The Conversion of my Lil Bro – Stage 1: the movie

by Sep 22, 2003Stories

Day 1 –
We all went to see FOTR (this is when it came out). I am an instant convert, read the books, eat sleep & breathe LOTR, etc. My brother (lets call him Ed) wets his pants in Moria. I think it was the Balrog, although it may have been the XXXXL coca cola.

Day 2 –
(this is actually quite a long day, I.E. the year between FOTR at cinema and FOTR on DVD/VHS) I keep trying to get Ed to read the books, but he strenuously resists all efforts. Nuts. He doesn’t know what he’s missing. FOTR coming out on DVD sparks his interest for a while, but not making much progress.

Day 3 –
Am watching FOTR over and over – no great sacrifice, i.e. loads of fun – and Ed keeps coming in to watch standing in the doorway, or pretending to read a magazine. He can’t help himself (heh heh). In other news, he no longer wets his pants during Moria.

Day 4 –
Ed still holding up fake mask of indifference. I know better. He can now remember the names of all the characters in the first movie!!! Am teaching him about Tom Bombadil.

Day 5 –
Ed has started to quote the more memorable passages of FOTR (His favourite is: “They have a cave troll”. There is hope for him yet. Wish me luck.


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