The Elf From America-Part Thirteen – Lorien

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Everyone was mournful. Gandalf had fallen! Emilie knew that he hadn’t really, but it was still mournful to think what would happen to him. She loved Gandalf, she truly did. As a kind protector and as a friend.

They all exited Moria. Aragorn was the last and she knew he was grieving the most. He had known Gandalf far longer than anyone else even Frodo. But Frodo was a hobbit. Gimli kept waving his axe wanting to go back in and do away with all the foul creatures so he could rid his anger. Boromir held him back. Pippin shared much of the sorrow for he felt he caused what had happened to Gandalf. Merry held him as they cried together. Elenya wept as well. Legolas comforted her and shielded her in his arms. She knew that elves wept but mostly in heart and in grief in mind. Legolas’s tears came though. She saw them in his eyes as he wrapped an arm around her.

Finally she heard Aragorn say, “Boromir, Legolas get them up!”

“Give them a moment for pity’s sake!” Boromir disobeyed Aragorn.

Elenya was becoming even more wary of him. She knew that the hobbits were all sad as everyone was, but Aragorn knew what was right. Legolas obeyed Aragorn and left her side to help the hobbits Merry and Pippin.

“By nightfall, these hills will be swarming with orcs. We must reach the woods of Lothlorien!”

Aragorn was right. He helped Sam to his feet. Then he called for Frodo. She saw him walking away until Aragorn stopped him. Frodo turned around, and she saw the tears falling freely down his cheeks. And all the while not knowing that Gandalf isn’t dead. Oh! I wish I could tell them so! Emilie thought to herself.


They reached Lorien. It was beautiful. Legolas and Emilie basked in the protection of the trees. She felt comforted entering the wood. Gimli didn’t though. She wondered if this part would turn out like the book or the movie. She guessed a little bit of both when she heard Gimli warning the hobbits. Legolas described Lorien as the fairest dwelling house of his people.

“Is that so, my friend?” Elenya asked.

“Aye,” he looked at her. “You as an elf have never been there?”

“No never.”

“How is your arm?” he asked her.

She touched it. It was still bleeding and hurt very badly. He could see that. But she wouldn’t worry about it now. They would heal her in Lorien. It was beautiful she thought. But Gimli called it a darkening world. Legolas sang a beautiful song of Nimrodel as they walked in the woods of Lorien. Legolas clutched a branch of a tree and swung upon it, but Elenya suddenly heard a voice say, “Daro!” in a commanding voice. Legolas instantly let the tree branch go. “Do not move or speak!”

Everyone instantly froze as bows were pointed at their faces. Emilie saw Haldir appear out form behind a tree. This part began more like the movie.

“A dwarf breathes so loud that we could have shot him in the dark,” Haldir said to Gimli which made Elenya laugh inside. Haldir seemed to know Legolas. Elenya noticed the first time that he was even more arrogant than Legolas. He noticed her the very first before any of the Fellowship save Legolas. He bowed to her. “Legolas I had know knowledge of you traveling with a female elf and one with beauty.”

She was uncomfortable around him, but Aragorn and Legolas both explained who the entire company were. They were all welcomed warmly but for Gimli. They all were blindfolded at the request of Legolas upon seeing how Gimli objected to it. At first Haldir would not allow him to pass, but Legolas explained to Haldir that he was one of the chosen Fellowship. Gimli as obstinate at being blindfolded and drew his axe. The elves drew their bows at him.

Legolas spoke, “A plague on dwarves and their stiff necks!” he yelled. Elenya was surprised to see him like this.

“Come,” said Aragorn. “I am the leader of this company, and you must do as I bid. It is hard upon the dwarf to be singled out. We shall all be blindfolded even Legolas and Elenya who are elves. That will be best though it will make the journey slow.

Nightfall was coming and they were brought before Celeborn and Galadriel the Lord and Lady of the Golden wood. Lorien was lovlier than anything Emilie had ever seen. It was as beautiful as the pictures she had seen and even better. Night had come and the lights shone dimly throughout the trees. She felt odd though seeing the beautiful elven maidens in their silver dresses. She looked down at her breeches, but Legolas took her hand, and as if reading her mind said, “You are more beautiful than any of them.”

