The Death of Merry and Pippin – Prologue, Chapter 1, and Two

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It was early in September when Eowyn’s health began to decline. By late October she was confined to her bed. Merry and their three children, Theoden, Iris, and Violet, looked after her unceasingly, Merry most of all. He would sit by their bed, stroking her white hands, and tell her how beautiful she looked. Finally in mid-November, she died.


Diamond had been very ill in January. The worst had passed, but she was still very weak. It was early March. Pippin stayed with her all the time and would only leave when Faramir and Goldilocks made him. One night, he was sitting beside their bed, telling her how much he loved her.

“Oh Diamond, I adore you.” He thought to himself for a minute. “I can just imagine what the hobbits will be saying about years from now.”


“The beauty of Mistress Took,” he ran to the center of their bed. “was greater than any other hobbit in the Shire. Her skin was smoother than cream, and as soft as a flower petal. Her hair was the color of oak wood and as soft as a gentle spring wind. Her eyes were two pools of water the refleted the rays of the sun at day and the silver stars at night. Her lips put the petals of the rose to shame and one kiss from them was sweeter than the sweetest honey. She was so beautiful,” Pippin jumped on their bed and leaned over Diamond. Their noses were touching. “that the elves bestowed a blessing upon her that she would never age.”

“Pippin,” she said. “You know full well that the elves also blessed you, Merry, Eowyn, Rosie, and Sam.”

“Yes I know.” Pippin kissed her tenderly. He sat back.

Diamond sighed. She raised her hands and ran her fingers through Pippin’s hair. “Pippin, kiss me again.” He put his arms around her a kissed her again, this time longer and more passionate. She held her arms tightly around his neck. There they were, in the dim candlelight, drowning in each other’s love.

When their lips finally parted, Diamond laid her head on her husband’s breast. She smiled. “I love you, Pippin,” and she spoke no more. Pippin felt the life go out of her. He looked at her. Diamond looked as if she was sleeping as she had for so many years when Pippin would wake up and look at her in complete adoration, until sleep took him again. He held her body close and began to weep. Pippin kissed her forehead, cheeks, and lips. “Come back to me,” he whispered. His cries grow louder and louder. When they heard the wails coming from the bedroom, Faramir and Goldilocks decided it was best to leave Pippin alone.

Merry knocked on the door of Great Smials. It was late, he know, but he wanted to talk with Pippin. He had been so lonely since Eowyn’s death. When Goldilocks opened the door with red eyes, Merry knew what happened.

“Maybe I should come back later,” he suggested.

“No Merry, I think you came just in time. Dad needs you,” answered Faramir. Merry walked into Pippin and Diamond’s bedroom. Diamond was lying in Pippin’s arms. Even though his back was to Merry, Pippin knew he was there.

“Merry, why do worms have life and she doesn’t?”

“I don’t know.” He was thinking of Eowyn.


Diamond’s funeral was three days later. The Shire was starting to look like spring, but it was still quite cold. Merry, Pippin, and Faramir wore black suits, and Goldilocks wore a black dress. Mayor Frodo Gardner gave the effigy.

“Fellow hobbits,” he said. “We are here to pay our last respects to Mistress Diamond Took.” As he continued the speech, Pippin started to sway back and forth, just a little. Merry grabbed his hand. “Pip, are you okay?” Pippin closed his eyes and nodded.

Frodo came to the end of his speech. “And though it is hard, we must bid Mistress Took farewell.” At this Pippin screamed and collasped into Merry’s arms. That caused a lot of hubbub. Merry carried the unconscience hobbit in his arms back to Great Smials. As he walked back to Great Smials, he could he Pippin’s mournful wails, and at the sound of each one, Merry felt a pain like a knife go through his heart.

Over a month passed. It was now late April. Mourning for Diamond had ended, and Faramir and Goldilocks had gone back to wearing other colors. But Pippin had not been seen since the funeral.

Merry was at the Green Dragon one night. His attention was aroused when some of the hobbits started talking about Pippin.

“Odd how the Thain hasn’t shown his face since the funeral of Mistress Took.,” said one.

“It’s unnatural for a hobbit to be worn away by grief,” said another.

“The Thain has cracked,” said the third.

“I know what happened!” said the fourth hobbit. The other three hobbits leaned in close and Merry perked his ears. “The Thain died the night of the funeral. Mr. Faramir buried him in the night so not to cause commotion. and the Thain’s ghost haunts Great Smials, dressed in a black robe and carrying a diamond in his hands. He’s looking for his wife.”

“How do you know?” asked the second one.

“Because I’ve seen it!” The hobbits leaned in closer. “I was walking past Great Smials, and I looked in. and the Thain’s ghost passed by, dressed in a black robe, and carrying a diamond.” The other’s sat back, unconvinced.

“The Thain has cracked,” the third one said again.


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