earth.”

“Though you have told me, it still does not change my love for you. I shall think on the matter, but now I will do something I have wished to do for the many days we have been apart.”


Legolas took her face in his hands and met her lips in a long gentle kiss. As he continued to kiss her, those nearby began to watch them. She heard Pippin and Merry begin to utter a few laughs at them. But she didn’t care. Legolas was finally back, and she had told him.


Legolas was still there when she had fallen asleep. So was Eomer. He had stuck by as well. When she was asleep, it gave Eomer an Legolas to have a provate conversation.

“You love her do you not?” Eomer asked.

“Aye with all my heart.”

“Do you wish to marry her?”

Legolas did not speak. He did not know. His thoughts dwelt on what she had told him about herself. He would have to make his decision soon very soon.


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