The Elf From America-Part Twenty Seven – The Turning Point

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Aragorn came to many at the Houses of Healing. He laboured on through the night touching and healing the wounded and sick. Elenya was healing quickly, and she was glad for she wished to fight once again at Legolas’s side. He objected to it though, but she was determined. Legolas took Emilie out into Minas Tirith. She was glad of the fresh air. She had borrowed a white dress from one of the Gondorian maidens who came to visit her and Eowyn. She wore it as she walked, and it swayed against the ground. The straps rested slightly below her shoulders.

“They need more gardens,” he said. “The houses are dead, and there is too little here that grows and is glad. If Aragorn comes into his own, the people of the Wood shall bring him birds that sing and trees that never die.”

“Is that so?” Elenya spoke.

“Well, to me Gondor if pretty amazing with its spiraling marble pillars and towers. Where I come from, they have not towers or pillars such as these.”

“I’ve never known anyone as you.”

“That’s because there is no one like me at least not in Middle Earth.”

Legolas brushed a hand across her cheek, but she turned away. She was ashamed of herself, but did not regret telling him who she actually was. He raised her chin to his face.

“Legolas, please don’t. You now know why I don’t wish you to. I will disappear someday, and you will be left alone. I don’t want anything to happen between us.”

“It is too late for that. My heart beats faster even when I think of you. I can’t imagine living in a world without you.”

“Well, you’ll just have to. This dream won’t last forever.”

“But what if it is not a dream?” he said to her. “Or what if it does last forever? Look at me!” She caught his gaze, and his blue eyes stared straight into her heart piercing her and tearing her fears apart. “Does this feel like a dream?”

Legolas held her tight to him and kissed her long and hard enveloping her mouth in his. She was somewhat stunned when he ended. She closed her eyes.

“I love you,” he said.

“Kiss me again,” she said.

He did and even more firmly than before. There were a million reasons why she should not fall in love with him, but when he kissed her, not one of them existed. Suddenly, Emilie felt a raindrop fall onto her nose. More of them began to drop. It soon began to rain harder, but she wrapped her arms around Legolas’s neck tighter and held onto him fearing that he would go away.

“I was just thinking of a song I heard once,” she said after he had finished kissing her.

“Sing it.”

“Part of it just reminded me of this.” She closed her eyes and began to sing, “Ever closed your eyes, ever stopped and listen? Ever feel alive and you’ve nothing missin? You don’t need a reason. Let the day go on and on. Let the rain fall down everywhere around you. Give into it now. Let the day surround you. You don’t need a reason. Let the day go on and on.”

They did just that. The rain was pouring now. Emilie was soaked from head to toe as well as Legolas. She raised her arms to the sky and opened her mouth. For no reason at all, she began to dance. Her dark hair was loose from its braid and fell around her face. She smiled as she danced. The white dress she wore was wet and pressed tightly to her skin. But she cared not. Her long hair covered most of her. Soon without knowing it, they were clasped with each other’s arms around their waists spinning and twirling through the rain. She was out of breath but she kept on spinning. Finally she stopped. The rain still continued to fall. Legolas looked at her for a second and blushed for he could see her midriff and lower half. She pushed her hair back behind her ears and laughed for she knew how she looked. Legolas undid the elven brooch that was clasped around his neck.

“You must be freezing. Here,” he said putting his green cloak around her.

“Does that really make a difference?” she asked. “Your cloak is soaked too.”

“Maybe we should go inside.”

“But I love it out here.”

“You love the rain.”

“Yes, I do.”

“Come,” he said taking her hand. “We should go back in the house.”

Elenya was staying with the Gondorian woman named Telian. She had left the Houses of Healing for there were others more sick than she requiring her bed. Legolas led her back into house. A fire blazed inside warming her as she stepped in. Telian was gone. Elenya did not know where.

“Well,” Legolas said as she stepped inside. “You’ll want to change. I wish to find Prince Imrahil.”

“I long to meet him as well. Wait but a moment. I shan’t be long.”

He saw her pull out a blue dress behind the dressing wall. She slipped behind it and flung his cloak upon the wall.

“It’s there if you want it.”

He took his cloak and sat down in a chair beside the fire thinking to himself. His eye strayed toward the dressing wall, and he saw the damp white dress floor to the ground. He saw her slipping her arms through the wholes of the dry blue one. Momentarily, she walked out.

“Look a lot better don’t I?”

“Oh, I do not know. You look just as beautiful with your clothes off,” he said with a grin

“How would you know?”

“I don’t. But it sounded like the right thing to say.”

“You’re impossible,” she said and began to walk toward the door.

He grasped her hand and pulled her to him.

“And you are exquisite.”

“Are we going to go see Merry and Pippin or are you going to kiss me again?”

“Both. If I had my way, I’d be kissing you all day.”

Legolas kissed her softly again, and they began to walk. She looked up at him and asked, “Do you love me?”

“Do you need to ask that question?”

“No I guess not. What is this is not a dream?”

Legolas was silent.

“What if this is a dream?”

Still he did not speak.

“Legolas, have you lost your toungue or do you just not wish to answer me?” she said a little too sharply. “Forgive me. That was uncalled for.”

“If this is not a dream, I would marry you. And we would spend all of time together and be called the lovers of old as Beren and Luthien. I would take you to the Sea, and our lives shall be filled with more love than tales could ever speak of.”

“Wow,” she muttered. “And if it is?”

“If this is a dream, I will mourn the day that you leave until I could cry and mourn no more. I would seek out the whole host of the Valar and Eldar even if it were to lead me to the gates of Mordor or to the depths of the Sea. I would ask them to bring you back or to send me into your world. If they could not honor my request and I could find no other means to see you, then I will depart to the Sea and live the rest of my days out in sorrow and misery. That or I would die of a broken heart.”

“I like the first choice better,” she said sighing.

“And I as well. But speak no more. We are to depart soon for Cormallen.”


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