The Diary of Galadrieth – CHAPTER II:The Darkest Day

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I brushed my fingers gently through my hair, causing it to shimmer in the dying sun. Only some light shined through the open spaces above me, in the tree canopy. As I thought of what day it was, a wave of excitement passed through my petite body.It was my tenth birthday.I smiled.

Mother had told me to stay away from the palace until she sent out one of the younger gaurds. I knew all the Elven-Gaurds well, because they were always with me. Even though I was a great fighter, and could take care of myself, Mother and Father insisted on at least two of the more well trained gaurds to be with me everywhere I went. I never asked why this had to be, because I thought it was just normal for gaurds to constantly be with a Princess.

The sun had set completely, and it was so dark I could hardly see a thing.My eyes soon adjsuted and I could see fairly well, until a light so bright and powerful appeared, I felt like I was blind again. I staggered backwards a few paces, but quickly regained my balance.

“Galadrieth?”, questioned a man. His voice was raspy and unfamiliar.

“Yes?” I asked impaitiently.

“Please follow me.” I was quick to obey, for I was so excited about my party. The light burnt my eyes, but I didn’t notice. The gaurd started humming a tune, that at once I recognised, and hated, but that didn’t matter much to me either, so I just hummed along.

We reached the Palace in no time. I was rushed in and hurried to get washed and dressed for the party. I did not see Mother or Father the whole time I did these orders. I figured they were still getting ready for the party. Every Elf of Lothlorien was invited. That made a bit nervous but I tried not to think about that.

I glanced at myself in the mirror. My hair was so soft it shone in even the dimmest of lights, my face was fair with a touch of pink at my cheeks and nose, my freckles spotted my face, like stars embraced the sky. My dress was long in the back, and it showed a lot of my back, the front was shorter, and it was pleated just right. The color was a darker shade of Lavender.

I heard Mother.

“You look beautiful,” she said in her calm voice. She stooped down low and kissed me on the cheek. Her kiss was soft and made me feel warm all over. I smiled at her.

She grabbed my hand and gently pulled me out the Palace.
I don’t know everyone in Lothlorien, but I think all the guests had already arrived. Lanterns were strung all around. There was avery large stone table set up, with loads of food waiting to be dined. For the first time out of the whole day, I realised that I was hungry. I glanced at another table, built of stone, and gasped at what was on the table. Lying on the table in a heap were weapons of all kind!!!I rushed over to the table and tested the bow and arrows out. I accidently hit one of the many brightly lit, lanterns!

The party was going great, and I was trying to give my attention to all the guests I could, which was really hard.But my mind kept going to some far off place, where I was using my new weapons to slay orcs.

I should have been paying more attention to what was happening at the party instead of my fantasies, because the worst thing, happened to my home at that very moment.

The Scaviaires were attacking my kin. The Scaviaires are insects that grow inside of hollowed trees. They are very nasty insects, and when they are grown up enough they leave their hollow trees and bury themselves deep into your flesh and from there they eat you alive. I already had one in my leg, and could feel it moving. I had nothing else to do but gather my weapons and leave.


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