The dragon’s gift part three

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Legolas was deeply dismayed by the recent turn of events. The horse party who had been sent looking for Narindor had been found after three days of searching. They were all dead. The peculiar thing was that whatever had killed them had left their broken bodies lying to rot. But Narindor’s body was nowhere to be found. Her belongings had been scattered on the path. Legolas decided that whatever had done this had spirited her away and he would find her even if it meant finding her dead body. He packed his bow and knife and a few supplies and notified the other elves that he was leaving to find Narindor and he was going alone. When they asked him why he was taking no one with him he replied “better I die alone in pursuit than waste more lives upon whatever abomination has done this. He set out early the next day and followed the tracks leading away from the dead search party.

Narindor was slowly gaining in her already massive power and each hour she noticed even the slightest increase she had found a more preferable method of travel to walking.
She now was climbing trees and leaping through them like a beast. She decided she would head back to Dale and subdue the efforts there and begin her conquest. She felt as though she were the rightful owner of the earth upon which she was placed and that she had been put there to rule, she saw her life as an elf as a humorous and pathetic past and now she was as she had meant to be. As she hurtled through the trees she saw a small band of orcs. She thought they were refugees from the battle of five armies who decided to live here. She lighted on the nearest branch to them and lighted for a moment, taking in her surroundings. She smelled the fetid orc odor above all else. It was a smell of sweat and filth, like a stagnating heap of a dirty animal’s corpse. The early morning sun cast a silvery light upon them illuminating every detail to her surveying eyes. They were seventeen in number and dressed in ragged hides, their mottled greenish-gray skin wrinkled over their eyes and noses. She heard the biggest toughest looking one give a shout and he pointed at her. She nimbly hopped down from her branch and stood before them. The leader gave an ugly smirk and he motioned to his band saying “what an unusual little morsel we got `ere m’lads! It leaps like a squirrel but looks like a wild lady!
Perhaps she’ll offer a bit of sport `afore we do `er in! Narindor sneered at him and spoke in a malicious tone “yes filth, try me you may get more than you bargained for!”
The leader said to her “Ill have yer pretty little head for that!” With this he lunged swinging his scimitar at her. Narindor caught the blade between her thumb and forefinger. Then she wrenched it from his grasp. She noted with pleasure the surprised look on the orc’s face before ramming his own blade through his stomach.
She laughed with savage glee as he crumpled to the ground and was slowly being soaked in his own black blood. She turned her head to face the others but they were already fleeing. She grabbed a rock from nearby and sent it whistling into one target. She noted how the stone left an exit wound in his skull. Then she leaped off the ground and followed them in the trees. She snapped off a branch and dropped down, clubbed an orc in the head and hurled the branch into another, impaling it. She looked at the orc she had just bludgeoned. He was bleeding and unconscious but alive. She frowned, she had meant to kill him. She quickly rectified this by cracking his skull with her fist.

