The Daughter of Feanor

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~Daughter of Feanor~ Chapter #1~

Naira was the only daughter of Feanor. She was just over a few thousand years of age when Feanor had decided to make the march from Formenous to Alqualonde. She made the march, but never did she swear to the oath her brother’s and father swore. After the kinslaying at Alqualonde, the Valar thought it best to punish Feanor through his largest weakness, his new born daughter. They took away her ability to speak. But, in place of her voice, Naira received much more power then any Elf, Man, Maia, or any other being on the face of Arda would hope to have.

Anyways, it soon became apparent to her father what the Valar had done, and he curses their names that much more. She grew extremely close to her brothers, especially Maedhros. And, even though she had no voice, they understood her almost as well as if she actually was talking to them.

After the death of Feanor, Naira began to spend large portions of her time in Doriath with Melian, and her cousin Galadriel. There, she would study in the massive libraries as they were being formed, and listened to the wisdom of Melian. She became extremely knowledgeable in history, arts, and ways with words. Whenever she wrote a letter to her brothers, it usually brought them to tears due to her unique choice of words, knowing full well she could never speak them aloud with her own voice.

Mysteriously, Naira was able to survive everything Middle-earth went through. No one knew if it was because the Valar regretted what they had done to her, or if it was because of all she had learned with both common knowledge, and the sword. And, due to not having the ability to talk, no one ever learned the true extent of her sorrow towards losing her father, mother, brothers, and most of her friends.

Later on in life, she would adopt Gil-galad as a brother, and then watch him die in her arms during the battle of the Last Alliance. To her, he gave his faithful spear, Aeglos. She then joined the Dunedain Rangers, and left Gil-galad’s spear in the care of Elrond Half-Elven, as it would be too large of a burden for her to carry during her quests through the Shire.

Now, around 3000 years have passed since the war in which Naira had lost Gil-galad. She had formed a bond with an elf in Rivendell known as Glorfindel, Elrond’s advisor. But, as a Ranger, she had her duties to tend to. And she had been called to the Shire by Caption Strider to aid some Hobbirs in their escape from Ringwraiths. Although few enjoyed facing them, she was one of the few who specialized in fighting them. And that is where she is heading to now.


Naira urged Manwathie on, as the screams grew quieter. A jolt of fear ran up Naira’s neck, as she realized she may already be too late. Manwathiel rounded a corner, and there it was, the Ringwraith, hunching over a log. Of course! That must be where the Hobbits were hiding! How clever!

The Ringwraith turned toward her, and let out a scream so wicked, and awful, it would have crumbled the hearts of lesser beings. But there was no evil large enough to crumble Naira anymore. She had lived much longer then this pitiful being in front of her, and many other minions of evil. She did not fear them.

Naira drew her sword, and leapt from Manwathiel’s back, giving her the go ahead to trot behind her, and out of the danger zone.

The Wraith gave one last scream, as it drew it’s blade. “Run now, she-elf!”

Naira’s hood was down, so it was no mystery as to how he knew she was an female elf. At present, her mission was either to stall for time so the Hobbits could escape, or to scare the Wraith away, and take the Hobbits to Bree on horseback. Pretty simple orders, and hopefully easy to carry out.

The Wraith charged, and Naira had to leap to avoid being trampled. The Wraith was so much larger then her that all it would take would be running over her with his metal boots to disable her smaller, more fragile body.


Sam and Frodo peaked over the edge of the log as the sound of unsheathing swords were heard. They were careful not to be seen at first, thinking there might be two of nasty things chasing them.

But then they heard the words `she-elf’ get spat out in a screechy voice that sent shivers up their spines. Sam gasped, for it was a female elf facing off with the Wraith. She had long, dark red hair, and icy blue eyes. When the blades met, sparks flew, and her blade lit on fire.

“Brilliant,” Frodo exclaimed lightly to Sam.

“What is, Mr.Frodo?”

“She has put a good coding of burning oil, or ale on her sword. At the slightest touch of a spark, the oil bursts into flame. I’ve heard about this technique, and there’s one person in particular that is know for using this. I wonder if this is her.”

“It doesn’t matter, we must go.” Merry and Pippin grabbed them by the arm, and began to pull them along.


The sword was on fire now. Naira took three quick swings at the Wraith. All three hit the Wraith, and set his robes ablaze. He screamed at her, then turned, and ran. Naira ran to the log, and looked over it. But the Hobbits were already gone. That was alright though, she’d just have to caught up with them at Bree. Hopefully, they’d want to stay at the Prancing Pony.

Just then, another scream screeched behind Naira, and she turned to see yet another Nazgul. But this one was on his horse, and he was beginning to charge her. Without wasting a heartbeat, Naira leapt over the log, and began to run. Her speed could match that of any horse, when needed, and she could run forever. Knowing the Hobbits had probably headed off to the Brandywine Bridge, she ran as far away from it as possible.

Manwthiel came riding up beside Naira, and Naira swung herself onto Manwathiel’s back. She then ducked her head down, and touched her face on the left side of Manwathiel’s neck, telling her to take off.

She did, and soon they had lost the Wraith.


Naira allowed Manwathiel to gallop up near the town of Bree. She gracefully leapt from her back, and led her to the gates. She knocked on the door, and the gate keeper opened the viewing window.

For a moment, he just looked at her, unable to make out who it was because she had her hood up. “What do you want?”

Naira stuck a note through the window, and he quickly looked over it. He nodded, and opened the gate. “I’m sorry, Mr.Lome, I didn’t know it was you. Please, enjoy your stay.”

Naira nodded to him, and led Manwathiel into Bree. She quickly made her way to the Prancing Pony. Mawathiel trotted up to the stables, while Naira walked inside.

As usual, the Prancing Pony was alive with laughter, dancing, and ale. Naira walked up to the counter where Butterbur stood. Butterbur turned to her, and gave her his immediate attention, for she was a Ranger.

“Good evening, Lome, welcome back to the Prancing Pony! We haven’t seen you in so long, we didn’t know if you’d ever be coming back.”

Naira sat a small bag of money down on the table, and Butterbur looked at it. He nodded, and handed her a rusty old key. “I’m giving you the same room you always have. And the ale is on the house for you tonight. Have as much as you want.”

Naira took the key, nodded, and turned. She quickly scanned the room, and saw strider sitting in one of the darker corners of the room, with his hood up, like usual. She walked over to him, and sat down.

Strider pushed a mug of ale over to her. “I see the Hobbits did not arrive with you. Have the Nazgul captured them?”

Naira slowly shook her head, as she sipped lightly on her ale. The door to the Prancing Pony opened again, and Naira watched as four Hobbits walked in. And the one they were looking for was with them.

“Is that them?”

Naira nodded, stood, held up her key, and pointed to the number on it. She then turned, and began for her room, eyeing the Hobbits some. For a moment, she stared at her, recognizing her somewhat. But, they soon shrugged her off, and went about getting a room with four beds, and ordering ale.

Naira quickly made her way up to her room, and closed the door. She lit some candles, and took her quiver off her back. She then sat down in the wooden chair placed next to the window, propped her feet up on the window sill, and waited.


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