The Elf From America-Part Nine – The Ring Goes South

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This part of the story seemed more like the movie rather than the book. The days seemed to pass like minutes to Emilie as she trudged along behind Frodo across the green fields and mountains. They finally stopped to rest. Elenya sat eating the food that Sam had cooked for the rest of them. Aragorn sat on a rock nearby watching the sky as did Legolas. Elenya was watching the rather entertaining display of Boromir giving the hobbits a sword fighting lesson. Frodo and Sam were also watching, but Gimli had gone to have a chat with Gandalf.

Elenya watched as Boromir accidently hit Merry a little to hard. She continued to laugh as the hobbits pinned Boromir to the ground in their angry banter.

Elenya stood up and walked over to Aragorn. She laid a hand on his shoulder.

“What is wrong my friend?” she asked.

“Do you not sense it? Something is coming,” Aragorn said tensely.

“I feel it also Aragorn,” Legolas added. ” Look there in the distance.”

“What? I have not the eyes of an elf,” Aragorn replied.

Legolas pointed to the sky. Elenya saw what he was staring at. A wisp of black cloud was growing larger and approaching them at great speed.
Before Legolas cried out, Elenya yelled, ” Cremain from Dunland!”

Aragorn shouted, ” HIDE!”

Instantly everyone gathered their things up and hid under anything that could conceal them. Elenya lay down beside Aragorn and Frodo under a large rock. The birds came swiftly and circled around the small area. They circled around and returned the way they had come. Gandalf stood up.

“Spies of Saruman! The passage south has been watched! We must take the pass of Caradhras!”

Elenya faced the snowy mountain. She was dreading this part for she had been so used to the warm weather. But she followed behind Frodo all the way trying to keep up. Legolas was lightfooted upon the snow and barely made a footprint. For that Merry and Pippin were angry and began throwing snow balls at him. When Legolas felt one fall on his neck, he asked, ” What was that for?” turning to Pippin who through the snow ball.

“I don’t think they appreciate the fact that they’re smaller than you,” Elenya laughed.

“If I am lightfooted then I will progress on ahead of people. I do not wish to travel slow and waste my energy,” Legolas said proudly.

Suddenly, breaking the silence a crash of tunder was heard over the mountain and a fell voice was heard in the air. An avalanche of rocks fell from the snowy top. Everyone ducked to the side but for Gandalf who pointed his staff toward the sky and yelled out words which the others did not understand. It didn’t seem to work as another avalanche of snow came down and fell upon everyone.

Elenya and Legolas were the first heads to come up out of the snow. Elenya instantly looked for Frodo who was being held up by Aragorn.

“It’s Saruman!” Gandalf cried.

“We must get off the mountain and make for the Gap of Rohan!” cried Boromir.

“Gap of Rohan takes us to close to Isengard!” Aragorn objected.

“If we can not go over the mountain, let us go under it!” Gimli suggested. ” Let us go through the Mines of Moria!”

Gandalf stood motionless and speechless for a few moments as if in great fear and a trance. He finalyl said, “Let the Ringbearer decide! Frodo?”

Frodo debated for some time and finally answered, ” We will go through the Mines.”

“So be it!”Gandalf replied.


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