The Elf From America-Part Eighteen – Alone

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Gandalf had decided that they would go to Theoden’s court. As the company preceded to Rohan, Aragorn began to chant softly and in a slow tongue. They could not understand the words, but he translated them.

Where is the horse and the rider? Where is the horn that was blowing? Where is the helm and the hauberk and the bright hair flowing? Where is the hand on the harp string and the red fire glowing? Where is the spring and the harvest and the tall corn growing? They have passed like rain on the mountain, like a wind in the meadow; The days have gone down in the West behind the hills into shadow. Who shall gather the smoke of the dead wood burning, or behold the flowing years from the Sea returning?

It took some persuading by Gandalf and Aragorn, but the guards at the gate of Edoras allowed them to pass when he saw the horses of Rohan that they rode. Gandalf also told the gatekeeper all of their names. He excused himself and said he would return. After some time he returned and bid them enter. The gates swung open and Elenya gazed upon the city of Edoras. Many houses stood by as they passed. After some riding they came to the top of a hill where stood a high platform and a green terrace. They walked to the bottom of the green terrace. Up the stairs, they could see other guards with long flowing golden hair guarding the entry to King Theoden. The doorward of Theoden looked down on them as they walked up the stair. He told them to lay aside their weapons. Legolas, Gimli, and Elenya did so with no trouble. But Aragorn needed a little persuasion.

“I would if it were any other sword but Anduril! Should the will of Theoden of the Mark be over that of Aragorn son of Arathorn?” he asked.

The doorward answered, “You are not in the house of Aragorn son of Arathorn. Whatever name that sword may be, it shall rest here or you shall not be bid to enter!”

Elenya laid a hand on Aragorn’s shoulder. “Please my friend. Nothing will happen to it. I swear.”

“Here I set it. But I command you not to touch it or permit any other to lay a hand on it. In this elvish sheath dwells the Blade that was Broken and has been made again. Telchar first wrought it in the deeps of time. Death shall come to any man that draws Elendil’s sword save Elendil’s heir.”

The guard stepped back amazed and said, “It seems that you are come on the winds of a song out of the forgotten days. But it shall be as you command lord. Your staff to old man!”

Gandalf replied, “Will you not bid an old man to lean upon his stick? Bid us enter!”

The guard let them enter. They walked into the midst of the hall. Elenya saw a long hearth where a wood fire burned. At the far end of the hall was a platform with three steps. Upon the stage sat a throne in which was an old haggard man with a crown upon his head. His beard was long and lay below his knees. His eyes still burned with a great light though. Elenya walked up the stairs behind the others. Behind the king stood a woman clothed in white with long golden hair. Eowyn! Emilie’s heart nearly jumped out of her body! Near Eowyn, stood a man clothed in black with dark hair and a sinister look in his eye. Grima Wormtongue. She hated the look of him especially when he turned his eye toward her. Then she saw Eomer. He stood near his sister in law, but throughout the whole time his eyes focused on the elf. Elenya felt uncomfortable. He continued to stare at Eowyn behind him though. Poor Eowyn! Emilie thought. It happened just like in the book. They told the tale of their journey to Edoras including Gimli recite the poem he had made of Lorien to Eomer who had mocked Galadriel. I wouldn’t have done that if I were you! Emilie thought. Gimli’s eyes went up in flame and he nearly shouted the poem to Eomer because he was so angry! Gandalf changed Theoden from the wreck he was in. He raised his staff and there was a crash of thunder heard. The sunlight could no longer be seen from the windows. The fire faded, and everyone looked amazed at Gandalf. Wormtongue shouted out against him saying the guards should not have let him in! SHUT UP WILL YOU. YOU WORM!!! Emilie thought to herself but didn’t say it aloud.

