The Elf From America-Part Sixteen – The Breaking of the Fellowship

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They paddled on throughout the day. But as the end of the day neared, Legolas tapped Elenya’s shoulder and bade her look up to the sky. She saw it! The long beautiful statues of the great Kings. There they stood! The two great kings of stone.

“Isildur and Elendil,” Elenya said with a sigh.

She looked out at their left hands. Their palms faced outwards in a gesture of warning for the Rauros Falls would soon be appearing. They continued rowing until they reached the West Bank.It was night and the stars twinkled above them as they made camp upon the beach. Legolas had been paddling all day, and he looked as though he would drop. Gimli was already fast asleep along with the hobbits. Aragorn still laid a cautious eye out upon the river and the East Shore.

“It will be fine, my friend,” Elenya laid a hand on his shoulder. “Take some rest.”

He kissed her hand gently and walked away from her.

“You look exhausted,” Elenya sat down beside Legolas. “I told you to let me paddle. But no! If I could save your hide in Moria, then I could have most certainly have rowed.”

“I believe it was I who saved your life in Moria,” Legolas said with a crooked smile.

“Yes, you did. But there were times when you would have been badly wounded if it were not for my arrows.”


Legolas lay his head back upon the ground. Though she wore no dress, he still thought she was beautiful. Her brown curly hair fell beneath her waist blowing in the faint wind. The golden circlet of flowers still remained upon her forehead. Legolas drifted off into slumberland his eye still upon her. Elenya opened her sack and took out a blanket. Something caught her eye though. Amidst the sack, there was a piece of paper. She took it out and unfolded it. It was a letter.

She spoke softly, ” I am sorry I never said farewell. Though you refused me, I shall never forget you for as long as I live. If you ever enter Lorien again, remember me. If you don’t, I will find you.

It was not signed but she knew who it was from. Haldir

Elenya folded the not and placed it in her sack again. She instantly fell asleep thoughts of Legolas and Haldir filling her mind.

* * *

She awoke. The others were sititng up nearby. She saw Pippin and Merry sitting next to each other fighting over the last piece of sausage from the pan. She laughed as they rolled over each other.

“Give it to me!” Merry shouted.

“No! It’s mine! I’m smaller! I need it more! Besides you’ve already had five!”

“So?” Merry shouted. “You had ten!!”

Neither one of them ended up with it. Instead, the sausage was torn between the both of them and flew into the air and landed in the Anduin.

“Now look what you did!” Pippin yelled at Merry bonking him on the head.

“It wasn’t my fault! It was yours!”

Emilie continued to watch them fight over whos fault it was. She stood up and walked over to Aragorn.

“What is it?” she asked.

“A Shadow under threat has been forming in my mind. Something draws near. I know it. Sting has showed a faint gleam. Orcs are drawing close. You must stay by my side at all times.”

“Don’t fear. I can take care of myself,” she told him.

Emilie wondered if that were really true. Aragorn gathered everyone together when they had finished eating.

“Now is the time to decide,” he said. “Shall we continue to Mordor, or take the road to Boromir’s ciy? I am not Gandalf, though I have tried to bear his part. The choice still waits upon the Ringbearer. Frodo?”

All eyes turned to him. He said he would like to take time to think about it.

“Do not stray to far,” Aragorn said. “But you may have one hour.”

Emilie knew what was to come. She saw it as Boromir followed him after a while. Should she stop him? No! It was what had to be. Frodo and Sam needed to go alone into Mordor. Merry and Pippin would be captured, and Boromir would die. Unless she tried to save him. That was what she would do. It would all turn out the same but for Boromir’s death. She would not let him die. Would she?

Legolas, Aragorn, Gimli, and Elenya remained by the riverside. Pippin at last spoke.

“I wish he would ‘screw himself up’ and come back. This waiting is horrible. Surely his time is up!”

“Yes, we must call upon him,” Aragorn replied.

Boromir returned and spoke with Aragorn. Boromir said that he urged Frodo to go to Minas Tirith, and then Frodo had disappeared. Emilie knew that was not true, but she didn’t speak. Aragorn decided that thhey should divide into pairs to search for him. Elenya and Legolas remained together. The two men were pairs. It was no use. The hobbits already took off for the woods. Aragorn sprang swiftly away and went in pursuit of Sam. As Legolas and Elenya took off for the woods, they saw Sam running back down the boats. Elenya remained at Legolas’s side. She knew what was happening. The orcs were coming. Sam went with Frodo across the Eastern Shore. All she wanted to do right now was find Merry and Pippin. For there she would find the orcs and Boromir and perhaps save him from being killed.

