The conversion of my Lil Bro – stage 3: concerning fanfics and other matters

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The conversion of my Lil Bro – stage 3: concerning fanfics and other matters

Day 13 –
As you probably guessed from the title, I am now going to (attempt to) introduce Ed to the wonderful world of LOTR fanfics. Wish me luck!

Day 14 –
I have printed off some fanfics to force-read to Ed if necessary. He loves Lord of the Peeps and he is currently devouring Frolijah (thanks Nienna!). However, it is taking him many thousand ages of the Earth to read something like one page, so we may be here a Lo-o-o-ng time.

Day 15 –
He’s still reading Frolijah.

Day 16 –
Yep, still reading.

Day 17 –
Don’t even ask.

Day 18 –
YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!! He’s finished part 1. He loves it. He now wants me to leave him the heck alone, with less polite words than I just used. Damn.

Day 19 –
I think the reason Ed likes Lord of the Peeps is cos it’s basically like a comic strip. He has a thing about comics – he even draws them himself. Not bad ones – just … well … without being rude, you know, no offence meant, not very good, meaning nothing negative, if it’s all right to say that. He goes mental if anyone disses his comics. He does this one called Sharku, where basically a superhero shark falls off a cliff into the exhaust from a boat. It’s quite good drawing, just not a very good comic. No offence. *hides from Ed in case he lynches me* Speaking of comics, I have a sneaky plan to get Ed to read FOTR! More info later…

Day 20 –
My plan was a success! I’ve managed to get Ed to start FOTR again! I am holding my breath to see if he gets further than Concerning Hobbits this time. Now, you’re probably wondering what my Grand Plan was. Well, no-one’ll read Ed’s comics, so I offered to … *shudder* … read them, if he would have another shot at Fellowship of the Ring.

Day 21 –
Ed has, after much perseverance and against all probability, reached the Long Awaited Party. Celebrate! Anyway, he says he is finding it “long-winded but good”. I shall take this as a positive sign.

Day 22 –
Ed has been telling me about a game he and his friends play at school. He, Joe and Let’s Call Him Jack are walking through the woody area in the playground and talking quietly. Jack is singing, generally Busted. Joe is walking on his knees. Ed is doing exaggerated strides and putting his hand to his waist a lot, as if to a sword hilt. Joe announces that he has “the eyes of a hawk and the ears of a fox”, and their friend L.C.H. Matthew jumps out of a tree at them and says that Joe breathes so loud he could shoot him in the dark. Then they all climb the tree and talk about LOTR. Sounds fun!

Day 23 –
Ed has announced that he wants to get a haircut like Frodo. Nooo! I can’t fancy my own little brother! He and Frodo already bear an uncanny resemblance. However, I think I will be safe so long as Ed does not get blue contacts.

Day 24 –
Ed is denied Frodo haircut. Do not know whether to feel relieved or disappointed. Well, at least I and the girls at his school are safe.

Day 25 –
Ed has reached Weathertop.

Day 26 –
We have bought TTT on DVD!!! Yay!!! Celebrate!!! Do other things with multiple exclaimation marks!!! Unfortunately, I am not allowed to watch it till my birthday. *sob* Wait a moment, my birthday is tomorrow! Double yay!

Day 27 –
IIIIIIIIIIt’s myyyyyyy BIIIIIIIIIIIIIRTH-daaaaaaaaay … haaaaaaappy BIIIIRTHdayyyyyyy … tuuum teee tuuuuum … and everyone sing!! Ahem. It’s my birthday! Or have I already mentioned that? Anyway, you know what I can do on my birthday??? I can watch TTT!!!!!!! Wahay! etc

Day 28 –
Back to school. Darn. Post-TTT joy fading … but taking it to school to read. Joy restored!

Day 29 –
Back to Ed. We watch TTT together! We have brilliant time – LOTR seems to do that. Anyway, Ed has started to do imitations of Gollum. He scares me. There again, I scare him, so we’re quits.

Day 30 –
Ed is convinced that the orc in Fangorn has a knife in his gut, and I am perpetrating 70 of the 127 ways to know if you’re obsessed with LOTR. Life is good.


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