Gandalf spoke, “Now Theoden son of Thengel, will you hearken to me? Do you ask for help?” He lifted his staff up to the windows, and the sun could be seen again. “Not all is dark. Take courage. No counsel do I give that is despairing as Wormtongue said. Words I will speak to you. Will you hear them? Too long have you sat in the shadows and trusted the twisted tales and crooked promptings of the worm! Send your guards down to the stairs foot And you ladies,” he looked at Eowyn and Elenya.” Leave him with me awhile. I will care for him.”

Eowyn preceded to walk away. Elenya followed after but stopped and made a glance at Legolas. He smiled at her, which Eomer noticed. Elenya followed the shieldmaiden out of the house. But before Eowyn glanced at Aragorn. Grave and thoughtful was her glance as she looked on the king with cool pity in her eyes. Emilie saw the love she had for him. It almost reminded Elenya of her love for Aragorn but she knew who Aragorn truly belonged to. She knew how great was the love and how he had bound himself to the Evenstar. Eowyn could never change him. And so Aragorn beheld Eowyn the shieldmaiden of Rohan garbed all in white her blue eyes twinkling and her long golden hair flowing. He thought her fair and cold like a morning of pale spring that is not yet come to womanhood. But he loved the Evenstar with all his heart, and she loved him with all her heart. She would give up her immortal life for him. What was in store for Emilie?

Emilie walked with Eowyn into the sunlight, which gave her a chance to meet the Shieldmaiden.

“You are Eowyn?” Emilie asked.

“Aye. But who are you?” she asked looking upon the appearance of the fair elf who was garbed in man’s breeches with a sword at her side. (Emilie had retaken the sword she had laid by the wall. I felt bare without it she thought to herself)

“My name is Elenya. I have journeyed with the hobbit Frodo to Rivendell where I continued with the Fellowship. I am an elf.”

“An elf?” Eowyn seemd confused and a bit stunned. “Where do you come from?”

“Far away.”

“Do you know the Prince of Mirkwood then?”

“I know him a little.” [WHATEVER! YOU ARE PRACTICALLY HIS GIRLFRIEND AND KISSED HIM THREE TIMES! OH SHUT UP! Emilie changed the subject. “I wonder what is going on in there,” she said making a glance toward the house.

The two ladies then saw Grima running out of the house his eyes in an enrage. Emilie gripped the sword in her hand ready to pull it out of its sheath. She didn’t like the look in his eye when he drew near. She pulled the sword out, and it gleamed in the sunlight as she pointed it at Grima.

“Away, snake! If you dare to try and touch Eowyn or myself, I will not hesitate to kill you! I have killed orcs in Moria and Uruk Hai near Rauros. And I am very good with the sword!”

Grima looked back at the house from which to guards were exiting. He shoved the sword away and said, “Farewell, Shieldmaiden and you foul evil cruel elf!”

Before he departed, Emilie gave him a scar to remember her by. Eowyn seemed to stare at her in amazement. But she did not have the time to speak for a guard walked up to her side.

“There is to be a feast, lady. For Theoden has arisen from the dark and has decided to go forth into battle. He requests your presence there.”

“I must wait upon the king, but you may join the others at the table,” Eowyn told Elenya.

“No, I shall help,” Elenya said.

“I shall not allow it my friend. You have journeyed far with the company. But what I shall is allow you to wear one of my dresses.”


“You cannot go to a feast as you are. Come with me!”

It didn’t look as though she had a choice. Emilie followed Eowyn into the house of Theoden once again. They walked up a spiraling staircase to a number of rooms of which Eowyn went to the left. Inside was a beautiful room with a window facing the west. Eowyn went to her closet (as we would call it) and fetched a dress from it. Emilie touched ther fabric. It felt like it was of satin. It was a beautiful white as Eowyns with long sleeves extending far down the arms. It was slightly different though. It seemed to be made exactly for an elf and exactly for her. Her back bore no material from the dress so it would keep her cooler in the hot days to come. Emilie tried it one and undid her hair from the braid it had been in. Her dark hair fell down below her waist covering her back. The golden circlet of Galadriel rested gently upon her head.

“You look beautiful. You are ready.”

“Thank you, Eowyn. Thank you kindly. I look forward to being your friend.”