“Where are those hobbits?” she said in an exasperated tone.


IT was then she heard it.

“The Horn of Gondor!” Legolas said.

“NO! NO! NO! It has happened already! Come Legolas!”

They began to run fast and furiously to the sound of the horn. She then saw them. The orcs! The Uruk Hai! She immediately fired an arrow at the foul creatures. Her mark landed perfectly in his head. Legolas began firing to and fro as well. But all that did was draw more orcs near them.

“Legolas!” she cried out as one of the foul creatures approached her with a glare.

He raised his weapon to attack her. The weapon met her sword, and they battled together. He slashed the weapon at her side. She dropped her sword and gripped it in pain. She could feel the blood trickle down her hip. It was a bad wound. But he was not finished with her. He felt no pity and lunged for the elf. She tried to fight, but couldn’t match his strength. She could not see Legolas anywhere. The Uruk Hai wrenched her hands behind her back and bound them with thick ropes. Why?! She was not a hobbit. He turned her around. She feared that he was going to kill her as he took a knife out. Instead, he cut her cloak off. She saw the elven brooch of Lorien fall to the ground. He moved toward her shoulders.NO NOT THIS!!!!! she thought as he cut the fabric of her dress down the curve of her arm exposing her chest. He was stripping her. The Uruk Hai hated elves and even more elven women.

“NO!” she cried out.

Suddenly, she saw an arrow plunge into his shoulder. She saw Legolas quickly running down the hill to her. With all her might, she swung her two fists into his jaw. She crawled along the ground and retrieved her crossbow and shot an arrow into his heart. She stood up and ran to Legolas who enveloped her in his arms.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” she said between tears.

He planted a kiss on her forehead and began to move toward her lips when she gripped her side.

“Ow!!” she cried out.

“Come lean on me! The Horn of Gondor has stopped! The orcs are gone! I fear something terrible has happened to Boromir!”

It did. They were too late. Elenya saw Aragorn kneeling beside the body of Boromir weeping. She leaned on Legolas arms and began to cry as well. Gimli stood beside them.

“Oh Boromir, no!” she cried.

Aragorn stood up. He approached the two elves. He saw blood seeping out of the fabric of her shirt.

“What has happened?” he asked staring at her appearance where the shirt barely hung upon her shoulders.

“The Uruk-hai,” Legolas replied. “She needs aid.”

Aragorn took her hand. “Allow me to see the wound. Legolas, see if you can find some athelas… kingsfoil.”

Aragorn tore the fabric of her side and examined the wound. It was deep and hurt greatly. Blood continued to seep out of hit. Aragorn placed a cloth upon it. She saw the once white cloth stain into red from her side. Legolas returned with a weed of athelas. Aragorn applied the herb to her side. Legolas blushed slightly upon seeing her side. The two men lifted her off to the ground.

“Can you walk?” Aragorn asked.

“Yes,” she said. “Where are Merry and Pippin?”

Dumb question she thought to herself.

“They have been taken,” Aragorn replied.

“No!” she said. “What are we to do?”

“We shall figure that out at the riverside. I think we shall find out answer there.”

They placed Boromir in a boat. They placed the weapons of his fallen foes with him. His sword was placed across his chest. The Anduin carried him down the Rauros Falls to twinkling nights upon the Anduin.

They foudn their answer. For one of the boats were missing. Elenya sat upon the ground. Aragorn inspected the ground beside the river.

“It seems as though Frodo has decided to go to Mordor alone along with his servant Sam. Oh! I would have gone with him to the end. I am at a loss!” he cried out.

“What are we to do? Aragorn?” Legolas asked.

“Frodo’s fate is no longer in ous hands. We must go after Merry and Pippin. They are being taken to Isengard. Those Uruk Hai bore the symbol of the White Hand. But as soon as Saruman realizes they dont carrry the Ring, they will be put to death. We will not allow that. Not while we have strength left. Do you have the strength Elenya? The road is long.”

“I will go wherever you go, Aragorn,” Elenya replied.

“Let us go hunt some orc!”

They immediately followed the running Aragorn into the woods. Elenya simply prayed for the strength to continue the journey.



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