The Diary of Elanor – April 3rd 1432 S.R. [Sorry It took so long!]

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April 3, 1432 S.R.
Rose actually apologized! I was pulling weeds for Papa in his vegetable garden, when she came up the garden path, slouched, with her head bent. She was crying, I could tell. “Rose, you-” I tried to spit out an insult, but she just looked too miserable. Instead, I asked, in a softer tone, “What is the matter, Rose?”
She looked up at me, and quickly wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. She glared at me. “I shant tell you! You don’t care about me anyway.”
“Aw, Rose! You now I care about you! I wouldn’t be asking if I didn’t!”
She sniffed. “Then why do you hate that I’m in the play? “
“Because I- you’re always causing trouble! We don’t even have a Ringwraith now, because of you!”
“I didn’t mean to wreck it, Elanor! Honest! We just wanted to get a better view of you acting! Frodo and you are very good! I’m sorry, Elanor!”
I couldn’t help but stare at her for a moment. “I- I guess I am, too.”
She looked confusedly at me. “Why?”
“Because I was so mean.”
“Oh. Then I forgive you.”
“I forgive you, too.”
At supper tonight, poor Frodo tripped over his huge feet and landed right on his bottom. Rose and I exchanged glaces and burst out laughing. How nice it is to have a sister again!


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