The Elf From America-Part Ten – Moria

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As they approached the walls, Gimli sped up in excitment and awe. Legolas and Elenya followed behind cautiously. Elenya knew that they both were not looking forward to the endless journey in the dark. But Gimli was.

“The Walls of Moria!” he exclaimed softly.

Sam began to say goodbye to Bill. Elenya saw a tear run down his cheek. He had become very attached to the pony. He sat down beside Frodo on a rock. Frodo tried to comfort him.

Gandalf approached the gates of Moria. The moon had peeked out from behind a cloud and shone brightly upon it. Elenya approached. The Gates looked beautiful as they shone in the dark.

“It reads ‘the Walls of Durin Lord of Moria, speak friend and enter!'”

Elenya knew the riddle. She wondered whether she should speak the answer aloud or if she should let Frodo do the honors. She decided to wait. Gandalf tried various incantations and she grew impatient. Patience was not one of her strong suits. She was about to speak when she saw Boromir throw a stone into the lake. She heard Frodo speak.

“Why did you do that Boromir?” Frodo asked. ” I hate this place to and I am afraid. I dont know of what: of wolves or the dark behind the doors but of something else. I am afraid of the pool. Do not disturb it!”

“Frodo is right!” Aragorn agreed.

Elenya saw the water continued to travel in small ripples though the rocks had been thrown several seconds earlier. She heard Frodo speak.

“It’s a riddle!”

Thank Goodness! she thought to herself.

” Speak friend and enter! What’s the elvish word for friend?” Frodo asked.

“Melonn!” Elenya replied.

Instantly the doors opened. The Fellowship entered into the dark cave slowly.

“Soon, master elves, you shall enjoy the hospitality of the dwarves! Roaring fires and red meat off the bone. This is the home of my cousin Balin and they call it a mine a mine!” Gimli said aloud to Legolas and Elenya.

“This is no mine!” Boromir spoke. “It’s a tomb.”

All about them the bones and skeletons of dwarves lay on the ground. There were black arrows of goblins embedded in the bones. Legolas pulled his bow out as did the others with their sword. Suddenly Elenya saw Frodo slip to the ground! Out from the water, a long sinuous tentacle had taken a hold of Frodo’s leg! It continued to pull him toward the lake.Sam began slashing at the tentacle with his knife. The tentacle let go but not before twenty others appeared from the water.

“Into the Gateway, quick!” Gandalf cried.

They were just in time for the Watcher in the Water’s coiling arms seized the doors on either side. With a shattering echo, they slammed all the light was lost.

“We now have but one choice!” Gandalf spoke. “We must face the long dark of Moria. Be on your guard. There are older and fouler things than orcs in the deep places.”

Elenya knew of what he spoke, but the others did not. She was not looking forward to the next part.


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