She managed a smile, but the dropped his hand as the Lord and Lady descended the steps. She was beautiful. She reminded her somewhat of Cate Blanchett. She was elegant and kind yet seemed to have a dangerous side to her as well. Elenya looked at the ring upon her finger. It was Nenya. Lord Celeborn spoke. He welcomed them warmly. Aragorn explained what had happened to Gandalf, and there grew much lament from the elves. Gimli was awed by Galadriel. Elenya knew he loved her the very moment he had seen her. How fickle are the minds of dwarves! she thought to herself.

“Do not let your hearts be troubled,” she said. “Stay here and rest in peace.”

The Lord and Lady sent them off. But Elenya was about to return with the others when Galadriel called for her.

“Stay but a moment Elenya,” she asked the elf.

Was this really true? She would talk with Galadriel herself?

“Your arm. You have been wounded,” Galadriel noticed.

Elenya touched it. She figured it had been infected for it hurt even more. Galadriel took her other arm and began to lead her away up the stairs.

“It is not right that a she elf come from Rivendell should not have the proper attire.”

“What do you mean?” Elenya asked.

Galadriel led her up the stairs which opened into a number of rooms. Elenya followed Galadriel into one of the left doors. It was a beautiful room, but Galadriel went into the closet and fetched a long silver dress. It was beautiful. She handed it to Elenya.

“I wish you to wear it.”

“Thank you my Lady. It is indeed beautiful,” she did not know what else to say.

Elenya took off her soiled breeches and waist top in the presence of Galadriel. She did not mind for Galadriel was a woman such as she. Galadriel was far older as well. But as she put on the dress, Galadriel fetched a flask of water. She poured a little of the water into her hand and sprinkled it upon Elenya’s wounded shoulder. The blood subsided, and Elenya began to feel the wound disappearing. Galadriel also combed her hair until the dark curls shone like silk. Elenya’s face was washed as well. She embraced Galadriel and nearly cried.

“Thank you greatly,” was all she could think of to sya to the wonderful Lady of Lothlorien. “But how shall I return to my friends?”

“Haldir will take you,” Galadriel told her.

Elenya followed Galadriel down the steps again. Haldir had waited there, and instantly his eyes were raised when he saw how the elf that resembled a man now looked like a beautiful angel. (at least in his eyes). He took Elenya’s hand and kissed it lightly. She took his arm reluctantly as he led her through the winding staircases.

“Where do you come from?” he asked her.

“Far away. Where are the others?” she attempted to change the subject.

“They have already been led to their resting place including the Prince of Mirkwood. Your name is Elenya is it not?”

“Aye,” she said.

“You have much changed in appearance from when I saw you earlier.”


He then stopped and looked into her eyes.

“Do you belong to anyone?” she wondered at his question.

“What do you mean?”

“Are you promised to someone betrothed say the Prince?”

“No!” she instantly said. “I would never marry the Prince of Mirkwood,” but she knew that was a lie. She would marry him if she weren’t a mortal girl from America in a dream.

“Oh? I could see that he was quite taken with you.”

“Look, Haldir. He may be my friend, and he may admire me, but it doesn’t mean that we are…are….

Her words trailed off when she remembered how he had kissed her in Rivendell.

“I don’t care much for the Prince myself,” Haldir said. She was beginning to become uncomfortable. She loved Legolas as a good friend though. “Would you ever consider an elf from Lorien?” I guess he doesn’t know how to just spit it out!

“Do you mean yourself? Say it!” she said to him.

“Aye! I think you are beautiful and possibly could be a wonderful companion! There I said it! Will you yeild?”

She smiled. She was flattered by his shyness. But he was arrogant. He had a history of women and probably would take her if he could.

“Thank you. I’m flattered, but I will not yeild.”

“Because of the Prince?” Haldir asked.

“No, because I do not wish to be bound in any way to someone at my young age. It is dangerous. Especially to someone as arrogant as you.” She remembered the words of Melia.

“Well then enjoy your rest while you can.”

He did not seem too hurt. Just like Melia she thought. Emilie followed the others and eagerly awaited for what would happen next.


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