The Elf From America-Part Five – Strider and Weathertop

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The people at the Prancing Pony thought of Frodo now as a magician who could turn himself invisible of unknown purpose and power! Frodo crawled under one of the tables in a dark corner by Srider who gave no sign of his thoughts. Frodo took off the Ring. Elenya knew where he was but sat down at the table allowing Frodo and Strider to talk. She remembered what they said from the passages in the book.

“Well?” Strider had said. “Why did you do that? You have made it worse than any of your friends! You have put your foot in it! Or should I say your finger?”

“I don’t know what you mean,” Frodo replied.

“Then if you please, Mr. Baggins, I should like a quiet talk with you. For you may hear something to your advantage.”

“I will talk with you later.”

After this, Frodo tried to convince the people at the Pony that he had fell and slipped underneath a table. They did not believe him, but they had to accept his word. Elenya heard Butterbur tell Frodo that he should like a word with him before.


Elenya and Frodo went back into the parlour with Sam and Pippin. Merry was gone, and the fire had burned low. Elenya was glad for many of the men had departed to sleep including the one that had threatedned her earlier. She was glad and removed the cloak, which had still been connected around her neck. It toppled to the floor showing her simple green dress. She noticed something though. Strider was there. Pippin inquired to he was.

“I am called Strider, and though he may have forgotten it, your friend promised to have a quiet talk with me,” Strider said about Frodo.

Elenya watched as Frodo asked what Strider had to say. Strider replied by saying several things but that he shall want a reward. Elenya smiled for she knew that he wished to come with them. Frodo said he would wantto know more about him first. Strider smiled and preceded to tell Frodo of why he would be to his advantage on his journey. He told Frodo that he knew many dark things too many for a fact. They continued to speak from the passages that Emilie remembered from the book until Butterbur came in with the note from Gandalf. It was then when Frodo read it that Srider could be trusted. Strider also told them of the Ringwraiths and that they were in Bree looking for Baggins.

“Heed any advice he gives you,” Elenya smiled glacing her eye at Strider. “He knows of what he speaks.”

“The elf is right,” Strider replied though the hobbits doubted him. “I am the real Strider, fortunately he said looking down on them with his face softened by a sudden smile. “I am Aragorn son of Arathorn; and if by my life or death I can save you, I will.”

Emilie looked at his face. Though he was stained from his travels, Strider was handsome in face. She wondered how handsome he would be at Rivendell. But she admired him. Simply that. She admired and loved him for his courage, bravery, and kindness. She didn’t love him in the same way the Evenstar did. She would never. Arwen was his and he was hers. Elenya could never hope for a relationship with anyone like that in Middle Earth. Could she?


They slept that night, but fitfully or at least Elenya did. Aragorn remained in the room sitting in a chair watching the hobbits and the elf sleep. She felt protected when he watched over her, but seemed worried about him. She also could sense something when she slept. She knew what it was and huddled closer under the covers. The wraiths were coming to the Inn! She tried to sleep but could not. She sat up in her bed flinging the covers off her. The moon glowed on her frightened face. She felt cold. Her chest and arms were bare for she wore a simple night robe to cover her. Strider’s eyes gleamed in the fire.

“Sleep shall come to you,” Strider said to her.

“I don’t think so,” she said worriedly, looking out of the window at the street.

“I know you, elf. You take on the appearance of an elf, but you are not one. I know this, but I trust you. You have been with Frodo haven’t you?”

“Since the beginning,” she said placing her hands over her shoulders.

“Not many girls would act the way you do coming on an adventure like this. You are strange. You come from far away.”

Aragorn knew her almost as much as she knew him. Emilie looked out the window and let out a sigh. She felt tired but to terrifed to sleep though she knew nothing would harm her when she was with Aragorn.

“Sleep,” Aragorn said as if reading her thoughts. ” You will need it.” She heard him begin to sing softly. It was an elvish song. She felt comforted as she lay back in the covers and closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep from Strider’s voice.


The next thing she knew Strider was rousing her from her sleep. She sat up instantly.

“What has happened?” she asked climbing out of bed.

“Dark things. Clothe yourself for we must depart! Wake the others!”

Aragorn took off down the stairs as Emilie stripped off her white night dress and slipped on her green dress. She woke the hobbits who were already dressed. They met Strider downstairs and said farwell to Butterbur.

Sam brought Bill the pony with them. That story you already know and does not need to be uttered.

The elf kept pace with Strider easily. All those jogs back home paid off. But I also have an elf’s body. I’m walking so lightfooted. That will not always be the case she thought of further events but blocked them from her mind.

“Gentlemen, we do not stop till nightfall,” Strider said watching the hobbits cease walking trying to stop for breakfast.

“What about breakfast?” Pippin asked.

“We’ve already had it,” Strider said confused.

“We had first breakfast. What about second breakfast?” Pippin asked.

Emilie laughed and continued on with Strider.

