The Dragons of Middle-Earth – A Prophecy

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Of old there was Glaurung, first of all the terrible dragons in Middle-earth, and through him was wrought great evil and suffering. But he was not the first dragon to ever walk upon Arda, nor was his race intended to bring about such pain. The stories say that Morgoth created Glaurung to be his servant, one of many; but this is not true, for Morgoth cannot create, only corrupt and destroy. This he did to Glaurung, and what should have been the greatest of beauties in Middle-earth was instead made into a powerful agent of deceit and evil.

But others there were, left untouched and unsullied by the Enemy, who on an island in the West grew numerous and great in beauty and wisdom; and with them were the Naurnorim, the fire-riders.

When news of Glaurung and his ilk reached these noble creatures, they were much grieved, and their anger was as hot as white flame. They prepared themselves to go to the aid of the Elves and Men who did battle with him, and to slay him and all his kin. But as they made ready for flight, and the Naurnorim were sharpening their swords and stringing their bows, Ulmo himself rose out of the sea.

<< You must not go, >>

said he; and the breath of him was like the mist on a spring morning, and their fury was checked.

<< Shall we stand idly by and watch while one who was of us slays and plunders at will in Middle-earth? >>

asked Melakhai the Green, foremost among the dragons.

And Ulmo answered him and said,

<< If you go now, you shall be destroyed; or worse, captured and twisted into what Glaurung has become. Your people are not ready for war with this foe, Melakhai. Wise and powerful you are, but the Enemy is cunning and deceitful as only he can be who has nursed his covetousness and hatred since before the world was made. Therefore I say to you, you must not go. We have lost many of the Children already to this Enemy. Let us not lose you as well; for of all the Children you and the Naurnorim are the only ones the Enemy knows nothing of. All your kin in Middle-earth have fallen under his sway, but you are yet unknown to him. Let it remain thus. Let something in this world be untouched by evil. >>

And Melakhai was subdued, and bowed before Ulmo, and the opalescent tears that only his kind can shed ran hot upon his cheeks, and fell to earth as shimmering stones of many-coloured light.

<< It shall be as you say, Lord Ulmo, >>

said he,

<< but my grief for the hurts Glaurung shall cause is very great. >>

And Ulmo spoke comfort to him, saying,

<< There may come a day, Melakhai Greenscale, when your people shall be sorely needed in Middle-earth–but not to do battle. Upon that day I shall summon them, and your people and the peoples of Middle-Earth shall be united, and the hurts Glaurung wrought shall be healed. More I cannot tell you, for more I cannot see. >>


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