The Curse of Narya – A Tale of a Fair Easterling

by Sep 25, 2002Stories

Here I have created a story with fictitional characters within Middle-earth. This is a story about a girl of the Easterlings named Narya. Like Melia the Ranger who fell in love with Legolas, she is being forced to marry by her father the leader of the Easterlings Fasel. Her story begins before she is born. A curse is pronounced upon her by a dark sorcerer who held a grudge against her father because he had been banished for tampering with an intense use of magic. This is a story in which Narya must choose for what her heart desires and sets upon a dangerous quest to test her strong and independent will.

Fasel and Aritha were overjoyed when they heard they would be having a child for they were well aged in years. Fasel wished desperately for a son to take over his rule. When the baby was born, however, it turned out to be a girl. She was the most beautiful baby among the Easterlings. She had rich golden locks, and everyone imagined her with long beautiful golden curls when she was grown. Fasel immediately threw a celebration in honor of his child’s birth. Everyone who attended brought a gift for the infant.

Aritha’s good friend Lelia brought her five year old son Aseir to the celebration as well. He walked up to the baby’s cradle and laid a necklace of gold inside, which the baby fingered in her hands. It was then that Fasel decided that his daughter would marry Aseir who would become one of his noblest of friends.

Fasel stood up at the long table filled with guests and raised his glass to make a speech.

“Friends and honoured guests, we have gathered here today to celebrate the birth of my daughter the one we shall call Narya.”

The Easterlings let out shouts of joy when suddenly the doors of the great hall flew open. A cold gust of wind blew through the doors and a crash of thunder sounded. A dark figure hooded and cloaked in a fiery red appeared in the doorway. The nobles immediately drew their swords ready to defend their lord if necessary. The figure approached Fasel andunveiled himself. He raised a long black staff inches from Fasels face.

“DRAVEN!” Fasel shouted with utmost anger and rage. “You have no power here! Be gone!”

“I have grown very powerful even over you! But I want you to suffer! Suffer countless hours and days as I have. I pronounce a curse upon your child! A baby is here before me. Beautiful she will be. She shall grow tall and fair as beautiful as the Elves with long dark hair. Her lips as red as the rose and teeth like pearls. Her eyes as deep as the ocean blue. But very soon on her marriage night she will disappear from your sight. Will she return? Maybe she will. But not before she climbs a most treacherous hill that if she returns be sure that her family wont even know her!”

With an evil coarsing laugh, Draven circled his staff in the air. Within a moment a cloud of red smoke enveloped him stinging everyone’s eyes, and when it subsided Draven was gone.


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