The Diary of Elanor – March 27 & 29 1432 S.R.

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March 27 1432 S.R.
I made a new friend to-day.
Me and Elesmera were playing by the Mallorn when He and his friends came. His name was Fastred, and he was certainly a funny boy! He told so many jokes I thought my ribs would be broken. His friend were nice enough, I knew some of the girls, but Fastred- O, he is wonderful.

March 29 1432 S.R.
I could not write in you yesterday, because I was so busy with the end of the week washing. Mama and I do it alone, as we are the only ones who know how. I think even th simple word “wash” confuses men-folk. But it is hard work. Confound it all, Rose and Goldilocks! Can’t you grow up quicker?
But guess what? Uncle Merry has been made the Master of Buckland! I want to make something for him, a gift, but what? I shall speak with Mama about this.


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