The Elf From America-Part Nineteen – The Return!

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Where was she? She was going fast. She was flying through people. Emilie looked down at her feet. They were in roller blades! She was roller blading at her local roller rink! She saw people she knew. She saw her family. Her parents were there! So were her sister and brother in law. All of her friends from school and church were there. Emilie saw a friend come up to her and say, “Happy Birthday! Have a good time! It’s your sweet sixteen!”

Emilie continued to blade. Was this a dream or real? What had she been doing? She was in the bed next to Eowyn’s room. That was the last thing remembered. That and the lingering kiss of Legolas given to her. Could you have dreams within a dream? She supposed she could. But what if this wasn’t a dream? She wanted to wake up in Rohan again. She wasn’t ready to come back home. But was all this a dream? The roller skating rink and all the people? Was this a dream she was having in Rohan? She didn’t know. She didn’t have time to think about it then for a boy bladed up to her. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head! It’s Cal! Cal was a guy that had had a crush on her for some time. She liked him as well but had never expressed it. Reminds me of Legolas. Cal walked up to her and offered her his hand.

“Want to couple skate?” he asked.

“Um, sure.”

She took his hand, and they began to roller skate around the rink flying through the other people as if they were merely air. Suddenly, Emilie watched as things around her grew blurry. All she saw was Cal. Then it happened! She didn’t see Cal! His face changed! He grew taller! She then saw him! It was Legolas! She wrapped her arms around him swiftly not daring to let go.

“I’m here,” he said. “I won’t let you go.”

Suddenly, she watched as a black figure behind him grabbed his arms trying to separate them. Legolas tried to hold tight to her and she him. The black figure would not let go though. He tore them apart allowing the distance come between them. Emilie tried to reach out but couldn’t. Her arms suddenly felt like lead. Then she couldn’t bear it! A cage was placed around her!


What does this mean? No! This has to be a dream!

It was for she awoke. It was still dark out, and she could see the moon peaking through the window into the room. She looked around her. It wasn’t her room but the one next to Eowyn’s. Emilie was glad that she was back in Rohan but she felt miserable otherwise. It was a nightmare. Did it mean something? She didn’t want to think about it. Emilie buried her face in the covers trying to stop the overwhelming tears clouding her eyes.

“What am I going to do?” she cried aloud.

She then saw her door open. Eowyn walked into the room and saw her friend kneeling on the bed crying. Eowyn walked to the edge of the bed and sat down. Elenya lifted her face up, and Eowyn could see the red face and the tears streaming down her face. It seemed odd when Elenya grasped Eowyn like a child. Eowyn held her in her arms and ran her fingers through Elenya’s hair comforting her.

“What is it, my friend? I heard you shouting and crying.”

“Oh, this is so ridiculous! I’m an elf crying in your lap like a little child.”

“We all need help now and then. But I have managed it throughout these years without a mother,” Eowyn answered.

Elenya sat up and brushed the strands of hair away from her face. She caressed her eyes drying the tears.

“You are also older than me. For I am only sixteen.”

“I don’t think that matters much with elves,” Eowyn smiled and continued softly, “Was it a nightmare?” she asked.

“Aye,” Elenya answered.

“I have them as well. Many I have had. Of Eomer my brother dying and of Theoden being slain by an enemy. I have learned to overcome them.”

“How? What if you think they mean something?” Elenya asked.

“Well, I usually try to think of something else. I cry a little and then wait for the sun to come out. Sometimes I even have some herb tea to help me sleep. I sometimes went to my brother in the middle of the night, and he held me in his arms. He has been my comfort throughout these years. For my mother and father died long ago.”

“I’m sorry,” Elenya said.

“What did you dream?”

“I can’t explain it, but I dreamed that Legolas was being torn away from me. A black figure tore him away. A cage was placed around me. I couldn’t escape. I watched as Legolas faded with the figure into the darkness.”

“Do you love him?” Eowyn asked.

“I have never told him so, but I believe I am growing to love him.”

“You should tell him. You are both elves. He loves you. I can see it in his eyes and in his smile when he looks at you,” Eowyn answered. “What harm would it do to let Legolas know how much you care for him?”

“There is one main reason I cannot tell him. But I cannot tell anyone. It is a great secret I have been holding within my heart for as long as I’ve been with the company.”

“Let it go,” Eowyn told her. “You wont be able to bear it for all time. You must let it go or it will turn into a burdem. I can’t imagine anyone better to tell than Legolas,” Eowyn smiled.

“What about your secret?” Elenya asked.

