‘The Dark Sunset’…..Part Three – Thoughts and Plans

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Eldarion was up in his room, reading a book, when he heard a knock on the door,’Come in.’ He said.

The door opened as his father’s figure appeared in the doorway,’Hello.’ Eldarion told his father,’Whats going on? I mean, er….Is there a reason why your in here?’

‘I need to ask you something, and this time, tell me the truth. I know when you are lying and when you aer telling the truth, so do not try to lie to me. For it will not work.’His tone was serious as was the look on his face.’Do you know Moruial?’

His body went stiff and his face went pale, but he knew he couldn’t lie as his father had just made clear,’Yes….I know her.’

‘Are you inlove with her?’ He raised an eyebrow.

As much as Eldarion wanted to say no, he knew he couldn’t. One he couldn’t lie to his father, two he couldn’t lie about his love for her,’Yes….I am inlove with her. But before you say anything else let me explain.’ There was a silence for a moment and then ELdarion continued.’Ever since the moment I looked at Moruial, I have been inlove with her. The very presence of her makes me feel so happy and warm that there is no possible way I can live without her. The love I have for her is so great that I am willing to die for her. Father…..do not take me away from her. I….love her with all of my heart.’He bent his head down, his grey eyes welled up with tears.

The heart of the king was touched. Never had he heard such words of meaning come from his son, not like that at least. He could see now the feelings his son had for that girl, but Eldarion was still so young. He had many years before him, it was too early for him to be inlove with a girl so much, this early in his long life. Not only did he not want this to happen, he didn’t know the girl. He knew her father well, and he was a very greedy, stubborn man. Was she like this? Thoughts raced through his mind as more tears came from the eyes of his son. Slowly the king stood up and left his son to his own sorrows.


Outside of his son’s room, Elessar had even more things nagging on his mind. ‘How could I have let this happen? He is still so young.’ He thought to himself.’What if she is like her father, just as greedy, selfish, and stubborn. I do not want him with her, not until I know her better. Oh, but Eldarion doesn’t matter what I want, he won’t listen to me.’ He was flustered. He didn’t understand how he could stop his son from loving her. ‘I don’t want to seem so cruel to him though, should I let them be. She seems so nice, so kind….nothing like her father. I don’t want to tear Eldarion away from the one person he loves. Maybe I should leave them be…’ Nothing could satisfy the king’s thought. It bugged him, he couldn’t stop thinking about it. What was he going to do?


Tears kept flowing from Eldarion’s eyes as he thought more and more about Moruial. She was so beautiful. He remembered the first time they had met, how the first time he looked at her she had him under a spell. Never could he look at any girl without thinking of her ever again. He wasn’t going to let his father just rip all his feelings and emotions apart. He had to get away. Away from everyone, everyone except Moruial.

He looked out the window, it was a ten foot drop to the ground. Slowly, he got up from his bed and stood next to the window,’Well….here goes nothing’ He sighed. He stood on the ledge, closed his eyes and jumped.


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