The Elf From America-Part Twelve – The Battle of the Balrog

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Emilie knew orcs were coming. She saw Frodo’s sword as it gleamed brighter and brighter blue as they drew near. They kept the east door open, but Boromir and Aragorn barred the first one from which they had entered. She began to get frightened. She knew she would now have to use her sword. She wondered if they would be fighting the cave troll as in the movie or simply orcs as in the book.

“They have a Cave Troll,” Boromir said aloud.

I was hoping she thought to herself.

Aragorn and Legolas both fixed arrows in their bows as the orcs began to break down the doors. Elenya stayed close to Aragorn and fixed her cross bow as well. The slight form of an orc could be seen through the doorway. It screamed out in pain as Legolas found its mark. They broke through! She could see their hideous faces. It was the first time she had ever seen an orc. She knew orcs hated elves and carried of the women. She began firing her arrows at random finding her targets all around. Aragorn pulled The Flame of the West out. He was a skilled swords man, but Legolas continued his fight with the bow and sometimes with his dagger. The hobbits were doing quite well even Sam who was using a frying pan knocking his victims unconscious. Elenya put her crossbow away and pulled out the sword Aragorn had given her. She then cried out in pain as she felt a knife breaking into her elbow. She turned around and met the distorted face of an orc who had shoved the knife into her skin. An arrow suddenly maneuvered into his head knocking him to the ground lifeless. She thanked Legolas as he rushed to her.

“You’re hurt,” he said touching her bleeding shoulder.

“I’ll be fine go! Frodo needs help!” she said eyeing the hobbit as he tried to fight a rather large orc.

Suddenly the moment she had been hoping against came. He entered. He was as tall as a mountain and broke down the doors as easily as if they were straw. Legolas immediately fastened two arrows in his bow and met with success. The Cave Troll became angry and started lashing out. Elenya fired her cross bow at the foul being and met with his shoulder. He felt the wound as if it were no more than a prick. Sam stood just beneath him.

“Sam, get out of the way!” Elenya shouted as the Cave Troll lowered his mace toward the hobbit.

Sam slid under him easily and managed to not hurt himself. The battle raged on with what seemed as hours to Elenya. She fought orc after orc. She saw Legolas, Aragorn, and Gimli ferociously fighting the Cave Troll. Then the moment came she didn’t want to see. The hobbits were separated Frodo being alone. He slid around the pole trying to avoid the Cave Troll’s grasp. She watched as the two played a dangerous game of hide and seek. She wanted to help her friend but didn’t know how. The Cave Troll found him and pulled him by his feet as if he were a careless rabbit. Frodo dropped his sword to the ground. But all of a sudden, Emilie saw Aragorn pop out of nowhere maneuvering a large stick into the belly of the Cave Troll. She admired his bravery but watched as the Cave Troll flung his hand at Aragorn in a cruel punch. Aragorn lay on the ground motionless as Frodo tried to rouse him. The Cave Troll grabbed the stick all the meanwhile Frodo trying to escape. She then heard the scream as he met above Frodo’s left breast. She immediately fastened arrows in her bow and kept firing whether or not it hit the Cave Troll or not. The hobbits, upon hearing Frodo’s scream, jumped onto his back working at his head with their swords screaming fiercly for injuring their best friend. With one effort, he flung them aside as if they were rocks. God bless you, Legolas Emilie thought to herself as his arrow met its mark inside her mouth. With Pippin still upon his head, the Cave Troll fell lifeless to the ground. Elenya rushed to Frodo. Aragorn had already made it to his side.

“Is he alive?” Sam asked.

“I’m not hurt,” Frodo said sitting up.

Aragorn seemed in amazement, “I thought you were dead!”

Frodo opened his shirt revealing the mithril coat. Gimli knew very well what it was from being a miner dwarf. Elenya could hear the foul screams of the orcs in the background.

“I think there’s more to this hobbit than meets the eye!” Gandalf said. He then heard the orcs i nthe distance. “To the Bridge of Khazadum!”

Emilie was dreading this next part but knew it had to be. She ran swiftly with the others, but could see the orcs and goblins following behind them. They seemed to creep out of the ground the ceilings as if they were ants. They surrounded them. She wondered if they were going to be the next meal. Gimli waved his axe bravely as Gandalf’s light shone. Then she heard it. The ferocious growl of the Balrog. Legolas held up his arrow and then dropped it for he knew he would be no match.

“Ai!” he shouted cowering for he knew what it was. “A Balrog! Durins Bane!” he said lamenting.

“RUN!!” Gandalf ordered.

They did. Even more swifter than before. The orcs had crept back to their hiding places. They too were afraid of this foul demon. She knew they were going the wrong way. Then Boromir nearly fell into the great abyss if Aragorn had not have caught him. They were on the wrong side!

“Lead them on, Aragorn. The bridge is near,” she overheard Gandalf say. “Do as I say! Swords are no mroe use here!”

They rushed to the bridge with vigor knowing what would come out of the Shadows soon. Gimli led the way over the bridge and Legolas followed after Elenya. The bridge was narrow, and she could see the deep abyss. She made it to the other side, but looked back. Gandalf stood in the middle of the bridge. HERE IT COMES!!!!

He appeared. Emilie shrouded her face for she did not wish to see it. She could nearly feel the flames herself as if it were her standing on the bridge. The saw its fiery whip coming into contact with Gandalf’s light. It’s whip’s thongs cracked and fire came out of its nostrils as it stepped onto the bridge. Gandalf fought it with his staff.

“You cannot pass! I am the Servant of the Secret Fire Weilder of the Flame of Arnor. The dark fire will not avail you Flame of Udun. Go back to the Shadow! YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!”

The fire seemed to die but not for long as it spread its black wings out and stepped toward Gandalf.

Aragorn suddenly leaped onto the bridge and cried, “Elendil! I am with you, Gandalf!”

“Gondor!” cried Boromir after him.

Gandalf then smote the bridge with his staff, The staff broke in the bridge and fell from Gandalf’s hand. Right at the Balrog’s feet, the bridge broke. It seemed to be over as he fell into the deep abyss. But with a crack or his whip tied around Gandalf’s feet, the wizard fell. He grasped vainly at the stone and then said, “Fly from me you fools!”

Then he was gone! A GREAT LIGHT HAD GONE OUT!!!


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