“As do I, fair elf.”

Eowyn led Elenya to the court of Theoden where the company, King Theoden, Eomer, and four others sat. Elenya took a place next to Legolas. He squeezed her hand and whispered, “It suits you well.”

Eomer continued to stare at the elf throughout the entire meal. But Emilie did not try to notice. She watched as Eowyn came out and began to serve Aragorn. As she stood before him, her eyes were shining. He looked upon her and smiled, but as he took the cup, his hand met hers, and Elenya and he both knew she trembled from the touch. “Hail Aragorn son of Arathorn!” she exclaimed. “Hail Lady of Rohan!” he answered, but Elenya saw the smile fade and a troubled expression cross his face. Can’t say I blame him! Poor Aragorn! The Evenstar or the White Shielmaiden of Rohan! The Evenstar is his now and forevermore. But what of me?

Emilie held the thought as she followed the company out of the courtroom and into the hall where guards awaited and heralds stood. All the lords and chieftains that remained in Edoras had gathered there.

Theoden spoke, “I name Eomer my sister-son to be my heir,” he said to Gandalf. Elenya watched a proud expression cross Eomers face. “If neither of us return from this battle, you must choose a new lord. But now to someone I must entrust my people that I leave behind to rule in my place. Which of you will stay?”

No one spoke. Emilie could not take the silence anymore. She would speak.

“I know who of the house of Eorl shall.”

All eyes turned to her. Theoden said, “Eomer shall not stay.”

“Not Eomer. I speak of the Shieldmaiden of Rohan, Eowyn. She is brave and fearless and high-hearted. I love her, and I know that the people do as well. Let her be the lord of the Eorlingas.” Legolas glanced at her and smiled. She smiled back.

“It shall be so!” Theoden said. Eowyn knelt and received from him a sword and a fair corslet. “Farewell sister daughter. Dark is the hour, yet maybe we shall return to the Golden Hall. But in Dunharrow the people may long defend themselves, and if the battle go ill, thither will come all who escape.”

“Do not speak so!” she exclaimed. “I will await here a year every day until you return!” But as she spoke, Emilie saw her eyes turn to Aragorn. I]I smell trouble with a capital Trou!

“The King shall come again!” Theoden answered. “Fear not! Not the West but the East our doom awaits.”

Before they left, Emilie ran to the side of Legolas who embraced her in his arms though Eomer stood by.

“Please let me come with you! Please!”

He answered looking into her eyes, “I shall return. I vow to you this.”

“No! I would rather die beside you and the company fighting the orcs and the Uruk Hai. Please, Legolas!”

Legolas held her tighter fearing that this would be the last time they would see each other. He hugged her close not wanting to release her.

“I cannot let you come! How would you come? As an elven woman following the men that lead you? What if you were injured and killed? I cannot stay by your side and watch every move you make in the battle. You know, Elenya, that if I could, I would lead you all the way and protect you till the end of the battle. But I cannot let you. No, I will not let you! It is too dangerous. I wont risk your life,” he said firmly.

But she was determined. “OH! Don’t you see? I will risk any danger to stay with the company. To stay with you! Please, Legolas I-“

He did not let her finish but took her in his arms tight and met his lips with hers. Aragorn saw this and wondered at the two but smiled. Eomer seemed stunned when Legolas finally released her. He let her go slowly and mounted his horse. As he began walking, he said, “Wait for me everyday! Do not forget! I shall return! I vow to you with my heart! I shall return!”

Elenya watched him go sadly, and the tears fell from her eyes as she saw him depart with the others. But she was not the only one crying. She saw a slight tear trickle down Eowyn’s cheek. Elenya repeated the last words to of Legolas over and over again to give her courage and hope. It was hard to be left behind. She felt Eowyn’s pain. They did have a lot in common. But Emilie did not think about that. She merely watched the figure of the company disappear in the distance until it was night and the air was cold. Still she remained watching the last form of a rider disappear into the darkness. She was alone.


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