The Dorwake family (An elvish family trapped in a human world) – Chapter two They have taken Lela. (Mewters speaking)

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“Raid the house take all possessions that’s worth taking, but complete the mission, stay on track, and find the members of the Dorwake family” I heard from under the wooden stairs that towered other me, my face covered all over with fear.

“Run,” shouted a voice from the cupboard, it was my sister, her brown eyes steering at me as she ran across the hall. The warg riders pounced on her. There saliva dripping on to her neck. “Help” she cried as the fangs got closer to her back and pierced the skin.

“Leave her alone” I yelped throwing wood at the beast knocking it to the ground. “Mewter run get out of hear, find Yellwen” my sister yelled at me pushing me out of the door as she took up her sword and sliced down the back of a Orc.

I ran out, “Yellwen, Yellwen” I yelled running down to the wall of the side of the city, we were one of the highest houses surrounded by walls in the city, you needed to climb stair after stair to get here. “Yellwen” I cried seeing her sword laying limp on the edge of the wall. I took her sword up and gripped it tight peering other the wall and seeing her laying as limp as the sword. Her leg was twisted as from where she landed. A tear rolled down from my eye and off my check, it fell down tumbling and landed in a pile of blood. I took the sword and headed from the stairs, when I was at the top I looked behind me seeing my sister, Lela running at me. I headed down the stairs watching her grabbing me and yanking me back up three steps and pushing the wall in. There was now a doorway in the stairs, we ran in and closed it. Pressing my back against the door and sliding down to the bottom breathing silently and my tight
Lips got tighter as I let the sword rolled down from my hand to the ground making a slinking nose when it hit the ground.

“What now” I asked as the foot steps ran past the secret door that hold us in trapping us, surrounding us in safety. “Come on” she smiled pushing me along the long corridor up and to the out side of the walls. There was two men fighting off a fell beast and the ring wrath that rode it was pushing his sword in and out of the crowds trying to get at him. The fell beast ripped the 1st man from the ground and threw him off the wall as far as I could see and as the beast spun round his tail ripped the other in the same direction.
“Charge” my sister shouted running up to the beast.
“Die, Die”

Then it happened the wraith hopped back on his mount and ordered it to grab Lela. They flew off back down to the camp and from the gate rode the riders of the wraith that followed him in to complete the mission, to take and kill my family.


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