The Chosen ONe – Ch.2

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OK everyone, I’m back! I greatly appreciate ALL the advice you have given me. Now a few of you said that every now and then there are misspellings or punctuations errors. The reason is I’m writing this in M. Word and my spelling guide is all funky right now. It’s to hard for me to correct it all by hand because I’m REALLY busy with all my end of the year testing with school. Soooo I hope this part is better, Maybe longer but If you want a better story from me it will probably be longer…. Well enough babbling, On to the story!
P.S. Her name IS jasmine. After the flower.

I really had no idea where I was. I guess it was Middle-earth, Yes that was what varda had called it. It was weird because first I was in America in the year of 2003 and now I was in Middle-Earth in who knows what year! All I wanted to do was to sit down and think. So that’s just what I did.

” Varda, I must sit down, Please,” I gently pleaded with her

” Yes of course, You must want to rest before we continue on,” She answered back

We were already in the forest so I walked a little ways, Found a nice tree and sat at its base. I was so confused! I had so many questions to ask her. My head felt like it was going to explode. I realized before my mind was calm enough to get my questions strait I had to relax. So I simply leaned my head back and studied the scenery. It was actually quite Beautiful. There were great weeping willows all around me. The trees seemed ageless. The trees didn’t have gashes and marks on them like where I came from. The park was perfect, like no one had disturbed this forest since all the trees were planted.
I could hear birds chirping and could see animals walking around or doing their daily business.

Varda came up to the clearing and sat down. This woman was supposed to be my mother. I was suddenly angry and confused at the same time. What gave her the right after so many years to come and take me away from the life I had always known and to gladly start a new one in a place I hadn’t even heard of before. Why after all these years had she decided to bring me back? Why now? Was I really supposed to believe her that I
Was the daughter of a goddess? I commanded my mind to calm down so I could ask Varda My questions. There was no use in wondering about things if you never asked.



“Why after all these years you decided that now you would bring me here? Why did you give me up in the first place? And am I supposed to really believe that You’re my real mom? That you’re a goddess–That I’M a goddess? For all I know I might have hit my head and hallucinated all this up so in my mind I would think that I wouldn’t have to marry Trevor. Can you understand my frustration? I don’t mean to be rude but this is so sudden–so…… unexpected. Can you answer my questions?

She was silent for a while but not to be rude, because I had already been rude to her I silently waited.

” Yes I can understand your frustration Jasmine. I have a story to tell you. Millions of years ago there were two gods, Eru the god over the Men, Hobbits, and Dwarves. Then there was me, The Goddess over all the elves. Well one day, without the consent of their god, Eru, they attacked the elves. Many were killed and injured, on both sides. So in order to bring peace back to the lands The go Eru and I held council. We had Many years of council together because the races the Eru ruled over were rebelling against him. Well the most miraculous thing happened! Eru and I fell in love. We were married and all of Middle-Earth attended the celebration. Five years after that I was with child. That child was you. There were many celebrations across the land. Everyone was so joyous. That is everyone one but one. That one person was malikor. Ruler over all dark kingdoms. He sought to kidnap you and have his son marry you so when you came of age to where you could inherit all of Middle-Earth his son could rule all and bring chaos and destruction to all that was good.

So to save Middle-Earth and to save you we sent you to earth. Where you could grow in a good family and when you became old enough to handle all of this We would bring you here and teach you how to rule and restore peace to any situation but most of all how to defend your people and yourself from our life long enemy, Malikor. So as you can see you are NOT hallucinating. Do you understand now?”

There was a small part of me that said it was all a lie and that it was to good to be true but the other part told me that this was the truth. That I really was a goddess, That this really was my mother who loved and cared enough about me to send me to a planet and a family away from here just to protect me. Listened to the part of me that said that it was the truth. I smiled a wide smile and suddenly all of the life before I had known melted away and I really and truly believed that this was my mother, that I was her daughter goddess and heir to Middle-Earth.

” May I call you mother?” I asked. No matter what the little part of my mind told me I was ready to let go and start fresh.

” Yes, My daughter” She answered me back with the most genuine of smiles. I leaned over and embraced her. After living my whole life with parents who didn’t care and didn’t love me it was good to be able to love.

” So where are we going to next?” I asked her.

“We are going to the land of lothlorien to see the lady Galadriel. You must rest then in the morning we will begin our journey, my daughter.”

And with one last smile from me and from her I laid down and fell asleep.

I hope all of you have enjoyed this. I tried to use everyone’s advice. I added more detail and I tried to slow down. Now I know that there are probably some spelling errors and all that but for the most part I hope this part is a lot better. Now keep the advice and ideas coming. I enjoy hearing from my readers. Bye for now I hope to have the next part out soon.


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