Legolas was swiftly following a foot trail through the woods, it smelled to him like orcs had been this way and he presumed they had been Narindor’s captors.
Or killers. He thought grimly. The foot trail lead on for quite a distance and he was forcing his horse into a gallop. Legolas felt he was getting closer as the odor grew stronger. A short distance more through the woods he came upon a dead orc carcass.
The orc was large, nearly man sized and he had a scimitar sticking from his gut.
There was another nearly fourteen feet away with a bloody hole in his head.
More orc bodies were nearby one’s head was smashed and another had a tree branch jutting from his stomach. The carcasses were fresh as the blood was still spreading from them. Just as he was contemplating this a scream echoed from ahead. Legolas spurred his horse in that direction and when he reached the source of the scream he was wracked with revulsion. He saw a tall figure with tattered blonde hair and a very torn garment. The figure turned toward him and he saw it’s eyes. They were pools of fire it seemed to Legolas. The figure’s eyes burned with a savage delight at the smell of blood and he tore his eyes away from it’s and saw an orc’s arm in it’s hand. On the ground at it’s feet an orc was lying there gurgling in it’s own blood. Then he looked at it’s face and nearly fainted. He recognized the figure’s face as his friend Narindor. Narindor started laughing.
Legolas thought the voice beautiful but the tone was so mocking it came across as a harsh, stinging rebuke. She spoke in a voice that barely masked her savage amusement.
“Legolas, I did not expect to see you here!” “I do believe you have seen too much!”
With this she slammed the orc’s arm to the ground and she started walking toward him.
Legolas was so revolted and horrified he was possessed of the urge to spur his horse in the opposite direction. Narindor did not slow down or change pace when she spoke.
“I advise you prepare some weapon and then tell me how you want me to dispose of your remains.” Legolas suddenly came to and whipped out his bow and before he nocked an arrow She was up to him! She whipped her arm and struck his chest and he fell from his horse. She grabbed a handful of the animal’s hair and pulled it’s neck toward her and bit the jugular. Blood spilled down her mouth and chest and she threw the animal to the ground. Legolas felt like a caged animal, a feeling he’d never felt before as she closed in on him, her fair face disfigured with blood and dirt.
He suddenly realized her full intent. She was going to kill him.
He pulled his bow up to shooting level and nocked an arrow. Smiled mockingly and looked into his eyes. He suddenly got the feeling it wasn’t going to work.
Still he fired Narindor’s hand suddenly appeared on the arrow’s shaft and he realized that she was too fast even for his eye to follow. Legolas was scrambling to think of his next move when Narindor suddenly appeared in front of him and struck his face with the back of her hand. Legolas fell to the ground shocked, he couldn’t imagine anything but a troll able to level him with one swipe. And none of them can do it this fast! He thought.
She reached down and plucked up his bow. She frowned at it and broke it over her knee.
Legolas figured his only hope was to talk his way out, for physical means were of no use.
“Narindor, what has happened to you?” he said. She laughed her horrible stinging laugh and said “I’ve realized my destiny, you poor pathetic elf!” Legolas regained his feet and stood. Then legolas asked her “and what are you if not an elf?” now there was scorn in his voice. She said “I’ve no label to conform to! What I am is the most powerful being on the face of this pathetic earth!” She was very nearly snarling as she said these words.
Legolas merely reached for his knife. This monster is not Narindor! He thought.
She spoke again in a sonorous, lilting tone that Legolas found to be a gross parody of her earthly voice “I am so sorry now, but I think it is time to kill you, and subvert your father, and all the rest to my will”. “And any pathetic attempt you make at combat will fail!”
She was upon him in a flash! Legolas felt blows hitting him at every angle and each one hurt like nothing he’d ever felt before! Legolas leaped backwards and watched the blur.
He focused all his senses and strength into this one, desperate blow. And it connected! The blur suddenly stopped and He saw Narindor standing there with a knife in her heart.
She looked shocked at first, then she laughed at him, hissing “you FOOL!”
“I’m immortal!” She withdrew the knife and showed Legolas the blade. There was dark red blood the whole length of it but she was not bleeding. Then legolas felt a sudden painful sting in his hip. And he realized she had sliced it open before he he could see her do it. He collapsed to his knees and before he even knew what he was doing he cried “Elbereth curse this monster!” Then Narindor looked down on him and with a mocking voice she said “Ooh is Legolas beseeching his gods?” “How cute that is!” “don’t you know? I am the only god! And none can defeat me!” Then Legolas saw her raise the knife slowly, smiling. Her bloody mouth curved up into a gruesome mockery of a smile.
Her nostrils flaring, and Her eyes bloody pools of savage glee. Her enjoyment of the moment was more than evident, in fact the knowledge of his own incoming death permeated Legolas’ mind and he surrendered, waiting for the worst.
But suddenly Narindor doubled up choking. A bright light surrounded the area.
And Narindor began to vomit. Black bile spilled from her mouth and a pained expression crossed her bloodied face. And she stopped retching and collapsed, motionless and lifeless on the ground.

Narindor was ready to kill this pathetic elf. She saw him kneeling there waiting to be killed by his own knife. But suddenly her moment of joy was cut off. Pain surged through her body! White hot, blinding pain! She saw a tall woman dressed in white scowling at her through a cloud of searing light and the woman spoke, “Die now, abomination to our earth! The Valar decree your death sentence now!” And Narindor began to choke, and then she vomited. Acid was pouring out of her throat and black bile came boiling out of her mouth! She began to feel her power ebbing away at a speed that horrified her.
NO NO NO!! It is not supposed to end this way! I was to rule! And and…
As these thoughts raced through her mind her whole being ceased and she got a full appreciation of the power of divine intervention. She felt like an ugly, large, spider being crushed under the infinite force of a giant mumakil’s foot! And she expired and knew no more.


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