The Elf From America-Part Six – Flight to the Ford and Rivendell

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Elenya felt tired. They kept running through the woods. She kept hearing the cries of the Nazgul following them. They stopped at the Trollshaws. Aragorn held a torch to the sky expecting some sign to come. Elenya sat on the grass beside Sam and Frodo. Three stone trolls sat around them.

“Mr. Frodo?” Sam felt his head. ” He’s going cold.”

“Is he going to die?” Pippin asked.

“He’s passing into the Shadow world. He’ll soon become a wraith like them,” Aragorn said to them.

Suddenly, a white horse came into view gleaming in the Shadows running swiftly. It flashed as if it were studded with gems like living stars. The rider was Glorfindel Elenya knew. He would take Frodo to Rivendell. Glorfindel was a handsome elf-lord from Rivendell with golden hair. He explained to Aragorn that they had received a message from Gandalf nine days ago. He was travelling to Rivendell but was not there yet.

“My master is sick and wounded. He needs rest,” Sam told Glorfindel.

“Aye I see that he does. I must get him to Rivendell. But who is the tall person hooded and cloaked beside him?” he glanced at Elenya.

Elenya threw back the hood revealing her face. Glorfindel was very surprised.

“Aragorn you a Ranger and four hobbits travel with an elf? A beautiful one no less. You are not from Rivendell are you?” he asked her.

“No,” Elenya replied.

“Lorien or Mirkwood?” he guessed.

“No. I do not wish to talk about my homeland. Besides Frodo must be taken care of first.”

“I will not ride the horse,” Frodo spoke up. ” I will not leave my friends.”

Glorfindel smiled. ” I doubt very much. Your friends would not be in danger if you were not with them. It is you Frodo, and that which you bear that brings us great peril.”

Frodo was set upon the horse.

“Ride forward! Ride!” Glorfindel cried. ” Noro Lim Asfaloth!”

Elenya watched Frodo ride off. The horse would bring him to the river where Gandalf would bring upon the fast raging river of gallopping horses with Elrond that would consume the wraiths.


Elenya sat anxiously beside Gandalf. He had told her the tale of his absence from the Prancing Pony. She knew it already, but enjoyed hearing the tale from his lips. She was in Rivendell now beside Frodo’s bed. The hobbit lay peacefully sleeping in it. It could be said of him but not for her. Her side still hurt. Elenya was still clothed in the green dress, which was now soiled and filthy with many holes in it. The sweat from her encounter with the wraiths made her sticky. She felt like a hot bath but didn’t want to leave Frodo. Gandalf could sense that she was uncomfortable.

“You may leave if you wish,” he said blowing a smoke ring into the air.

“No, I don’t want to stray to far from him. I doubt Sam wishes to either,” she smiled watching Sam.

He was laying on the bed beside his master sleeping upon his maser’s unwounded shoulder. Elenya watched Frodo utter another nonunderstandible word as he had done in his sleep talk.

“You should sleep. You need your strength,” Gandalf told her.

“I know you are right, but I don’t want him to wake up and not see me here.”

“He will understand. You’re hurt as well. You should really have Elrond look at your side.”

“No,” Elenya said grasping it. ” It’s no more than a sprain. It will heal.”

“Sometimes the easiest wounds hurt the most. And take long to heal.”

“Where am I?” Elenya heard the voice of Frodo waking.

“You are in the House of Elrond,” Gandalf answered.

“Elenya?” Frodo said holding out his hand.

“I’m here,” she said kneeling beside him.

“How long have I been asleep?”

“Four nights and three days to be exact.,” Elenya answered.

“You have been here all this time?” he asked looking at her figure.

She did feel miserable. Her hair was all tangled and knotty. She had not bathed for days and most likely stank.

“Elrond has prepared a room for her, but she did not want to leave your side. I could not even convince her to sleep,” Gandalf told Frodo.

“Thank you for staying,” Frodo smiled at her. ” You are a good friend.”

“Your welcome.”

“I could not have reached this far without Strider,” Frodo said turning to Gandalf.

“There are few left in the world like Aragorn son of Arathorn. The race of kings from over the Sea is nearly at an end. It may be that this War of the Ring will be their last adventure. Elenya, now that Frodo is awake, I plead with you to take some rest. I wish to speak with him alone.”

Elenya looked at Frodo for an answer.

“I have Sam too. Elenya go. You look exhausted,” Frodo replied.

“Thank you. I shall.”

She left the room but not before she passed Elrond.

“So you have finally decided to take some rest,” he smiled.

Elrond set all her fears at rest. He was wise and learned beyond years. He was an elf like her but seemed much older if there is such a thing as old for elves. He was kind and brave she remembered from his battle during the Last Alliance.

“Yes, the hobbit is awake. Where may I find my room Lord Elrond?” she asked.

“Lelia the maidservant will show you,” Elrond said.

“Thank you.”

Elenya departed. It didn’t take long for the maidservant to find her. She had been outside the door of Frodo’s room waiting for any command from Elrond or Gandalf. She instantly took the exhausted elf to her room. Elenya walked inside and thanked her. It was a beautiful room. Even more beautiful than her own. Long white silk drapes surrounded the bed. A small table and chair were set up with paper and ink inside for any such writing purpose. A nightstand (as we would call it) lay beside the bed with a basin of water and towel. What caught her attention the most was the dress laying upon the bed. It had been set out for her, It was a beautiful silver dress. Almost nearly like the one she had first found herself in before her abduction from the Barrow Wights. The sleeves were different. They were cut in a Renaissance fashion clear and flowing showing her arms.

Elenya first bathed herself with the basin of water. She washed away the sweat and dirt that had been encrusted upon her body and then slipped into the exquisite dress. She felt beautiful in it. Elenya went to the window and pushed it open. Sunlight immediately enveloped the room. Her window looked out toward the garden. She decided to walk outside.

Rivendell was astonishing and overwhelming. It was exactly like the pictures she had seen except better and more beautiful. The white marble pillars that gleamed like pearls and jewels in the sunlight. The trees and mountains surrounding the city. The waterfalls that flowed unceasingly mists surrounding their features. Elenya loved every minute of Rivendell. She would be sad to leave it if she was allowed with the Fellowship. The sun shined upon her back. She turned and saw the three hobbits and Frodo. He walked up to her and offered her a brief hug. But then he saw something and immediately raced to it. Elenya watched but did not follow. She wanted to give Bilbo and Frodo some time alone. She continued to converse with the other hobbits.

While she did this, she glanced up to the room that Frodo had been in. Ganfalf was there speaking with Lord Elrond. She did not know that they were talking about many things including her.


“Who is this fair elf that has accompanied Frodo all this way?” Elrond asked Gandalf as they paced together.

“I have learned much about her from Aragorn. He seems to know her more than Frodo even though Frodo has been with her for many months. Aragorn knows her face and name which was something that I didn’t know until she uttered it from her own lips,” Gandalf replied.

“Gandalf, I am not talking about her name or her face. I want to know of what race of elves she is. She certainly does not come from Rivendell or Lorien. Thranduil has never heard her name before. Could she be of the Morquiendi?”

“Of course not,” Gandalf instantly said. ” The dark elves would never associate with hobbits. And she fought off a Nazgul all on her own trying to protect the Halflings. I must confess that I do not know what she is or who she is but an angel sent to us. Perhaps she will prove herself in the journey that lies ahead.”

“Perhaps. A council be held tomorrow. I wish that she and the hobbit attend,” Elrond said.

“She will be there at your request.”


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