“What do you mean?” Eowyn asked nervously.

“Are you going to tell Aragorn?”

“Someday I will let him know. But how could he ever love me?”

“He will not hurt you, Eowyn.” I hope! “You know that. I thought I once was in love with him. I know how you feel. But Aragorn is wise. He will know what to do.” But for now, what should I do?”

“Try not to think of it. If you want me to stay with you until you sleep I will.”

“Thank you, Eowyn. I have to ask you of something. It is perilous if you tell a soul.”

Eowyn listened intently to her.

“I don’t know how to ask you this, but I must. Take me to Helm’s Deep!”


“Please. Can’t you understand? I must go! I have to find Legolas. I have to make sure he is alright. Please Eowyn! If I could contain myself here, I would. But I can’t. If I stay here, this dream will haunt me forever. I will go mad if I stay here! Please, please, please!”

Eowyn saw the pleading look in Elenya’s eyes. She understood her love and anxiety to see the man she loved. It was then she made a decision.

“I will. But-“

“It will be entirely my fault! I will tell them you did not take part in it at all. Just give me a horse and tell me the way even. You do not have to lead me. I will take Celeniol and go alone. I shall find him!”


Legolas stood bravely beside Aragorn. Aragorn knew he was thinking of Elenya. Legolas grasped his bow and fixed an arrow in it as he saw the foes of Isengard approaching. Then night was cold and dark. The rain fell heavily in sheets upon his golden hair. Oh how he longed to be beside the elf. He wished he were back with her in Rivendell where she had danced with him watching her. Gimli stood beside him restless to cut off orcs heads. Legolas felt he did not want to be here, but he knew he had to be. He felt proud standing beside the someday king of Gondor. But he would feel much better being beside Elenya in Rivendell. The thought of her gave him courage. Soon this would be over, and he would return to her again.

He saw that the rear guarders of the Westfolders had been driven in. He heard them say, “The enemy is at hand! We loosed every arrow we had and covered the field with orcs, but that shall not stop them! It will not halt them long! Already they are scaling the banks at may points thick as marching ants!”

Legolas braced himself as the enemy moved to meet him!


Elenya rode hard and swift through the blinding rain upon Celeniol. She was almost there. She had to reach it in time. She had a feeling that something awful was about to happen to Legolas. She had to make it in time! She just had to!


Many hours passed. They had fought many orcs. The moon was sinking, but it wall still raining hard. There was now a gaping hole in the culvert of Helm’s Deep, and they were pouring in by the hundreds! Legolas stood beside Aragorn on the wall and watched as a hundred ladders were raised. The foul creatures began climbing up like ants. They scaled the ladders swiftly. Legolas began shooting arrows to and fro. Aragorn was beside him hewing orcs right and left all the while crying out in a loud voice “Elendil! Elendil!” Suddenly Legolas watched as one of the foul creatures attempted to take off his head. He dodged out of the way quickly but not quick enough as he felt the blade of a sharp sword cut across his shoulder. He hit the Uruk Hai in revenge. It was much taller and stronger than Legolas, but it fell to its knees. While the orc was diverted, he reached up for one of his arrows. None were there. He was out! He would have to fight with his elven dagger though he was not as experienced with it. The orcs blade and the elven dagger clashed together with a great sound. They fought like two mighty warriors. He assumed that this Uruk Hai was a leader or must have had great training for Legolas was weakening. Suddenly, as the two blades clashed together, Legolas’s was thrown into the air landing somewhere in the wall amidst the bodies of orcs and the fighting chaos all around him. He moved out of the way as the huge Uruk Hai preceded to drive his sword into Legolas’s heart. Then he was cornered! There was nowhere to fly. Enemies were all around him, and the Uruk Hai was in front of him. He leaned up against the wall ready to face his death when suddenly……! a figure crashed into the Uruk Hai’s body knocking him to the ground. He saw the figure on top of the Uruk Hai. It kept stabbing the foul creature with a dagger so that the black blood lay on the ground dead and lifeless. The figure turned around and took off its cloak. The long beautiful silky hair shone amidst the rain as he watched her. Legolas was amazed and stunned as he saw his elf standing before him. She was clothed and armed for battle he saw with the long and cross bow strapped on her back, a sword at her side, and a dagger in her hand.

“Couldn’t let you die, could I?” she asked, smiling.

“Thank you,” was all he could think to say.

She handed him a quiver of arrows and said, “Come on! We still gotta finish this turkey! Let us kill some orc!!!!!!!!”


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