The Dragon’s gift – part II

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Legolas trudged heavily away from camp pondering Narindor’s strange disappearance. It was Inconceivable, why would she leave? Legolas, refused to believe that she would go by her own will. But as the day wore on and the investigation heightened it became clear that she had gone. The scouts who set out after her on horseback hadn’t returned yet. This disturbed Legolas greatly, how could Narindor leave so quickly, taking her favorite belongings with her? The horsemen should have overtaken her by now, after all she was on foot and heavily loaded but the horsemen had set out quickly and hadn’t slowed down.

Gerrend, captain of the horse party led his company through the deep woodland south of lonely mountain. As they followed the footsteps closely they began to see small trinkets and clothing of elven origin. Gerrend, though a mortal man had come to know Narindor very well and feared the worst.
Soon his company rounded a bend in the trail and there was Narindor sitting on a rock near a small brook. Gerrend said “Narindor! Thank the Valar you are safe!” Narindor looked up and smirked but Gerrend immediately knew something was amiss he dismounted and told his company to stay there.
Gerrend would never admit it but he actually had deep feelings for Narindor.
In the few days he had known her he came to count her among his closest friends. But he saw differences in her features than before and he sensed something evil in the smirk and in the eyes that followed him. One of the horsemen, a man named sangbret said “‘urry up captain it’s getting cold out `ere” Gerrend looked even more closely at the maiden staring into her eyes and said “come along we’ve been looking for you since this morning!”
Narindor stood and said, “Captain Gerrend I know you have come to like me deeply and I wanted you to know that you are a good man before…” her voice trailed off. Gerrend said “Before what?” she snarled and with that she threw herself at him with unbelievable force and speed, mouth open baring fangs that should not have been there but Gerrend didn’t have time to notice. Sangbret saw the exchange and yelled “captain!” he and the others dismounted hastily and rushed to Gerrend’s aid but as Sangbret moved to restrain her arm became a blur and before he knew it he was dead.

Narindor was aware of the search party hours before she saw them.
First she began to hear them very faintly so, she began dropping her various belongings discarding them with disgust. She no longer needed them!
She made a decision that she would test her powers.
Something within her shuddered with revulsion but she quickly smothered it.
So she sat on a rock and waited for several hours until they finally came around the bend. She recognized one human she knew and several others she had seen before. The one she knew, Gerrend had his eyes fixed upon her.
She made no effort to hide her true nature as she had done with Legolas earlier instead she uncloaked her malice. He dismounted and said “Narindor! Thank the Valar you are safe!” She only smirked at him. She heard another horseman complain about the cold but she paid him no heed. “Come along we’ve been looking for you since this morning!” the captain said. She stood, readying her power. She decided to say something to the human to make him fear her so she said “Captain Gerrend I know you have come to like me deeply and I wanted you to know that you are a good man before…” her voice trailed off. Gerrend asked “Before what?” She bared her teeth in a snarl of contempt and lunged, her legs acting as giant springs. She slammed into the mortal’s fragile body, killing him in an instant. The others dismounted and ran to her trying to restrain her but none could touch her.
She bludgeoned them with her fists breaking them utterly with one blow each, and then she grabbed the last one and used the same trick she had used on the thief. Her will poured into his mind issuing one command so loudly and harshly that it burned into his psyche, forcing him to her will. He promptly drew his knife and stabbed himself in the heart. She remembered with pleasure the thief whom she had forced to kill himself. Also remembering the way she had forced the feeling of innocence into Legolas’s mind and how weak they all felt. She was queen! She was ruler! No one could stop her! The dragon’s heart had given her more power than she could imagine! She then knew her destiny, her destiny to bend all to her will! And no one and no thing could stop her!


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