The Elf From America-Part Fourteen – A Night in Lorien

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They were in Lorien. They had told of Gandalf’s fall to Galadriel and Celeborn. Galadriel had bid them rest. Galadriel had garbed Elenya in private with the new elven dress of hers. It was indeed beautiful and worthy of Lorien. It shone a silvery blue as she paced about the small stream. The moons rays could faintly be seen through the trees as they rested on her. It almost felt uncomfortable for it was extremely loose. Galadriel was much taller than she. The dress nearly made her trip but she didn’t care. She admired it for it was beautiful. She touched her sleeveless arms. If the dress rested beneath her shoulders, it would most certainly fall off, but the straps were held up. She was glad of that. It was a lot better than her breeches that had been spoiled from Moria. But tomorrow she knew she would wear them again for she would fight orcs and Uruk Hai soon.

She saw Legolas standing beside the hobbits with a pitcher in his hand. She listened as did everyone to the lament of the elves.

“A lament for Gandalf,” he softly said.

Merry asked, ” What do they say about him?”

“I have not the heart to tell you,” he replied. ” For neither grief is still to near.”

“But I do.” Elenya walked over, to Legolas’s surprise. She recited the song she had learned from her book back home. HOME! “Olorin who once was sent by the Lords of the West to guard the lands of the east. Wisest of all Maier. What drove you to leave that which you loved? No more will you wander the green fields of this earth. Your journey has ended in darkness. A great light has gone out.”

She held her head down and thought of those words. The picture was brought to her mind of a candle that had burned greatly but then was quenched from a spout of water. But then it rose up again slowly out of the water and burned even greater than before. Gandalf would be back. But she could not tell the others of this answer.

The hobbits, the dwarf, and the men lay down to sleep. But Emilie wandered back to the stream where she had been pacing. She could not sleep. She wished to treasure up this moment forever in her heart. She looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her dark curly hair rested gently upon her arms. She knew that when she returned it would go back to being a little longer than shoulder length and straight again. But now she felt she didn’t want to return. Did she?

She suddenly saw another figure sneak up behind her in the water. He slid his hands around her stomach and whispered, ” Did you miss me?”

She managed a giggle. But then she felt the fabric of the dress begin to slide down her shoulder. It was from his tight hold on her. She quickly released his arms and pulled the dress up. He touched the silver fabric of her shoulder and asked, ” Is it Galadriel’s?”

“Aye, it is very loose.”

“For she is much taller. But you are beautiful even more,” he said lifting his chin to her face.

She began to tremble slightly looking into his eyes and changed the subject.

“Shouldn’t you be sleeping?”

“I will not until you.”

“I can not sleep,” she answered.

“Then I shall lie awake all night.”

“Oh! You are impossible!”

She began to walk away when he grasped her hand and drew her to him. She was pressed against him as he placed his hands upon her back and stroked her smooth skin there.

“Why is it so impossible for us to be together?” he asked.

“I can not tell you. You wouldn’t understand.”

“I understand everything that enters my ear.”

Good grief! Back to arrogance again!

“Please, Legolas, not here. This is not the place.”

“I object,” he replied. ” I believe it is the perfect place. We are isolated for we have wandered. Nothing but beautiful trees in our midst. The moon is glowing. Your dress is loose, and my fire tonight can’t be quenched if it starts.”

“So I should run away before you kiss me and take me,” she assumed.

“I will not let you run,” he said holding her close. ” For you must make a decision.

Would he take her? Was Legolas really like the Legolas in the story of the Easterling Melia? Or was he Tolkien’s gentlemen. It was simply a dream. She had thought of him more as the Legolas in the Easterling. That is how he would appear tonight. Her head wanted Tolkien’s gentlemen, but her heart desired something more. For she loved him as well. In a matter of days she had grown close to him. She loved him the moment she had set eyes on him.

“Can I kiss you?” he asked.

“Yes,” she whispered.

He fixed a long firm kiss upon her lips. It was the first time she had felt anything like it. She was glad it came from him for he did it very well. She put her arms around her neck and began to kiss him back. He stopped for a moment as she lowered his hands to his back. He felt her heart and grasped her shoulders.

“You’re trembling,” he said.

“I’ve never had this happen to me before.”

“Nothing has happened yet but a kiss. Do you wish it to happen? I shall not hurt you or rush at you like some fool.”

This was a dream. It wasn’t real though it felt real. Would she want to be bound to him in her dream? Would it be beautiful or ugly and aggressive? She decided upon beautiful when she looked at Legolas. But did she want it? She wished she were older. Then maybe she would have the courage.

“I do not have the courage,” she slowly whispered the words out. “I also will never be bound to anyone until marriage. I remain a virgin.”

He did not seem upset or angry. He brushed a hand across her cheek and planted a soft kiss upon her forehead.

He backed away and said, “Then I shall wait for that day to come. But come now. You must rest. Your eyes keep closing.”

She agreed. Legolas led her back to the spot where the others were soundly asleep but for Sam and Frodo who were gone. Galadriel’s mirror she guessed. Legolas didn’t seem to notice for he did not sense anything wrong. He lay upon his blanket and placed another one beside him for Elenya.

“Are you trying to seduce me?” she remembered the phrase from A Walk to Remember.

“Maybe. Are you seducible?” he said the words almost like Landon Carter himself.

She shook her head to the side and smiled. But she steeped towards the blanket and lay down beside him. He wrapped his arms beneath her breasts on her stomach. She laid her head upon his shoulder. She slowly drifted off to sleep from his constant sweet lullaby playing in her ears.


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