“Don’t think he knows about second breakfast, Pip,” Merry said to his Took friend.

“What about elevensies? Luncheon? Afternoon tea? Dinner and supper? He knows about them doesn’t he?” Pippin was worried.

“I wouldn’t count on it,” Merry replied.

Strider threw an apple to Merry who caught it. Elenya threw one to Pippin. Though her aim was bad, he could have caught it. Instead he let it come into contact with his head.

“Pippin!” Elenya laughed.

The travelers journeyed throughout the whole day and didn’t stop until nightfall. Aragorn took them to the great watch tower of Amon Sul. They took shelter in the first floor of the tower.

“Keep these close,” he said opening a sack and throwing each hobbit a small sword. ” I assume your armed,” he turned to Elenya.

“Only with a dagger,” she said.

“Here,” he said. ” You may take my crossbow though a sword would aid you better.”

“Thank you, Aragorn,” Elenya answered.

“Stay here. I’m going to have a look around.”

“Wait a moment!” Elenya stood up and walked toward him.
“Step aside with me for a moment. I do not want to alarm the hobbits.”

“What is it?” Aragorn asked walking outside the tower cave with her.

“I sense something,” the elf said. ” It is not near us now, but it’s drawing closer. I don’t know.”

“I do not underestimate the elves instincts,” Aragorn answered her. ” Do not leave them! Watch them closely. Make sure they do not light a fire. I shant be gone long.”

Elenya walked back inside to the hobbits. They were all sleeping comfortably already. Elenya sat down. She was exhausted but forced herself to stay awake. Darkness had come. The moon was clouded and gave no light. She wished that Aragorn wasn’t gone. She was drowsy. Her eyes closed. She opened then quickly. She was going to fall asleep. She knew it. She could do nothing though she knew the results would be fatal. Elenya fell back against the ground and remembered no more.


She awoke to the sound of Frodo shouting. She sat up immediately and saw him stepping upon a fire. She cursed herself for falling asleep. The hobbits had lit a fire!

“NO!” she yelled. ” Idiot, idiot,” she said to herself grabbing her crossbow and dagger.

They were coming. They were very close. Suddenly, they heard the sounds of the wraiths. She ran outside with the others and saw the cloaked dark figures ascending the tower. Frodo drew his sword with the others.

“GO!” Elenya yelled to them.

The hobbits and the elf ascended to the top. Though there was no frightening music like the movie, a chill crawled up and down Emilie’s spine. She was terrified.

“Where is Strider?” she asked herself.

She waited. Each second was torture. Then she saw it. The dark cloaked figures with no faces appeared. There were five of them. They inched nearer and nearer at every moment piercing Elenya’s heart and sending an icy feeling through her veins. She watched as the hobbits stood in front of her and Frodo. Sam was scared out of his wits but loyal to his master. As the creatures approached with their swords pointed toward the hobbits, Sam slashed his sword against the leaders.

“Back, you devils!” Sam yelled.

The wraith knocked the sword from his Sam. Sam fell to the ground. Merry and Pippin were next. They were easily flung aside. They landed on the ground being thrown like helpless rag dolls. The wraith leader approached Frodo ready to kill him. Elenya cried out and bravely stepped in front protecting her friend. An arrow was shot from her bow to the wraith, but didn’t impare his abilities at all. She knew it would be worthless against them as Strider had warned. Oh how she wished he were here. She took out her dagger and began to fight with it. She tried to stab the wraith but simply pierced through his cloak ripping fragments of it. The creature grabbed her throat lifting her off the ground. She clutched at the hand that held her. Would this be her death? She looked into the black cloak with no face simply a ghost living inside. He let her throat go and threw her to the ground. She landed hard and gripped her side. She felt like every bone in her body was breaking. She saw Frodo drop his sword and fall to the ground. He lifted the Ring to his face and put it on his finger. Emilie saw no more of him but watched as the Wraiths pursued something against the ground. She watched the leader stab his sword into something she knew to be Frodo.

Then he came! Aragorn appeared bearing a torch. He immediately startled the wraiths. Frodo took the Ring off and Elenya crawled to his side. Sam was there already. He looked at her.

“You’re hurt,” Sam said listening to Frodo’s screams and the sound of the burning wraiths.

“I’ll be ok,” she answered.

Strider had finished. He rushed to Frodo’s side. He picked up a knife lying nearby.

“He’s been stabbed by a Morgul blade. We must get him to Rivendell.”

Strider helped Elenya to her feet for he knew her to be hurt. Nothing broken though she was thankful. She stood up and managed to walk following every one else as Strider led them away from Weathertop and into the forests.

“We’re six days from Rivendell,” Sam shouted. ” He’ll never make it.”

Elenya gripped the pain in her side hoping Frodo would be ok. She knew he would but she prayed and hoped none the less. Would she be ok? She needed to be strong for there was much more to come after this!


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